An Accidental Slip and a New Depth Reached (Part 8) – Short Sex Story

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*** Exposition to Fill in some Gaps ***

Over the duration of our sophomore year, Beth and I would have a pretty much typical relationship. She quickly changed from the innocent virgin she was to my own personal cock hungry slut. We spent a lot of time together doing homework, watching movies and gonna parties…. and of course fucking a ton.

Beth and I became a little more adventurous as she ended up giving me head in a side stairwell because both of our rooms here occupied after a night of drinking. She even gave me head in the closet of the common area of our floor with people in the room. We went on a few dates and she blew me in her car in a random university parking lot in broad daylight. She would eventually begin blowing me in my bed at night while my roommate slept. Luckily her bed didn’t squeak like mine, so I could fuck her when we slept there. Deep and slow to not make noise while her 3 other roommates slept. I had to muffle her mouth with my hand to quiet her moans. It seemed like she couldn’t get enough of my cock in both her mouth and pussy.

With the end of sophomore year, Beth had gotten an internship in the local area. She was able to sublease an apartment near campus for the summer, ironically, it was the same apartment she would be leasing the following college year. As we parted methods from college, we made plans to see each other throughout the summer. Because she was pretty close, I felt like there wouldn’t be much problem with any long distance relationship as I hoped we would be able to see each other every other week or so. After almost a month of not seeing Beth from both of starting our internships, we finally had plans to see each other.

*** End of Exposition ***

Beth: “Are you able to come up here Friday? You can stay the night if you want?”

Me: “Of course! I can’t wait!”

Beth: “Great! I’ll make you dinner when you get here and then we can go “explore” campus”

Me: “There shouldn’t be many people there. Maybe we can finally do it in the fountain”

Beth: “BTW, I’m officially on the pill”

Me: “O yea? Does that finally mean no more condoms?”

Beth: “Yea, just pull out for now, just to be safe”

Me: “O you know I will ;)”

When I arrived on Friday, I made the somewhat long walk from the parking garage to her new apartment. Beth opened the door to let me in and I noticed she still had on her work clothes. A medium length skirt with a somewhat low cut neckline.

Beth: “Do you want me to start making dinner now? Or…. we could wait….”

Me: “We can wait”

I quickly picked her up and carried her to her bedroom, with a little directional help from her. As I threw her on the bed, her skirt went up and I saw she wasn’t wearing any panties. Beth quickly reached up to undo my belt and pants to reveal my hardening cock. She sits up to wet my cock with her mouth as I rub her pussy. I can not take it anymore and I push her back down onto the bed.

As I slide in, her pussy is incredibly wet. This is the first time I had been in her pussy raw since the time in the shower. Without the condom, I can feel soo much more and it feels incredible. As she becomes accustomed to my size, I begin to pound into her like she is any common slut as she likes it rough. I pull my cock all the way out to the tip and thrust all 7″ back into her pussy on every time. This makes her cum uncontrollably all over my cock making it even more slick. As I keep fucking her with my entire cock, I accidently slip out a few times. I just slip my cock back in and continue pounding into her pussy. One time, I accidently slip out to far and as I thrust in, Beth lets out a loud yelp.

I quickly freeze as I can see the pain on her face and I am a little confused as what is going on. “You are in my ass!” she yells at me. I look down and see the head of my cock fully in her ass. I quickly withdrawing the 1.5″ of my cock that had gone in. Somehow her pussy juice and cum was enough lube for ass to accept my full girth, though obviously with some pain on her end. “I’m sooooo sorry!!!! I didn’t mean to” I quickly answer. “It’s fine, that just really fucking hurt” Beth says. I repeatedly apologize even though I didn’t do it on purpose. Finally, Beth tells me she is ready to resume.

Being more cautious this time, I make sure to keep my cock in her pussy as I thrust in and out. As I get close to cumming, I pull my cock out of her pussy and go to stroke it to finish myself on the outside of her pussy. Beth realizes I’m about to cum and quickly sits up. She gets there a little late and the first spurt gets on her face. She quickly gets her mouth on my cock and continues to suck the remaining cum out of me. This was the first time I had came on her face, albeit on accident, but she looked incredibly hot. As I was finished cumming, she swallowed what was in her mouth. Using her finger, she scooped the cum off her face and into her mouth. Something about this I found very hot, probably cause she wouldn’t let any of my cum go to waste.

After laying in her bed for a little bit, Beth goes to begin cooking dinner, Chicken Parmesan, while I unpack some of my stuff I brought. We eat dinner which was actually very good. Beth starts to clean up the kitchen, and asks if I want anything for dessert. I get up and walk behind her and say, “I can think of something” I reach my hand under her skirt and begin rubbing her pussy again. I push her over the counter top and pull down my pants. I keep rubbing her clit till my cock is rock hard. I wait for her to beg for my cock and when she finally does, I go to slide in. As I go to slide in, it feels incredibly tight around the head of my cock.

“Ummm…. I think that’s my ass again” Beth says a little puzzled. “Wait really?” I respond. The head of my cock had reentered her ass where I had accidentally stretched it out before. I quickly pull out and put it into her pussy. As I fuck her over the countertop, her ass claps against me. Beth orgasms a few times before I begin to get tired and pull out to catch my breath. “Why don’t we go out now as it’s gotten dark and I’ll finish you there?” Beth proposed. We headed out to the campus mall but unfortunately there were people there. “Well this wont work… What other place have you wanted to try?” she asked.

“I have an idea” and we walked to one of the main buildings where we had class together. Luckily the building is unlocked as well as the main lecture hall. When we enter the lecture hall, we lock the door behind us and make sure nobody is in there. There is a faint glow of lights along the baseboard which provides just enough light for us to see. As I lean up against the podium, Beth quickly drops to her knees and tells me to pull my cock out, which I happily oblige.

As Beth starts to suck my cock she comments that she can still taste her pussy on me. I could tell something was different tonight as Beth seemed more adventurous. As she sucked my cock, she got about 4″ into her mouth which was already a new best for her. Beth repeatedly rammed my hard cock into the back of her throat. She was only gagging a little, but she couldn’t get me into her throat. Beth had at all times given very good head despite her little mouth preventing her from taking me very deep. Tonight however, she seemed determined to try to get me into her throat. Her throat was physically smaller than my cocks girth. While she wasn’t getting me down, the entrance of her throat squeezed the head of my dick which felt incredible.

FUCK! I really wanted to get you into my throat today” Beth said after taking a quick break. “It’s ok, maybe your throat is just too small for my dick.” I taunted at her. “Maybe, but I think I can do it, I just need you to push my head for me.” Beth requested. “Are you sure? Just tap my leg if its too much, ok?” I said, surprised as usually she didn’t want me to touch her head. As she put her mouth back on my cock, she nodded in agreement.

My cock to the back of her throat. I slowly began to apply pressure to the back of her head. My cock is met with a ton of resistance. The head of my hard cock pressed firmly against the entrance to her throat. Beth lets out garbled gags as the entrance to her throat is fully blocked by my cock. This new depth and pressure already feels incredible. As I slowly rock her head, concerned I will never fit, I feel the head of my cock begin to slide. I begin pushing a little harder and all of a sudden, my cock pops through her throat barrier and slowly into her throat. Beth starts gagging incredibly hard on my cock while I hold her head there, trying to push her down a little deeper. Her incredibly tight throat is spasming on my dick as it muffles her gags, turning me on even more. Because her throat was soo small, my cock is being squeezed from every side of her throat at the same time. Finally, Beth pushed against my leg, withdrawing me from her throat. Out of breath, Beth mutters, “I did it!” smiling with her slimy spit dangling between my cock and her mouth. “Not all of it.” I respond with a smirk. “You’ve got almost 2 more inches to go!” Beth smiled, covered face covered in her own spit. She at all times liked when I teased her and she at all times seemed like she had something to prove when I challenged her.

As Beth regained her breath, she went back to trying to deepthroat my dick on her own, but had no success. As I started pushing with my hand, her throat was still incredibly tight. With a little pressure, I popped past her throat barrier a few more times, but never much deeper than the first time. Still, the tightness of her throat spasming on my cock from all sides was incredible. After only a few pops past her throat barrier, I felt my orgasm building.

As I started to cum in her throat, she began to gag, pushing me out of her throat. “O FUCK!” I moaned as I coated her mouth with my cum. This was one of the most aggressive orgasms I have ever had and it felt like it lasted for almost a minute straight. Beth took her mouth off my cock, licked her lips and swallowed any remanence of my cum. “Holy shit… That was incredible…. Your throat is sooo tight” I stammered out between breaths. She came up to kiss me, still covered in her spit. After we kissed, I told her, “I never thought you’d be able to get me into your throat, but that was the best I’ve ever had by far.” We kissed again and began to head back to her apartment. As we walked back, there were still people on the campus mall near the fountain. “We will have to try there another time” I remarked.

When we got back, we showered and cuddled in bed. Beth looked at me as if to say something, but paused.

Me: “What’s up?”

Beth: “Well… the first time you put your dick in my ass it really fucking hurt….” ”

Me: “Yea… sorry about that.”

Beth: “No, let me finish! The second time, in the kitchen, it didn’t hurt at all and actually kind of felt good. You should be thankful you accidently did it again, cause I was never going to be willing to try it after the first time hurt soo bad.”

Me: “Well I promise IF you let me try to put it in your ass, Ill go much slower”

We both laughed and Beth put on a movie, but both of us fell asleep rather quickly after the long day of work, sex and walking around campus. In the morning we had a simple breakfast, had sex again and then I headed out to go back home. Later that night Beth texted me with an interesting question.

Beth: “Would you rather me be able to fully deep throat you, or do anal”

Me: “Well… both. Why do I have to choose?”

Beth: “Just pick one. lol”

Me: “I instinctively thought deep throat, cause you’d do that almost every time, even when we have sex. BUT, I’d probably lean anal as its very different and your head is already really good as is.”

Beth: “Interesting. That is probably the best answer you could have given ;)”



NSFW: yes

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