An Accident Turns into Something More (Part 9) – Short Sex Story

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*** Exposition ***

As it turns out, during my sophomore year of school, my ex, Kayla, had actually transferred to my university as it was closer to our home town. While I was dating Beth, I tried to keep my friendship with Kayla as we were really good friends despite breaking up. Our previous friends with advantages arrangement was obviously over because of my relationship with Beth. Beth was also very warry of my relationship with Kayla as I had shared my entire dating history with her.

As I was at all times very good at college, I helped Kayla with some of her schoolwork when I could. However, as an engineering major, I did not have a ton of free time between my own work, gonna the gym and time spent with Beth. I only saw Kayla about twice a month and most of the time was just grabbing food and studying.

Kayla really struggled with her math class, Calculus I for those interested, and would eventually end up failing the course. She planned on taking it over the summer at the local community school and she asked if I could help tutor her on the weekends. I offered to help as much as I could, but I made no promises as I did have an internship that summer.

The events of [Part 8]( occurred prior to this story. The class started about a month into summer break and Kayla made it a few weeks without asking for any help.

*** End of Exposition ***


Kayla: “Hey! Would you be able to help me with some calc this weekend? I’m still very confused on my second time learning this”

Me: “Sure. Beth is busy this weekend so I had no plans.”

Kayla: “Sounds good! Saturday Morning?”

Me: “Sure, but lunch is on you for making we wake up early on my day off”

Kayla: “Deal! See you then”

When Kayla arrived Saturday morning, around 8 AM, I immediately began tutoring her. They were just learning about derivatives. Slowly, she began to figure out the relationship between a first and second derivative. After about 3 hours, she felt comfortable with the material and we out for lunch. Nothing too exciting and she dropped me off at home. “Thank you sooo much for your help! I might not fail this time!” she said. She gave me a big hug and I could feel her DD breasts pressed up against my body. She drove home and sent me a text thanking me again. Beth also texted me about how my day was going.

Beth: “How was tutoring? Is she a lost cause again? LMAO”

Me: “Actually, she might understand it this time. How was your day?”

Beth: “Good! Unfortunately, I am busy the next 2 weekends and I wont be able to see you.”

Me: “Well that sucks. We gotta see each other soon though”

Beth: “I know! I have some big things planned!”

Over the next week, Beth and I would sext on and off, but it was no good substitute to the real thing. She even sent me nudes in the shower, something she said she would never do. Her ass looked soo nice the way she arched it in the photo. This made me more sex crazed than usual and those 3 weeks seemed like a daunting timeline.

As the week went on, I became more and more sexually frustrated with the long distance relationship as I had only seen her once that summer ([Part 8](). Maybe it was the time, or maybe it was how good it was the last time.

To keep myself busy, I stated offering to tutor Kayla more. This gave me something to do on weekends to pass the time. It was nice to see a friend and have plans each weekend, even if it was tutoring.

Kayla: “Saturday study party? 8?”

Me: “Sure, but I am really tired so you might have to wake me up if its that early”

Kayla: “I can do that, just leave a key outside”

Saturday morning, I startled awake as Kayla walked into my room. “O! Hey!” I said groggily. “You can sleep more if you want, I have some stuff to do before I need your help.” she answered as I quickly fell back asleep. Before I know what is happening, Kayla is rocking me to wake me up. Her hand slips and she hits me in the balls very hard. As I roll in pain, she starts to panic apologizing profusely. The pain isn’t subsiding as fast as a usual hit the nuts would as she hit them pretty hard. Kayla offers to take a look as she is a CNA (certified nursing assistant). This request is definitely odd as she knows I have a girlfriend, so I initially say no. After a few minutes, the pain hasn’t really subsided and she offers again. I finally let her as I’m getting a little worried.

As I slowly pull down my sweats and boxers that I was sleeping in, my soft dick is laying on my stomach. I quickly cover it with my hand. As Kayla starts to feel my balls, she tells me that they look alight, probably just a little bruising. Her cold hands are soothing on my sore balls. As she fondles my balls examining them, I repeatedly tell myself its just like a medical procedure. However, I can not help it. My cock starts to harden as she continues examining me. I try to focus on something else to try to stop it, but it is too late. My cock is standing at full mast. Kayla finally notices as she seemed very intent on making sure my balls were ok.

Kayla: “O My! Sorry! Umm… I didn’t mean to do that!”

Me: “No, I’m sorry. It’s fine. Thanks for checking it out for me”

I quickly pull up my pants and lay in silence while the pain finally starts to subside. Kayla speaks first and asks when I am seeing Beth next which I answer,

Me: “Hopefully in 2 to 3 weeks or so.”

Kayla: “That really sucks… Well…. Umm…. Did you want me to take care of that… I don’t want you to get blue balls on top of the bruising.”

Me: “Don’t worry about it. I’ll be fine. It is not a big deal.”

Kayla: “It is! I hurt you and feel bad. Let me make it up to you.”

Me: “No really, its fine. Ill make sure everything is working later”

Kayla: “What if I just use my hand? It doesn’t mean anything. I’m just trying to make sure I didn’t break anything. I just feel really bad.”

This went on for a few minutes until I finally I relent and agree. Maybe it was the long distance issues, maybe it was my history with Kayla, but either way I was thinking with my dick at this point. As I pulled my pants down, my 7″ cock was raging. The vein popping out the side. As Kayla grasps my cock, she starts to stroke it, almost mechanically. She had never been very good with her hands. Kayla doesn’t even look at my cock as she strokes it. We are just having a normal conversation like nothing out of the ordinary is happening. About 10 minutes in, Kayla pauses. “My arm is starting to get tired, how much longer is it gonna take?” she asks. “I’m not sure, I don’t think I’m very close. We can stop if you want” I answer. “No.. No, that’s ok… Can I just use my mouth? We both know that’ll make it go a lot quicker.” she asks. Her logic was sound, but I still wasn’t sure I should let her. I had justified in my head that the hand job was nothing, but a blow job seemed far more intimate. Then again, I could argue finishing faster would be a good thing. I decided, the quicker the better, so I agreed to let her use her mouth.

I knew Kayla had not been with anyone since we broke up, so I wasn’t expecting too much. As I lay there, I put my hands behind my head. Kayla leaned over to begin sucking my dick, just as she had done hundreds of times before. Within seconds, her warm mouth had enveloped my cock. As she slowly wets my dick with her mouth, I instinctively reached my hand out to grab her breasts, but quickly stopped myself. I decided to just close my eyes and roll my head back on my pillow, trying to focus on cumming as quick as feasible.

And then there it was, the feeling I hadn’t felt in some time. Kayla’s lips pressed against the base of my cock and her throat spasming around the head and shaft. As she repeatedly throated my whole 7″ cock, her spit dripped down my shaft to my still somewhat sore balls. As she removed her mouth from my cock, she went down, kissing and licking my balls. Nobody had ever done this before, and I didn’t realize how good it felt. This made my cock rage even harder until finally she put her mouth back on my cock. She gently caressed my balls, while she continued to throat me. Her skills were just as good as I remembered, if not better. As I got close to finishing, only about 3 minutes since she started sucking my cock, I tapped her shoulder letting her know I was about to cum.

As the first spurt of cum shot into her mouth, she quickly took all of me back into her throat. Her throat spasming, almost milking the cum out of me. The release felt like my balls were being completely emptied. I felt the pressure quickly drift away. Maybe it was because of how good she was, or maybe it was from her hitting me in the balls, either way, I was feeling much better. As I finally stopped cumming down her throat, she pulled her head up and swallowed before quickly getting up and walked out of my room.

Shortly later, I pulled my pants back up and went downstairs to see Kayla working on her homework. As the “post-nut-clarity” kicked in, I said.

Me: “I shouldn’t have let you do that.”

Kayla: “I know, but we don’t have to talk about it. I’ll forget it happened and we can just move on”

Me: “I don’t know, it just felt like you were trying extra hard to be good. Licking my balls and throating me.”

Kayla: “Huh? That’s what I always did? I was just trying to make you finish faster. I was just checking on your balls.”

We left it at that, and tried to work on her schoolwork. She was at all times soo innocent, so I figured that she actually meant what she said. The rest of the day seemed pretty ordinary and she went to leave. “Anyways, I’m sorry about earlier. It won’t happen again. Are you going to tell Beth?” she asked. “I’m not sure yet” I said, giving her a goodbye hug.

As I sat there a while thinking about what to do. Should I tell Beth, or just forget it happened? As I wondered about what I need to do, my mind kept going back to how good Kayla was at giving head, something I’d clearly forgotten. I decided I should just pretend it didn’t happen and not tell Beth. It felt wrong and I felt horrible, but I justified it in my head, thinking, “I was going to make myself cum anyways, so why shouldn’t I have let her do it. A mouth is better than my hand.”

Later that night, I texted Beth, nothing out of the normal. When Beth finally responded, she had some news.

Beth: “Plans got canceled next weekend! I can come down to see you if you want?”



NSFW: yes

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