Amnesia (F26) – Short Sex Story

Estelle awoke in a warm haze. She was on the floor of a familiar but strange house, nude, with her minidress and a beer bottle lying beside her. And her vibrator in her hand. The only thing she was wearing were her black stockings, now stained in white, and her hair band, which sat askew in her platinum blonde hair reeking of cigarettes. Her chalk white flesh, having been left exposed to the summer night, had the metallic cool of liquid mercury. Estelle gathered her bearings and tried to remember what happened. She peered into her mind but only the void gazed back. On her right arm was a note written in sharpie. “You have amnesia. Check purse.”

Estelle scrambled for her purse, clamoring to uncover the deflowering of her slutty self. It lay on the floor as well, with her phone spilling out. She was lucky it didn’t get stolen. In the purse, there was a small notebook titled “my life so far”. She ruffled throught the pages. Barely making out the letters against the pre-dawn glow, she made out that it was mostly reminders about the dissertation she was writing and other university bullshit. Some of it was about going out with friends. Some of it was about the car crash that left her in this state. The last page was filled with notes about how she was gonna get “fucked so good” at a party at “Ned’s House”. So that’s where she was. Ned was her good friend who although respected her, kinda acted like a frat boy sometimes. Still, however much he got on her nerves, the two could not be seperated. There were also several polaroids scattered in the purse. One was a picture of her with her dog Marley stopped by the side of a stretch of highway around Big Sur. Another was a picture of her playing the guitar in this very room, but with blue hair. Must have been taken some time ago. Sitting naked in a trashed room was getting boring, so Estelle opened her phone.

She went to text her friend Maria, but curiously noticed that she’d had been chatting up several guys she must have known through Ned. She had sent each one videos of her getting railed. In one, the pale beauty was on her knees, looking pleadingly into the eyes of a strongly built guy while sucking his rock hard cock. Estelle admired how chiseled the man’s abs were and how firmly his body pressed onto hers, but also how softly sensual her own figure was. My God, she was a total fucktoy. The way the flesh on her legs gently curved, her back arched so gracefully. In another video, Estelle was on her back, her whole body on display, getting fucked by one dude, jerking off another, and letting two more pleasure themselves to her. Estelle could feel her skin electrifying again in the exact way she was touched, even if her conscious mind could not remember. She also felt a growing fondness in her heart, a love for her body, her flesh. The way it looked and felt. It was all so desirable. And her mind, oh, it ached to distribute this liquid silver treasure will all those around her, provided that they respected her as a person and were good to her. Scrolling through her pictures, Estelle found nude after nude. This was her true nature. To be a blissfully ignorant slut who would be ravished over and over again and forget each time.

Without thinking, Estelle reached for her vibrator. She would pleasure herself one last time before she left. All these delicious thoughts circled Estelle’s head. She would make the most of them before they vanished into oblivion. Her body gave into a rhythm of contractions. Her eyes rolled back into her head. Estelle finally sank into bliss. Her breathing slowed down. A warm haze descended over Estelle’s mind as the sun came up. All that was left was a satisfied smile that pulled at the corners of her cherry red lips and her flustered cheeks.

Estelle put on her dress and went to the bathroom to clean herself up. There was some dude passed out cold over the toilet. Was he okay? She bent down to check. Apart from being covered in vomit, he was fine. Estelle cleaned his face off and propped him up against the wall. Looking at the mirror, she was a total mess. Her makeup was ruined and those suspicious stains on her stockings. She’d have to carry them in her purse. She washed herself off. The water felt nice against her skin after being covered in dried sweat and other fluids for hours. Subconsciously, she was already planning how to take the BART home to Berkeley. The notes had said that Ned’s house was in San Jose, right? I cannot believe I’m friends with such a frat boy, Estelle wondered. But frat boys love sluts. She knew it. Did she feel objectified? Maybe, but she had the force of character that everyone couldn’t help but notice even if their brain was in their dick. The boys had at all times loved her.

Estelle stumbled down the stairs nearly tripping over a box of pizza. She didn’t want to have to pay for breakfast, so she just ate the leftovers. She jotted down notes as she ate. By the time she’d chowed down her meal and left, she’d already forgotten the whole affair. But her body will at all times remember.

NSFW: yes

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