Ami’s SaikoMart Interview Part 2/2 [F19] [M30s] [dubcon] [anal] [oral]

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He pulled at the rod until the top of it was touching her entrance through her panties. She shivered a little. He took a note of the measurement. “Please hold still,” he told her, and pulled her panties to one side, aligning the cold metal tip with her wet entrance. She squeaked out loud but he was turning a knob that was sending it further and further inside her until it hit her cervix. Ami let out a quiet noise and the owner seemed to figure out what that meant, writing down the next measurement.

Without saying anything else, he pulled down her panties, fingers finding her clit and rubbing it in circles until she was moaning and squirming under his grasp. He wound the metal dildo a few more inches into her before taking her clit in his mouth, sucking and licking at it until she felt herself on the brink of orgasm. As quickly as it started, he stopped, tested the dildo again, and then wound it out of her soaking wet pussy after noting down the final measurement.

She made a quiet desperate noise. It wasn’t fair that he stopped when her pussy was so wet and needy. He set it to one side and then ran his fingers along her entrance, gathering her wetness as he went before he plunged two of his fingers into her, curling against her g-spot immediately. Ami moaned loudly, her virgin pussy feeling stretched around the owner’s fingers. He worked them in and out of her, licking at her clit but not enough to make her cum.

Without warning, he took his fingers out of her and stood up so he could push her down to her knees. For some reason he thought what was next but he was already getting his hard cock out. It was the first time she’d ever seen one in real life, and it looked too big for her mouth.

“I’ve never done this before…” she said, hesitantly, wrapping her hand around the base of it like she’d seen girls do in porn videos. It was hard but soft at the same time.

“Just be careful of your teeth,” he warned her, and pushed her mouth onto the length of his hard cock. It hit the back of her throat and she tried not to gag, sucking as much as she could as he started to fuck her mouth carefully.

It didn’t last very long. He pulled her mouth off him before he could cum and pulled her up from the floor. Roughly, he pushed her against the desk and rammed his cock into her pussy in one motion. Ami moaned out loud at the feeling. It was stretching her out but her pussy had offered no resistance to it, happy to be stretched and filled for the first time.

The owner began fucking her hard, slamming his hips into hers and making hers slam into the edges of the desk as he roughly stretched out her hole. “The customers are going to love you,” he said, pulling down her bra so he could grab a handful of her boob, pinching and pulling her nipple until she moaned louder for him.

“I’m gonna cum,” she moaned out loud, and he stopped suddenly. She felt a finger pressing against her asshole, wet with her own juices, slowly being enveloped. Gently he fucked her asshole, still squeezing her boob until she was squirming on his finger. And then he added a second finger, stretching her hole as much as he could before adding a third. Ami could feel how tight her asshole was with three fingers in, and she missed them when they disappeared. Instead, the owner went back to fucking her dripping wet pussy harder and harder until she started cumming all over his cock.

He pulled his cock out of her pussy and with one hand holding her down against the desk, pushed his cock into her all in one go. She moaned from the pleasure and the pain of her asshole being stretched wide open in the middle of an orgasm, but another one came as he starting fucking her in the ass.

The owner was deep inside her asshole, one hand pinching her nipple and one hand making its way to her clit to rub circles until she came for a third time all over his cock and he finally came inside her, buried to the hilt. “Good girl,” he said, and pulled out of her.

Her asshole felt wide open and she could feel the cum starting to run down her leg. As if nothing had happened, he handed her clothes over to her and then stepped away from her and looked at the calendar. She held her clothes but her legs were shaking so much from cumming so hard she wasn’t sure if she could put her jeans back on. And the cum…

“Hmmm,” he said, “could you come in for your first training shift tomorrow afternoon? From 2pm?”

“Yes,” she said, finally pulling her bra back up and reaching down to pull her panties up her legs. It would stop the cum from running down her legs…

“Then please come here for 2pm.” He placed her resume back into the file and handed it over to her after she finished getting dressed again. She left the office and the girl behind the counter smirked at her on the way out like she knew what had happened.

On the ride home, all she could feel was her stretched out asshole against the saddle of bike and her panties wet with her cum and the owner’s cum…

NSFW: yes