Amazing night, 2 for 1

I met those 2 girls from my gym class. I was the only man with 20 girls. I pick that class by mistake. We were learning how to massage your partner with a soft ball the size of a soccer ball. If was amazing. The teacher would all the time choose me when demonstrated how to. She was in her late 40 and very sensual. After a few class I became friend with 2 girls and one day they ask me if they can come sleep at my place for the weekend. I accept and took them to a local bar. We drink, dance and have so much fun. I was living with 2 other roommates in a basement apartment. I had a good size room but a small bed. We drinks alots but not drunk. We all went to lie down on my small bed. One of the girl fall asleep or pretend to sleep. Her friend was very horny and we begin fucking next to  her friend was sleeping in the bed. She was not even trying  not to make noise. After we were done she went to take a shower. Her friend wake up and said fuck me the same way you fuck my friend.

What a wonderful night!

NSFW: yes

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