Am I being a good girlfriend? 20F

Okay so I love my boyfriend and his birthday is coming up soon. I really want to do something super special for him since its also basically our 2 year anniversary. We were cuddling in bed yesterday and he asked what he was getting for his birthday. A threesome! I said kinda jokingly and was like r u serious! I told him I wasnt but honestly hes been so good to me these past two years that I felt like he deserved one ahha. I have this friend who I know would be so down to fuck him, because one time I was looking through my photos with her and we ended up seeing some of me getting fucked by him and I could tell she was interested. Ive asked her If she would be down to fuck him with me and after a brief discussion she agreed. His birthday is in two days I literally cant wait to see his reaction when he gets to fuck us both.

NSFW: yes

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