Ally Takes Control Part 2 [F35 M35 M45 M45 M45][BDSM][Femdom][Cuckold]

Part 2 Ally Makes a Discovery

When Ally got home after the encounter with Jeff, she was very confused and disturbed. And very horny! She loves her husband and the life he gives her, but cannot get the feeling of Jeff’s giant cock stretching her mouth and jaw, so much it was almost painful, out of her mind. The feeling of his cockhead pushing down her throat, cutting off her air, made her weak in the knees. If only she could have that with James, her husband. It wasn’t just that his dick is much smaller than Jeff’s, which it was – less than half the size – but he had difficulty getting hard and would often go soft during sex even if he could get it up. They rarely had sex at all anymore no matter how sexy and submissive she would be, no matter how loving and caring. But she vowed to try again and make it work in bed with James as well as the rest of their life did.

That night, after preparing James his favorite meal and watching his favorite shows, Ally made her move. She comes into the bedroom dressed in a little leather bra and panties set that had worked on James in the past. Dropping to her knees she crawled to him sitting on the side of the bed.

“James, my king, please take me, use me as you will! I am your wife, your plaything”

She opened his shorts and started to suck him. But it seemed like James is not gonna respond.

“I’m sorry, baby, I don’t know what’s wrong with me”

“Lay back and let me take care of everything”

James lay back on the bed and Ally climbed in. She resumed sucking and stroking her man’s little dick as it flops around. She was getting very frustrated now and in a fit of anger, yelled at James

“Oh you pathetic man, why can’t you get hard!”

When she slapped his penis, she realized that James was as hard as a rock. She starts stroking his fully erect cock. Not Jeff, but better than nothing. She explored this discovery a little more.

“Is that what it takes to get this puny thing going? Being told how pathetic you are?”

At that James grunted and had the biggest orgasm Ally had ever seen. He came so much it covered his abdomen and actually sprayed in his own face.

Oh. Wow, thinks Ally, what could this mean?

James got cleaned up as he thanked Ally profusely.

“Thank you baby, I’ve never felt that aroused before! I don’t know what came over me,”

I bet Jeff knows, she wondered to herself.

Happy that she was able to please James, even if she didn’t get much out of it, she felt a little less guilty about Jeff earlier.

They both had a good nights sleep, the first in a while.

NSFW: yes

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