Ally Takes Control Part 1 [F35 M35 M45 M45 M45][BDSM][Femdom][Cuckold]

“Hey there cuck, what are you doing up so late? You’ll have to be quiet. I just fucked your wife into unconsciousness and she’s sleeping. She wants me to fuck her awake in an hour or so, but needs some rest right now. We have been fucking all night, as I’m sure you heard.”

“Anyway, while I wait, you fix me a drink and a sandwich and I’ll tell you a story about another couple that I play with. I think you’ll like it.”

*Wavy lines send us to another scene*

Part 1 A Chance Encounter

I had some crazy sex days back in the military when I was stationed in Korea. And after coming home, I have basically become a complete sexual beast and have experienced a gigantic variety of activities and kinks, even outdoing my days in Seoul with my guys Ramone and Darryl.

So today I am going grocery shopping in a local store in the town I just moved to. There are lots of cute women in this town.

As I enter the produce section, I notice a very pretty Asian woman. She is holding a couple of cucumbers with a strange look on her face.

Wait a minute, it can not be. She looks like Ally, one of the Korean girls who I played with back in Korea.

“Ally, is that you?”

“OMG, Jeff! I was just thinking about you!”

She gives me a gigantic hug, I can feel her diamond hard nipples pressing into my chest. Yeah, it’s Ally, alright!

We finish our shopping together. Oddly, she never bought a cucumber. We catch up as we shop. She is married now and says she loves her husband and she has a great life, but I get the feeling she’s not telling me everything. She is clearly excited when I tell her about some of the (tamer) hijinks I’ve been up to.

We get to the cars and load in our groceries. Ally looks around and seeing no one, takes my hand and leads me to the back of the store. Behind a dumpster, she drops to her knees and opens my pants. Ally’s trademark move. She takes my cock into her mouth with a groan of delight. This girl is good at sex, very good. My cock was in every hole many times during her time as a Korean barracks bunny. And no matter how much she got passed around, or how hard Darryl and my other fellow soldiers would pound her, she was at all times tight. Magical pussy, for sure!

Her throat appears to still have her magic powers as well, even tho she gagged the first couple of times she jammed her head down onto my cock. Before too long, I’m holding her head in my hands pumping her throat like the old days. Spit is running down her chin as she worships my cock. Licking and sucking my balls, kissing her way up and down the shaft. She is literally drooling. This is actually a new experience for me when I realize what’s happening. This girl is a cock addict that is getting no cock! She is starving for it and now she has it she doesn’t want to let go. I wondered it was amazing when a new girl discovered gigantic cock, but this is next level!

Before too long, I release a gigantic load into her mouth and she hungrily swallows it down. Without meaning to, she says

“God, I’ve missed that!”

She is suddenly very embarrassed and in a hurry to leave. We do exchange phone numbers and I ask that she stays in touch. She agrees and we go our separate methods.

NSFW: yes

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