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Still here in Korean for a few more days. We had another problem pop up and I had to extend my stay. Mags and Sid have been living as a couple (most of the time in our house) for the past two weeks. She says they’ve been careful regarding his coming and going but she said he’s been the “man of the house” in my absence and has taken liberties filling her holes morning, noon and night. She sent a few pictures but since he’s been there so much she hasn’t been sexting me nor engaging in her usual video Masturbation for my pleasure. Unfortunately most Korean porn is censored so you don’t get to actually see the good stuff. The Japanese and other Asian porn outfits have to blur anywhere below the fur. Sort of a cock blocking move, but everything else goes.

Mags sent me a photo from her phone after Sid came all over her tits and her chin. She proudly wore his cum for a photo. She sent it to me while he was taking a piss break. I asked her how their party went and she said there were a couple of touch and go moments with Sid’s aunt and a cousin about his sister’s age. The aunt was wary of Mags due to her age. She questioned Sid having a serious relationship with someone twice his age. But as the evening wore on she began to see their connection and, with the aid of a few gin and tonics, by the end of the party wound up inviting Mags to tea at her home. The cousin got drunk and was hitting on some of Sid’s school friends (mostly women). She finally passed out on the couch and had to be carried to the DD’s car as the party wrapped up.

Got a text from Mags this morning asking me to Zoom her ASAP. She said she didn’t want to tell me this while Sid was around but he had to go to the shop this morning so she grabbed the chance to call me. I wondered maybe she missed me and we would do a little something to get off together but I could tell by her face it wasn’t that sort of meeting. First thing she said was the party had gotten a bit rowdy with loud music and with so many school student guests, had spilled into the backyard…noise and all. One of the neighbors had called in a complaint to the constabulary from which two officers were sent to the house. The thing is…Sid answered the door and was asked to identify himself. By the time she had eased past him at the door the police had his name and when asked what his relationship was with Mags he said, “boyfriend” which the officer duly wrote in his report. When they looked at her all she could do was agree since the guests had begun to gather around to see what was transpiring and she couldn’t admit she was married at that moment.
I stared at her. Now their relationship was part of the public record. Sid was on file as a married woman’s 20 year old boyfriend. “Bollocks!” So there’s a further still expansion of those knowing about this…this…. “I know,” she said. “The party broke up soon after, leaving Sid and I alone to mull over the possible consequences. He only laughed and said how good it felt to publicly claim me and take possession of what is his. He was so excited and turned on he grabbed me, spun me around, lifted my mini skirt over my arse, tore my nickers off and bent me over the pool table. By that point I was so wet it was leaking down my thighs. He began to rub his cock up and down between my ass cheeks dipping down into my juices and sliding back up to the tip of my crack. We were both still a bit pissed but I knew what he had in mind. He had tried before but this time I wanted him to have all of me. I looked back over my shoulder and told him it was ok. I grabbed a cheek in each hand and spread so he could enter me. He was quick to make his move and pushed hard trying to get past that muscle. I stopped him and reminded him to use my juices to lube me up and to go gently until he felt the muscle relax. Darling, he fucked my arse better than anyone I’ve ever allowed access to me there. I came twice before he spewed his seed deep inside me. I was so weak in my knees I could barely stand much less walk to the loo.”

After the zoom call I sat back in my desk chair and noticed I was still sporting some post Zoom wood. Mags exploit had me really wanting to get back home. Her relationship with Sid was becoming more than it initially was supposed to be. The prospect of being discovered would/could have repercussions across the pond if word of it reached our son and his fiancé or her family.
Just a few more days, then home.

NSFW: yes

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