All About Her Part 10 [M18-F41] [Cuckolding]

As Mags was speaking my mind wandered back to those brief times she latched on to a new lover calling him her “boyfriend.” It was demeaning in a way. I was the one who permitted her satisfying her sexual urges and needs outside our marriage without recrimination and with love. Her words were sailing over my head as she outlined what our new relationship would be going forward with the lad she had been shagging for hours. The secret triangle…the dirty little secret. I could see the lustful excitement glowing in her eyes. She was determined to have his cock on call. She desperately wanted his attention and nothing I could say or do would make any difference. I am the one who allowed this lifestyle and, in a way, I understood her needs and my love for her overwrote my misgivings about playing the role and character of the clueless cuckold husband she was spinning. Perpetuating this fantasy was gonna be difficult. She had no qualms about cucking me in order to continue draining him of every drop deep within whatever of her holes he chose.

I realized she had stopped her pitch and was looking at me, waiting for my response. “Well, it seems you have this all worked out. How will you keep from our neighbors catching on and doesn’t his sister live there as well?”
She had a puzzled look on her face. “This is different. I need time to ease him out of his infatuation with me. If I give him what he wants, over time he will be able to find his way. He’s going to Uni and will start a new life with new friends, new relationships. I can enjoy his sex for a while and then ease out of his fantasy where I become his. What do you say?” I shook my head. “I am not really comfortable with our lying to him, but I know you better than you think. I’m not sure I buy your altruistic intent but I understand your needs. This cannot interfere in our lives, our home, our work…nor can our neighbors and family find out about this. Arrangement. Agreed?”
Mags nodded, leaned over and kissed me sealing the deal. She pulled me down next to her and whispered in my ear, “Thank you Luv” as her hand slipped inside my underwear to pleasantly seal the deal. I closed my eyes and relaxed under her touch. I knew she loved me and I also knew that she would’ve found other methods to keep Sid’s cock for herself. We would just have to see where this goes. Mags eased my hardening prick from my pants and I could feel her tongue lollypopping me from base to tip. She at all times knew how to. get me to agree to anything. As I began to thrust my hips she sucked me into her mouth I felt my balls tighten in preparation of release the wondered crossed my mind…why would that kid want to give this up? I gave in to the warmth of her mouth and swirling tongue and she swallowed every drop. As we drifted off together I decided to go with it. I would trust her.

NSFW: yes

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