Agent Sissy [M23/F33] [Sissy] [Crossdresser] [PussyLicking] [Vanilla]

Meanwhile I am working in my dream job. I am a secret agent. A secret sissy agent. But I wasn’t all the time a Sissy, neither was I an agent. This here is the story how it all began, back than, a couple of years ago.

Since I can remember my dream job was becoming a secret agent. I wanted to be like that spy on TV. The one with the license to kill. I wanted to go on dangerous missions, to seduce hot woman and to just be awesome like him.

But when I told others, my friends, my family members about my dream, they all the time told me that reality wasn’t working that way. That agents don’t act like the ones I saw on TV. That their job, that their day to day life was mostly everything but glamorous. That they mostly were living typical lives for cover while living under the constant threat of being exposed, imprisoned or executed.

They all also gave me the advice to choose a more traditional career path. To became an accountant, a lawyer, a doctor or a banker. I played along. Because I had too. They were my parents, and to a certain point in your life they just can tell you what you have to do. But I never forgot, I never gave up the dream of becoming a secret agent.

Years later, I was on the way of becoming an accountant, I even graduated from university where I studied accounting and some other economic subjects, I saw an announce popping up on my computer screen. I was checking up on job offerings, because my time at university would be over soon, when I stumbled onto one that I actually wanted: The AAIT – Agency Against Illegal Things – was looking for accountants to work in their accountant department.

It didn’t took long and my letter of application was on the way. I put a lot of time and effort into the cover letter, I tried to make my curriculum vitae as good as anyhow efficient. I even went to a professional photographer to make a new set of pictures.

The time investment, the hard work paid off. I got invited to an interview, they asked me some questions, I probably gave them the right answers and then they hired me. As soon as I graduated, or to be honest a month after, because sometimes you need time to celebrate an occasion, I had my first day at work at the agency.

My parents weren’t exactly pleased with my decision, they actually wanted me to begin working for our family run accounting business, but they accepted my doing: “Let him collect some experience elsewhere, then let him come back to work for us. Maybe his doing even benefits our company.”

Unfortunately working for the agency wasn’t as exciting as expected. Twenty three year old me had landed an typical accounting gig. It was basically like working for any other corporation or government entity out there. With some strange unique bills coming in from time to time.

But I liked my work. I even did more than I had to do. I quickly got the attention of my superiors that way. During a personal meeting the told me that I had potential, that if I would stay at it I would be able to make career withing the agency. Not as an agent, but in administration.

During that talk they asked me what my goals where, I told them that I wanted to become a secret agent. When my bosses heard those words coming out of my mouth, smiles appeared on their faces: “Never say never. But I wouldn’t bet on it to happen.”

So not everything was lost. It probably just was some motivational speech. But well, I wanted to believe in me becoming a spy. So I did. And they were kind enough to not destroy my dream.

Besides working I did one more thing at work. I found a work friend. She was an about thirty three year old woman. She was working in accounting too. And something between the two of us just clicked. We weren’t dating back then, we were only hanging out during lunch time, having more than your average office chit chat while doing so.

Outside of work I wasn’t doing that much. Except sports, hanging out with some friends and occasionally visiting my family back at home. It sounds like there wasn’t that much going in my life back then, but I liked. So time began to fly by.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and all a sudden I had an invitation for the agency Christmas parts in my inbox. I talked it through with my favorite work mate, we both decided to go there. To eat and drink on the agencies bill.

The party was in the office building we normally worked in. Every department was there. The whole building was crowded. Even some people that were normally remote showed up. So there were plenty of new faces around. Plenty of interesting stories were told. And my hole department seemed to have the plan to hook me up with my favorite co worker.

It didn’t took both of us long to find out what they were up too, and in the end of the evening, the clock was past midnight, we both decided just to for it. To give it a try. To turn our friendship into a friendship with advantages, maybe even more.

There weren’t that many people left in the building when we sneaked into one of our bosses office. There we began to make out. She took over the initiative. She kissed me. She began to undress me. I wanted to stop her. Because I wasn’t exactly wearing male underwear on that day.

When she asked me what the issue was I blushed a little bit. After her staying persistent for some time, I told her that I was wearing female panties. The moment I told her a gentle smile appeared on her face: “No problem for me. I like men like you.”

A sigh escaped my body. Then I just let her do. I let her undress me. When she saw that my hard one had broken out of the panties, she liked her lips. She clearly liked what she was seeing.

While she undressed me I undressed her. In the end our clothes were scattered all over the office floor and two naked people – well, I still had the panties on – were laying on the floor sharing passionate kisses and exploring each others bodies.

Then she gently pushed me back, got up and went towards our bosses desk. There she sat down in his chair, then she slowly opened up her legs. She wanted me to eat her out, I gladly accepted the invitation.

Moments later my tongue was on her pussy. I enjoyed her taste, I stuck my tongue as deep inside her as I could before I put my tongue on her clit. I played with her, I teased her, I made her moan out loud. While I totally ignored my hard one and my own needs.

It didn’t took long and my coworker wanted more. She asked me, she told me to slid a first finger inside her pussy. I went in gentle, then I gave her one hard and deep thrust after the other. It didn’t took long and her moaning was filling the office. And it didn’t took long and she asked for more: A a second finger of mine went inside her pussy.

Soon after three of my fingers where sliding in and out of her more than just tasty pussy. I finger fucked her they way she asked me to do: My tongue was still taking care of her clit while I gave her one hard and deep thrust after the other.

She clearly was enjoying my doing. Her eyes began to run in circles and her hands were holding on to our bosses office chair. Her fingernails were burying themselves into the armrest. My coworker was close to an orgasm.

And I gave her that orgasm. I kept on going. Until her moaning stopped. Until her hands fell off the armrests. Until the previous built up tension left her body. Until her legs were trembling. And until her fucking juices were covering our bosses chair.

She came good. She was gone for some time. She was at happy place. When she came back, she looked down at me. She smiled at me: “I see, someone taught you how to eat some pussy. Let’s find out if you know how to use your dick too.”

Then she got out of the chair, went past me who still was kneeling on the floor and bend over our bosses desk. Again, she gave me a next to perfect view on her pussy. She also sent me another invitation that way: “What are you waiting for, stick your dick inside me. He already has broken free of your panties, hasn’t he? So why not using him the way he was intended to be used?”

Again, I did as she told me to do. I went into position behind her. I was about the same size than her – nope I wasn’t the tallest guy out there – so fucking her from behind was an easy thing to do. I just stood up straight behind her, then I grabbed my hard one and slid him inside her still dripping wet pussy.

It felt good from the moment the tip of my dick went inside. Her pussy wrapped herself next to perfect around my hard one. Once I was in balls deep I began to fuck her. Gentle thrusts first, then I fucked her harder while still going in as deep as anyhow efficient.

It didn’t took long and all that mattered for the two of us was the sensation of my hard one sliding in and out of her pussy. Our brains were turning off, our moaning was filling the room and our eyes were running in circles. We were gone, we were lost in the act.

One hard and deep thrust followed the previous one. It felt better and better. I fucked the two of us closer and closer to an orgasm. My hands were grabbing her pelvis, her hands were holding on to the tabletop. Her fingernails were burying themselves deeper and deeper inside the wood.

More and more tension was building up while I was fucking her. We both were really close to an orgasm when I pulled back and gave her one last hard forward thrust. The moment I was all in my balls emptied themselves. I dumped enormous and nasty load inside her.

She came with me. The moment my twitching dick unloaded his sticky load her moaning stopped. Her hands fell of the tabletop. All the previously built up tension left her body. Her legs were trembling and then she collapsed onto the desk. My favorite coworker, she came good too.

It took some time until we both had regained ourselves. Sweat was running down our bodies. But once we were ourselves again, I asked her one simple question: “Please don’t tell anyone about me wearing panties. It would turn me into the joke of our department, maybe even the joke of our agency. I don’t want to be known as the man wearing panties.”

My coworker listened. Then she nodded with her head: “Don’t worry. I won’t tell your, our coworkers about it. Promised.”

I had to hug her after she made me that promised. Then we both collected our clothes, got dressed and then we left the office. We didn’t even bothered to clean our fucking juices off the desk and the chair.

We shared a taxi back home. We kissed each other good night when it was my turn to leave the taxi. And then she left my life. I have never ever seen her again since we got naughty at the agencies Christmas party. She was gone afterwards, neither my coworkers nor my bosses new more about it.

But she was keeping her oath. She actually wasn’t telling our coworkers about me wearing panties. But she told someone else. Probably her superiors. Because as I found out later, she was more than just a coworker. She was an agent, not one that got send by the enemy, she was one of our own.

She was sent out to discover candidates for a very unique, a very special mission. And by the looks of it, she found me. A week after Christmas I got a phone call while I was sitting and crunching numbers at my text. A very calm voice asked me if I wanted to come over for an interview. And that if I was the right candidate, they will turn me into a secret agent.

I said yes without even thinking about it. A couple of days later I left my office and went three floors up. For an interview, for an interview that would change my life, that would turn my dream becoming an agent true and would help me discover my true more feminine self. And well, fucking my coworker that had disappeared shortly after was the last time of me having sex as a man.

NSFW: yes

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