Afternoon Delight – F43. M29.

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He came over after work.. about 3pm. I had a staff meeting to sit in on.. so he came in and kissed me and then went to the bedroom.

Shortly into my meeting he starts texting me pics and video of his hard cock in my bed.  I’m literally dying trying to get thru this meeting… And of course it runs over.  We get done at 413pm.  I immediately get up and go to the bedroom.. and discover him naked in my bed.

I crawl in with him, fully clothed. And he slides his hand inside my leggings and starts to play with my pussy before pulling off my leggings and panties all at once.

It’s been weeks since he’s tasted me. And my pussy is freshly waxed last night… I’m as smooth as a newborn baby dolphin. But I’ve been leaving a landing strip up front.

He dives in face first and starts sucking on my clit.  (Boys… If you don’t suck on your woman’s clit. Please begin. We like it.) And then slides his fingers inside my perfectly smooth pussy and starts to finger fuck me. He knows exactly how to work the gspot and has me cumming… And squirting… In mere minutes.  All the while the only thing i can think is Holy Fuck! Why is he SO good at this??

By this point.. the sheets that i just put on the bed yesterday.. are a disaster. We’re pretty much laying in a puddle by the time he slides that hard cock inside my tight pussy. Raw. He slides inside me. Deep. He feels so fucking good inside of me. Why does he feel this good?

He starts fucking me.. on my back. Legs up. But fuck he goes so deep. he can not fuck me as hard as we want.. so he adjusts… Puts my legs up but both on his right side and starts giving it to me. Fuck he feels good.  I get close. So close. I reach for his hand and pull it to my neck. He knows exactly what i need. And immediately wraps his hand around my neck.. squeezing tightly to restrict that blood flow.

Omg. Daddy. Give it to me. I cum almost instantly as his grip tightens around my neck.. and as soon as he feels that tight little cunt in orgasm, he fills it with cum.

He pulls out, and i have to get ready for my client. I get dressed. Pull myself together. And go to my studio to do a haircut.  After I’m done, i go straight back to my bed and begin to suck his cock. Omfg… I love tasting my pussy on his cock.  He probably thinks I’m being a tease, but what he doesn’t realize is that I’m torturing myself just as much as i am him.

It’s time for my next client to arrive.. i go back down the hall to my studio and text my client to come in when he arrives.  He calls me. He forgot about his appointment.

I go straight back to the bed. Pull off my tank top and leggings and begin sucking his dick again. He gets so hard so fast in my mouth. I slide up beside him while i keep stroking his cock, and i turn on some music.. And he reaches for my pussy again. He knows how much i love to be fucked by his fingers. We’re kissing. And i turn to the side with my back to him… Reaching for his cock trying to get him inside me again. Fuck, i crave that cock.

He pushes back inside me and i feel every inch. He’s fucking me again, and we’re both insatiable. I can not get enough of him inside me and he knows it.   He pulls my head back by my hair and reaches for my neck wrapping his hand around it once more while he whispers in my ear “cum for me baby”.  It doesn’t take long with the way I’ve been teasing him… And then as i begin to cum i call him Daddy and feel his grip tighten around my neck and almost instantly he’s cumming inside me for a second time. Fuck me i love listening to him and the way he enjoys my pussy.

He has to go in 20 minutes. So we lay in the bed together and at the 5 minute mark… I begin to suck his dick again. I just can not withstand sucking our cum off of him. We taste so fucking good together.
I slide my tongue all the way down his shaft.. and begin to suck on his balls. One at a time. He’s going crazy. I reach for his ass and slide a couple of fingers over the surface of his asshole rubbing it while I suck on his balls.  He reaches for my pussy and slides his fingers inside me again.. but pushes one into my asshole.. And then i have an idea… I reach inside the night stand and grab a bullet vibe and some lube. His beautiful little face looks confused… As i crawl back into the bed on my hands and knees and say “get behind me”.  I reach back and hand him the vibe and say… Slide this in my ass.  He does without hesitation and then i turn it on as he pushes his cock inside my pussy from behind.  Judging by the noises.. and the way he’s sliding in slowly… He loves the feeling of that vibe on his cock inside me.

He starts to fuck me so hard…. Grabbing my hips and burrying his dick balls deep in my tight vibrating cunt… There’s no way he can last. He fills me with cum a 3rd time this afternoon.

He’s gotta go. Now I’m making him late… But i don’t hear him arguing…..  I walk him out and kiss him goodbye.

NSFW: yes

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