After you passed out… (A fragment of a bigger story)

After a while you passed out, you couldn’t take it anymore. Your juices were everywhere on the bed sheets making a mess. I started to slap your ass to punish you. “look what you’ve done”. But you couldn’t look. Your eyes were closed and your breathing was heavy. I spit in your stupid face and groaned “fine I’ll do it my self”. I grabbed you by the hips and started to thrust harder than before while your tits were bouncing out of your bra eventually breaking out and hanging there. Your head was moving back and forth while saliva was dripping from your lower lip. You didn’t find out jack shit anymore. You were just a cock sleeve who couldn’t get enough and was enjoying it while I dropped a gigantic load of cum inside you. Leaving your body bruised, sweaty and abused.

NSFW: yes

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