After my breakup, I got used by 3 old black daddies in the van! [22F]


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I recently broke up with my bf of 3 years. He was such an asshole to me and made me feel insecure. I’ve decided to reconnect with a few guys I’ve dealt with in the past and they all know each other now (thanks to me). I just love older men and I enjoy these guys business.

The old Jamaican guy Rick is a big freak that I’ve met here. His dick is enormous and he loves anal sex/ ass play. He is slender and flexible. Crazy but cool guy.

Then there is the old married guy Dennis I used to work with. He is retired now and does side jobs. We used to mess around a lot. His dick is long and thick.

And then there is Ern who used to work at my university when I was a student. He has gained a lot of weight since then and we had only messed around once.

Dennis was looking at properties and wanted to take a drive to see in person. We all decided to make it a road trip and have some fun.

We hopped the 7 seat van and headed out. Ern drove while me, Dennis and Rick were in the back seat.

I took my clothes off and started playing with my pussy. Dennis and Rick sucked my nipples. Then I sucked their cocks at the same time. My mouth was numb after a while, that’s how big they were. Then Rick came behind me and fucked my ass while I tried to get Dennis to cum in my mouth. I ended up getting dp’ed by them. Felt so good having a big cock in my ass and pussy at the same time.

We got to the property to look around, then went to a pub, then prepared to drive back home.

This time, Dennis drove back while I was in the back seat with Rick and Ern. Ern and I just kissed a little bit and he rubbed my pussy lips. Rick and I fucked again. He drilled my pussy so rough, it made the loudest noises. He choked me so hard while Ern rubbed my nipples. Rick came all over my face and so did Ern after I sucked him off.

I had so much fun with these guys. I felt so used but sexually liberated.

NSFW: yes

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