After drink special (lesbian)

The other night I went to my friend Kati’s (F29) house for a few drinks. Kati is super sexy and we have kissed in the past and even seen each other change into bathing suites, but I’ve never wondered anything of it. I had a few drinks and decided I better stay with her instead of drive home.

We climbed into bed and I told her I didn’t have pajamas so I’d be sleeping in a bra and my panties and she said she would too if that made me more comfortable. We both strip down to our bra and panties and get in her bed.

Laying there I feel her hand come around me and she is quickly big spoon. I feel her kiss my neck and unintentionally I let out a moan. She continues to kiss my neck as her hand starts wondering my body. She pulled my shoulder so I was laying on my bad and I felt her mouth move towards mine.

At this point my bra is undone and my boobs are out with her tongue in my mouth. I can’t stop kissing her back as she is pinching my nipples and rubbing my chest. Her mouth moved from mine and she sat up. She took off her bra exposing her perfect dime size nipples and she started kissing my boobs. With her tongue swirling around my nipples, I feel her hand slip down my panties. Next thing I know my underwear off and she has two fingers in me with her thumb rubbing my clit.

In a moment of excitement I grab her hair and shove her head between my legs. I can tell she has been wanting to do this for a while as I feel her tongue enter me. As she is eating my pussy, I feel myself starting to come. I wrap my legs around her head so she can’t escape and I cum on her face, dripping off her chin. She looks up at me and comes up to kiss me. Tasting myself, I get so wet again. I begin rubbing her pussy and she says hang on, gets up, and gives me a strap on. I put it on and threw her on her back. I slid it in her and fucked her, watching her perfect boobs bounce before I grab them.

It didn’t take long before she came on the toy and I went down to suck her cum off of it. We laid there in pure pleasure and fell asleep. The next morning we woke up naked and I made her pussy my breakfast.

NSFW: yes

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