Adventures with Amy, p.2d – Anal [MF]

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NSFW: yes

(* Long but sexy (I think) *)

After having showered, I pulled on my boxers and a t-shirt. There were no more bathrobes, so it would have to do.
Entering back into the room, I saw Amy sitting in one of the big chairs by the small table in the corner. She was sipping on some cava she must have brought back to the hotel, and a fresh glass for me was bubbling next to the bottle.

“Have a glass” she smiled and gestured at the extra chair. We toasted and then Amy put her glass back on the table.
“I’d better fit the dresscode” she smiled then stood, opened the bathrobe and let it fall to the floor.
“I bought this today, seeing how much you liked yesterdays underwear” she said, gesturing at her new lingeri.

The new lingeri was crimson with small details in a golden thread. The panties hugged her hips high, and the bra – like the one yesterday – made her tits look incredible.
“Wow – it is beautiful” I said truthfully. “You really look good in underwear like that!”
She smiled at me and sat down again.
“I know one is supposed to wash it before wearing it the first time, but I don’t expect to keep it on for too long” she said with a wink, and toasted me.
I smiled and drank and felt my cock reacting to that opinion.

Amy turned her chair so she could face me. She spread her legs slightly while looking at me with a smile.
“As you know from my little video, you got me quite worked up today” she said.
She slowly started running a finger over her body, her tits, her thighs and her pussy. Her nipples seemed to get slightly harder and so did my cock.
“Seems like I am not the only one wanting more” she said, looking at my cock.
“You know I do!” I responded with a smile.
She smiled, and I could see she wanted to say something. “What?” I asked.
Amy blushed slightly then asked “Last time – no. The first time we had sex. At the hotel with Fride…”
“Yes, I remember the first time we had sex. Quite well, actually!” I winked at her. She laughed.
“Right. After you wiped off your cum from my back… you briefly licked my ass. Why?”

I wondered about the memory of that night. It was a good night. (* Read my “Those Lips” story *)
“Because I wanted to” I answered. “Seeing you on the bed like that – it was just too tempting. Besides I had no idea whether I would get a chance to be with you again. I wanted it all!”
“Oooh, you are sweat!” she smiled and took another sip from the cava.
“I was wondering… now that we are here, would you mind being… adventurous again? I have washed and all!”
She looked at me over her glass. I actually did catch the reference from back then. I smiled.
“I would not mind, no!” I replied.
She looked at me with a small smile, then reached into a bag next to the chair.
“I hoped so” she continued. “To Alex it is a no-no, but after what you did…” she trailed off. “I bought this today” she said, and presented me a small bottle of lube.
“Maybe we could try a finger? Or two?” she said, looking at me. “I don’t know if I can take your cock. I have only done this once, ages ago.”
“I know. You told me – or us.” I said and smiled. (* Read my “Company Threesome” story *)
“I will do whatever you like, and you can stop me when you want to.” I added.
She smiled, then exhaled loudly. “Hoooo! I believe it just got way warmer in the room!” She laughed and we both toasted.

There was a short, awkward silence. Amy looked at me and giggled.
“Oh my – I suddenly feel shy!” she laughed. “How do we… start?”
I knew, I was very ready to begin exploring her. I stood and looked at her, then gave her my hand. “Come!” I said and helped her up from the chair.
I pulled her close and started kissing her, while carefully leading her to the bed.

We got on the bed and I started kissing, licking and nibbling my way down her body. Amy sighed from the attention.
From her knees, I kissed my way up to her pussy. I inhaled her smell, pulled her panties apart and gave her pussy lips a quick lick.
Amy moaned as I kissed my way up her stomach and to her tits. I gave them some attention and her nipples got quite visible through the fabric of her bra.

I got back down between her legs and slowly removed her panties and placed a pillow under her back to lift her pelvis up.
She placed her feet on the bed, legs bent and spread to give me room to work. Her pussy was very wet and I lovingly licked her slit and her perineum.
Then I carefully forced her legs further back, exposing her asshole to me. I carefully started licking and kissing the sensitive area around it.
She jolted when my tongue first touched her there, but she soon relaxed.

I continued kissing and licking her softly, before moving up her body again. I sneaked her tits out of her bra and sucked and kissed her nipples, while I carefully played with her clit.
Amy was sighing and moaning.
I kissed her neck and then we made out. Our tongues played with each other. Amy had a hand behind my neck and I was caressing her tits.
We briefly looked at each other with a smile, and then I worked my way down again.

This time I placed myself on the floor and buried my head between her legs. I let my tongue dive into her soaking wet pussy, I sucked on her clit and licked off her juices. While doing so, I got out of my boxers. My hard cock needed to roam free.
As I slowly licked her asshole, I made sure to get plenty of saliva on it. I then placed a thumb on it and while I licked her pussy and clit again, I slowly started massaging her asshole with my finger.
Amy was breathing deeper now, quietly letting out moans. She then pressed against my finger indicating, I could take the next step.

I poured some lube on her asshole, placed my thumb on it again, and while carefully sucking her clit, I slid my thumb into her ass.
Amy let out a groan that turned into a moan. With my thumb buried in her ass, I continued kissing her pussy and her thighs.
Then I slowly started fucking her with my thumb. In and out. Amy sighed and I added more lube and continued fucking her with my thumbs full length.
“You okay?” I whispered.
“Yess…” she moaned. “It is better than I feared!”
“It does not hurt?”
“No, not really. I actually like it. I can’t really explain it.”
I kept fucking her with my finger.
She raised her head and looked at me. That made her asshole tighten up for a moment.
“You wanna try two fingers?” she asked. “I wanna try two fingers!” she immediately continued.

I slowly pulled my thumb out and saw her ass close. Then I lubed up my index- and my middle finger, knelt on the bed and slowly pushed one then the other finger into her ass.
Amy gasped and her eyes went wide. I held my fingers ‘just inside’ to let her get used to the feeling. With my free hand, I added some more lube, and carefully distributed it with the fingers already in.
Then I slowly pressed on, finger fucking my way deeper and deeper while caressing her tits and her pussy with my free hand.
When I had my fingers all the way inn, I tried slightly pressing upwards while pressing down on her vulva.
“Oh, so that is where you are!” Amy whispered and smiled. “Try and fuck me with your fingers!” she continued.

Again, I slowly started fingerfucking her ass, but this time with my two fingers. I was getting a good sense of when I needed more lube, and added it when necessary.
While my fingers glided in and out of her asshole, I continued caressing her tits and nipples.
Amy put her left hand between her legs and carefully started caressing her pussy. She sighed and moaned from the attention.
Suddenly she slipped her fingers into her pussy, holding them there. She added pressure against the fingers I used to fuck her ass. She smiled at me. “Interesting!”
Then she pulled out her fingers again and continued playing with herself.

“Try three fingers!” she whispered, looking at me.
“You sure?” I asked. She nodded.
I pulled almost all the way out of her, lubed up my ring finger (and the rest, again) then very, very carefully started pressing all three fingers in again.

Amy lay still and concentrated on her breathing and on relaxing.
“I’ll stop if you tell me to!” I said quietly.
“No it’s fine. You are gentle.” she gave me a quick smile. “It has been many years since I tried it, but… it worked back then.”
I slowly pulled out my fingers and added more lube. Then pushed into her again. It was a bit easier. Amy groaned and placed a hand between her legs again.
I caressed her tits and squeezed her nipples while slowly fucking her with three fingers.
To my surprise it did not take long until Amy was moaning along to me fucking her. I bent over and started licking and nipping at her nipples.
I felt her hand on my head pressing me down, and while picking up the finger fucking pace a bit, I was all over her tits.
Amy’s moaning increased and I could feel more than see, that she was working on her pussy. And just like that, she came!

She suddenly started shaking, cramping and letting out loud moans. I could feel her hand still working on her pussy, so I kept going in her ass.
The hand she had on my head grabbed the duvet as she bend her back. I leaned back and watched her tits quiver, her skin go moist, her hand grabbing her vulva and clit (fingers in pussy) and my fingers fucking her ass.
She let out a loud groan, eyes and mouth wide open, then another groan and another orgasm. It was incredible to watch.
Her hand flew from her pussy to my hand in her ass and she held it in place, my fingers deep in her.
Her body shook a few times and then she seemed to relax. Her pressure on my hand eased, but she did not indicate, I should pull my fingers out. She held it there.

Amy had closed her eyes. She breathed heavily and licked her lips. Her nipples were as erect as I had ever seen them and it seemed as her whole body had taken on a slight blush.
She removed her hand from mine and I carefully withdrew my fingers form her asshole. I wiped off her juices and the lube in the towel we had nearby, and leaned in to kiss her.
She hardly moved or kissed back.
“What – the – fuck – just – happened??!!” she whispered.
“I think you came – good” I said.
“You think? Shit; I don’t think I have ever come like that. I had no control. The orgasm took even me by surprise. Shit, that was intense!”
“I’ll get you some water” I said and got her some.

As she had finished the glass of water, she smiled at me.
“Thank you! I believe the cava helped, but you did the work!” She motioned for me and I leaned in for a kiss.
As I sat back up, my cock was still rock hard, the head almost purple and it was glistening from smeared pre-cum. Amy reached for it. “Poor guy” she said lovingly and gave it a squeeze.
“Come and sit on me!” she said and gestured at her chest. I knew what she wanted.
I positioned myself and Amy took my cock into her mouth. Her tongue played with my cockhead and she carefully licked the pre-cum off me.
My cock had grown big and hard from the action.
Amy grabbed my butt and took me as deep as she could. Then she let go and fell back on her pillow and looked up at me.

“I want to try! I want you to try and fuck my ass.” she said, eyes gleaming.
I did not want to question it – I too wanted to try. I positioned myself between her legs and slowly slid my cock into her pussy, feeling her warmth and wetness.
Amy moaned.
After a few strokes, I pulled out, grabbed the lube and started lubing my cock.
“This way or from behind?” I asked.
“Last time was from behind, but I would like to try it this way. I want to see you” she smiled.
I stroked my cock with the lube and got in position. I added more lube to her asshole.
Amy grabbed her legs and pulled them back a bit, giving me a good position to slide into her.

I placed my cockhead at her ass opening, leaned slightly over and pressed.
To my surprise, my cockhead slid right in. Amy gasped. I looked at her, but she just nodded me on.
I added a bit more lube and then in short, fucking motions, pressed my cock deeper and deeper into her ass.
Amy was breathing through her teeth, but every time I looked at her for ‘status’ she just nodded for me to continue.

Halfway in, I pulled out, added more lube and then pushed on further.
I did this a few times and suddenly my cock was all the way up her ass. It was an incredible feeling – physically and emotionally-ish.
I looked at Amy. “I am all the way in” I said quietly.
“I know. I can feel it” she said and smiled.
“You okay?”
“Yeah. It feels a bit weird, but at the same time kinky and exciting. Take a pic so I can see how it looks” she said and handed me my phone.
I took some pics showing her pussy with my cock in her ass, a longer shot including her upper body and tits and gave her the phone.
“Shiiit” she said, when she looked at them. Then she looked up at me “No pun intended” she giggled and put the phone down.
“Now fuck me – slowly” she said with a horny smile.

I slowly pulled out to my cockhead, added more lube and pushed all the way in. It went quite smooth.
Then I did it again and it felt much easier. Amy had relaxed and the lube did its job.
Amy smiled at me and nodded. “Go on” she whispered.
I grabbed a hold on her legs and pushed them back a bit, then slowly started fucking her ass.
Amy grabbed the lube and added a bit more while I did. She fell back on the bed, closed her eyes and slowly worked on her clit.

The feeling was quite intense despite the lube. Fucking Amy raw, in the ass, looking at her playing with herself and being allowed to cum in her – it was overwhelming.
I placed her legs on my shoulders and leaned over her. Amy gasped as that new position changed where my cock massaged her insides.
“Oh my…” she whispered looking me in the eyes. “Wait!” she whispered and then she slid a couple of fingers into her pussy. “Go on” she said.

As I started fucking her ass again, I could feel her fingers pressing down on my cock from above. When I pulled back far enough, her knuckles were like ‘bumps’ when I pushed into her again.
Amy smiled. “Feels weird – but also amazing.”
“I am not sure how much longer I can last!” I said in a low voice.
“That’s OK. I got you where I wanted you” she winked.

I sat a bit more upright and put both of her legs on my left shoulder. I pulled out almost all the way and added more lube.
I pushed into her again and while holding on to her legs, I picked up the pace. Amy put both her hands against the headboard in support and I started fucking her ass harder.
I was slamming against her ass focusing on cumming. Amy grunted and moaned with each thrust – a mixture of pleasure, lust, the physical action and maybe a little pain (or weird feeling).
“I’m cumming” I panted, looking at her. She just looked back at me, panting and blushing.
“Nnngg… aaah…” I groaned loudly and then my orgasm overwhelmed me. My body shook as I shot my cum deep inside her asshole. It was an incredible felling.

I do not know how much I came, but my cock was pulsating and every small movement felt electrifying.
When I was ‘finally’ done, I looked up at Amy. She was smiling at me while caressing her tits.
“That was intense!” I panted.
“Mm hm” she confirmed.
“Sorry if I got a little too rough. I got carried away.” I panted.
“It is okay. It was wild.”

I was about to move when she said “Don’t pull out. I want to come with you in my ass.”
Amy carefully put her legs down, spread them and slowly started rubbing her pussy while pinching her nipples and caressing her tits.
She made small fucking motions with her pelvis and it was so stimulating it kept my cock semi hard.
Her pussy was soaking wet and the only sounds in the room were the wet sounds from her pussy and her low moaning.
“I’m gonna come!” she whispered while picking up the pace of her pussy work.
With a groan she started shaking. She let out a loud moan and pinched hard on her nipples.
While orgasming, her asshole tightened up and squeezed my cock. Combined with the fucking motions, I could feel I was getting hard again – my cock slowly started to grow inside Amy’s ass.

She came down quicker from her orgasm this time and looked at me, smiling.
“Are you getting hard again?” she asked incredulously.
“Jupp!” I confirmed.
“I can’t have you fuck my ass right now. I think I’ll be too sore” she smiled.
“I understand that!” I replied.
She spread her arms on the bed. “Wow I feel good. Lightheaded and tired…”
I slowly caressed her body.
“I am not sure how I will get from here to the shower without your cum dripping all over!” she laughed.
“Use the towel” I said and grabbed it. “You ready?”
Amy nodded.

I placed the towel around my cock and slowly pulled out of Amy’s ass.
It made a small ‘swuup’ sound. Amy grabbed hold of the towel, holding it against her ass. Then she rolled off the bed and quickly made her way to the bathroom.
I could hear the farting sounds as she pressed out my cum in the toilet. She was laughing at the noises.
Then she flushed and a minute later she popped her head out the door and looked at me smiling. “You wanna join me in the shower?” she asked.
“Sure!” I said. She giggled and disappeared and I heard the water in the shower starting.

Amy had dimmed the light in the bathroom. I could see her through the glass in the shower, enjoying the warm water hugging her body. Though it was just washing, there was something sensual about it. My cock was still thick from the action we had just had and it gave a small jolt.
Amy saw me and smiled. Then she pressed her body against that glass, squishing her tits against it and placed a kissing mark on it. Then she turned around and put her butt against the glass and wiggled it.
“Come on in!” she said out loud.
“Where?” I asked with a smile.
She turned and looked at me. “Anywhere you want!” she said with a mischievous grin.
My cock started growing hard again, as I entered the shower with her.

After we had dried off, Amy asked me to stand with my side to the mirror. Then she started kissing me while carefulle stradling my cock, that quickly started growing.
She kissed my neck and my nipples while her fingers carefully teased my cock and my balls. She smiled up at me, then got down on her knees and carefully and lovingly started licking and kissing my cockhead. Though I was a bit sore, it felt fantastic. Now I understood while she wanted it here in front of the mirror.
Looking in it, I could see Amy work on my cock, kissing and licking it from the base to the tip while carefully caressing my balls.
Her tits were swaying and from time to time she would shoot me a glance through it. It was a sexy sight.

She slowly started sucking my swollen cockhead with all of her mouth. While gently caressing my balls one of her fingers was carefully playing with my perinium and my ass. It felt surprisingly good and I let myself fully enjoy her work and dedication.
After having sensually and lovingly worshipped my cock for a while, Amy placed a hand around her my cock and started milking it while still sucking it. I could feel my orgasm create.
“I am gonna cum!” I whispered. Amy kept going. I knew what she wanted and I let her have it.
I moaned “Now!” and started cumming in her mouth. Amy breathed heavily through her now while she kept stroking me. I trembled a few times while she milked me into her mouth, then my cock slowly started relaxing.

Amy carefully kept sucking me while she held on to my pelvis with both hands.
With a slurp and a smack from her lips, she pulled away from my cock. She looked up at me and carefully showed me her tongue with a pool of my cum. Before spilling it, she quickly swallowed and wiped her lips.

“I really love the way you blow me!” I said breathlessly.
“I know.” she smiled. She stood and wrapped her arms around me, pressing her naked body against me as my cock slowly deflated.
“I needs a pick of that someday!” I whispered. She hugged me and giggled.

“Your cock is tickling me between my legs” she mumbled into my neck. “And I am getting sticky” she giggled.
With her arms around my neck, she pulled her head back, looked at me and then kissed me.
“I am so tired now!” she whispered exhausted.
“Me to” I replied, hugging her again.

We got ready for bed and while finally in it, we immediately fell asleep, cuddling.

(Last part (for now) coming up…)

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