Acid fueled quickie with a GILF

Horny people are my favorite people. It’s impossible to tell who’s a horny kinky sex addict by looks alone. However, when two sexually obsessed people come into contact with good vibes, intentions, and compatibility they can make moments feel like heaven sent experiences..

My friends and I loved tripping on acid. It was fun, we felt careless, and we got to be whoever we wanted to be. We all pitched in on a hotel room and had dropped 3 tabs each. It’s me and 5 other people. Everyone was boring me so I decided to sit in the joining room. I was horny as fuck. All I wanted to do was get my sick wet while tripping super hard. Not knowing what to do I tried to masturbate. I’m sitting in this room stroking my dick hoping to bust a nut and get me back into hanging with friends. No luck. Im nowhere near completion, but stroking felt so good. I can hear people looking for me but I don’t want blue balls so I pulled my shorts up and walked out of the room. I needed to discover a place to bust, maybe if I jerk off somewhere an public the excitement will help me cum. I’m in a hoodie and shorts.. no undershirt and no underwear. I Felt free my outfit was comfortable and I knew I had easy access to my cock whenever I decided To touch it. I was a horny mess, I was just fantasizing how good it will feel to finally cum. I got to the elevator area and i decided to strip down and show off my dick for a nice mirror picture right outside the elevator lobby. I let my dick hang after giving it a couple tugs and I snap some pictures. I’m feeling confident. My dick is hanging and feeling heavy. Balls full and ready to be emptied. As I took the last picture the elevator dinged and as I was lifting my shorts over my bare ass. I turn around to see gorgeous mature woman. She was wearing a black track suit like the most slutty soccer mom. Her tits poked out of the tight v neck and her cropped jacket really accentuated her big wide hips. She was obviously older but in the sexiest way. Looked like fine wine. She was so attractive I couldn’t stop staring. A genuine grandma I’d like to fuck. She had just been in the hotel gym. I could smell in the elevator her natural scent, sweat and whatever perfume she used. It was intoxicating. I look at her and smile. She doesn’t make eye contact she seems locked in to something on the floor. I move closer and her eyes are actually following me. I’m in the elevator and Ilook down. The shorts I was wearing were ultra thin. You could practically see the vein of my semi hard cock as it hangs. Full imprint of it for everyone to see. And in the first row is this GILF hot and sweaty after her workout. Staring a whole through my shorts trying to see every detail of my rod. She said “forgive me for staring, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a young man like this” i laughed and waved it off. I’m excited. I’ve never been on this level with a mature woman but she seems to enjoy what I had in front of her. “Honestly, I’m just trying to find the perfect place to unload this. I’m fully on an acid trip and I just want to cum with all due respect” she laughed. She couldn’t believe how straight forward and unapologetic I was. But the acid had me in such an elevated mind state I was just hoping she could keep me business for the rest of my trip. The elevator stopped and opened. This was her floor she looked at me with a sad look and nodded signaling her exit. Before she could take a full step I stopped her and said “hold on.. how about we take this elevator all the way up, once again down, and I’ll walk you to your room after it’s all said and done” she laughed again! “Haha no sweetie my husband is in our room” But no protest to taking a prolong elevator ride with me. I pressed door closed and pressed the top floor. She walked back in faced me and I pulled my shorts to the floor. Floor after floor it was scary wondering if someone would catch us. But I needed this. She’s needed this. And here we were She started off stroking my dick while I played with her ass and pussy. It was soft and warm like a mattress I wanted to play with body all day long. I then took her titties out of her shirt to suck on.they were enormous. I had no idea how she crammed them in her tiny shirt and bra. She was beautiful. A mature sexual goddess that was visiting me in my time of need. It was getting hot in that little elevator. She dropped to her knees and started violently sucking my cock. “I haven’t been like this in ages. At the mercy of a young strong dick” she said half muffled with spit and dick in her mouth. “Your dick is so big. I can’t fit it ——“ I cut her off as I shoved my dick further into her mouth. She takes my dick out and slaps herself on her cheek *pat* *pat* it smacks her and she laughs with glee. The elevator dings and opens. We are on the first floor/lobby floor! She try’s to get up but I grab her head and push it back on my dick. I NEED TO CUM. After smashing the button the doors finally closed and I realized i only had a couple seconds before she had to exit. I asked her to let me take the wheel she looked at me cock in mouth and nodded and smiled. I gripped her face one hand under her chin and one behind her head and fucked her face. Stroke after stroke. Making sure to get every inch of my dick wet until it was finally her time to leave. It felt so good she kept her mouth and throat perfectly relaxed and tight at the same time. Floor 12 was coming.we passed 10. Passed 11. We were coming up and all in one shot a big huge load exploded into her mouth. My cock was fidgeting as every rope of cum filled her facial cavity. Floor 12 ding! She’s moaning with pleasure. She knows how big of a nut she just sucked out of me. I could almost feel her pride. She swallows my whole load, kisses my cock , wipes her mouth and says “thank you, I really needed this. Looks like my gym days keep me in the running for young men like you.” She smiled, exited and I was alone. Satisfied and in ecstasy. Hoping I can run into a hard charging confident sexual beast of a mature woman every single day.

NSFW: yes

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