Accidentally handcuffed myself and got used by the hotel manager [MF]

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*Consensual roleplay* My husband and I booked us a hotel room and roleplayed being a guest (me) and hotel manager (him) Enjoyyy!


After spending an entire day attending meetings, I checked into a hotel, tired but oh so horny. The room came with free cable and Play Boy playing 24/7, so I obviously put it on while I showered and relaxed. A joint later, I pulled out my handcuffs to restrain myself and get some solo fun before heading back home the next day. Before I could even get started, I locked myself up accidentally behind my back and had to call the front desk for help. I was already so embarrassed and hoped it would be a woman but to my apparent surprise, it was the hotel manager.

I stayed inconspicuous about the issue while insisting that he come urgently and help me with the “issue at hand”. The wondered of a stranger seeing me naked and restrained, aroused me incredibly but I had to act decent. When the hotel manager unlocked the door, I quickly tried to mute the television but ended up dropping the remote.

He was slightly concerned at first but when he realised I was wearing only a hoodie, I could see him smirk. QMy eyes were red from the weed and cheeks flushed from being so embarrassed.

“I… kind of locked myself up, can you please help me”, I requested staying focused on his face and not his visibly stretched suit pants.

He positioned himself behind me, “I was thinking about it and I think I’m going to let you stay in these cuffs. Seems like a woman like you finds herself in this situation very often.” He ran his fingers down my arm and it was instantly covered in goosebumps.

Now that… isn’t true. Okay, maybe a little. But nothing turns me on than a man trying to withstand himself.

He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, and I whimpered almost instantly. He kissed down my neck, breathing loudly into my ear. “Sounds like you like strange men touching you inappropriately.”

“Mmm, maybe.” Was all I could reply.

He spent the next few minutes touching and groping my body, feeling every soft curve on my smooth skin. Every few seconds, he’d kiss my neck, bite a little, and talk about how slutty I am to let another man touch me.

“Let’s take a look at your pussy”, he said while inserting two fingers slowly into my already dripping wet pussy. He forced his fingers into my mouth, “lick it clean”. And when I did just that, he slapped me and grabbed my hair again. “I think I am going to enjoy taking advantage of you.” These words were enough to send me over the edge and submit to any of his demands. He pushed me into the bed and dove straight into my pussy… being just as aggressively as I hoped he would be. While his actions were rough, he maintained a cool, nonchalant tone, which kept me guessing his next move.

10 minutes later, he pulled himself away from my pussy, his beard drenched in my juices and his eyes drunk with lust. “You liked that?” Slap… “you are so tender already” slap …

He flipped me over and spanked my ass until it was red and you could visibly see his handprint on both cheeks. I was so close to breaking, when he dove back in, this time ravaging my asshole like it was his last meal. What followed was a series of orgasms from me and insatiable groans from

He unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out, and pushed his thickness inside, all at once, stretching my pussy and making leave out a stressed moan. “You like that, don’t you?” He said, while pulling my hair back. “I am going to take really good care of you”. With that, he sped up and kept pounding me until my knees gave up completely. Every now and then, he’d spank my ass and bite my back hard that I am stilled bruised.

“I think you’ve earned being untied.” He said, while holding firmly on my cuffed wrists. “I think so too.” I said, half aware, half lost in bliss.

“But I am not done yet. I take night shifts, so I can use women like you.” He uncuffed me, turned me over, and pulled me over the edge of the bed, such that my head was hanging upside down. Before I could breathe or know what’s happening, he shoved his cock all the way inside my throat and pushed two fingers inside my pussy. While I suffocated on his cock and full balls, he aggressively fingered me and made squirt several times. Every time I squirted, he drank it and spit it back in my mouth, which only pushed me to keep cumming. By this time, I was as obedient as I could be, which is rare for me.

He pulled me back on the bed, so and positioned himself to enter my pussy. My moans grew as he pounded harder and harder, when suddenly he pressed my mouth close. “If someone hears you, I might have to go back to work. Resist, don’t make noise. Cum only when it’s necessary.” With that, he was back inside me, pounding away. I let him use me good for a long time after that. My pussy was so swollen and tender and my quivering orgasms soon turned painful.

As time passed, his groans turned louder, which made me hungry for his cum.

“Cum inside me, please Sir. Fill me up with your hot cum”

“You like being filled by strange men?” He asked in between strokes. “I do! Please cum inside me please. I want your cum so bad.” I said, feeling his cock swell inside me. He pumped deep and hard, spilling his cum in my pussy and outside. Like the slut I am, I reached down for his cum and licked it off my fingers, maintaining eye contact and then sucked his cock clean, because I never let cum get wasted.

He helped me clean up and went back to work, while I laid in my bed playing with my clit thinking about how naughty I was that night.

NSFW: yes

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