[A4A] Dream of you

I was laying on top of you, kissing your neck and working my way down your neck to the top of your chest, my hands were running up and down your rib cage, intermittently squeezing your tits with my hands. Firm grasps grabbing on to your luscious tits letting you know how much I admire them. I slowly drag my beard down the side of your tits and lick your nipple ever so gently. I then began to lick circles around your nipple making it hard. Then I slowly worked my way down your stomach to the inside of your thighs. I slowly kiss all over the inside of your thigh, teasing your pussy as I gently run my lips across it switching from thigh to thigh. Right when you cant take it anymore and you are dripping wet because of how turned on you are, I lick all the way up and down your pussy. I work my tongue around your clit making it harder and sending pleasure all over your body. You grip the sheets as I bring you closer and closer to orgasm, suddenly I grab your ass and pull your pussy harder into my face and work my mouth back and forth over your clit, making you explode in orgasm. As you are cumming from that, I lift both your legs up to your head, wrap my hands around your throat and slip my cock all the way inside of you. I tell you to look at me in the eyes, and begin fucking you harder and harder, while I choke you harder and harder. After you cum again and again, I lay you on your side, and start to fuck you harder and harder still. Smacking your ass, grabbing your tits and fucking you deeper and deeper. The entire time I can feel you cumming all over my cock again and again and again. As I look at you cumming all over my cock repeatedly, you tell me you want me to cum and you feel me explode deep inside of your pussy.

NSFW: yes

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