A young guy DMed me with some dirty stuff but when I actually replied, he totally froze up, not knowing what to do next.

Yeah, so I like to post some naughty stuff online and whenever I do my messages get pretty much flooded with horny DMs – thats to be expected.

Among these DMs was a guy who asked me a pretty simple question: “Would you like to help daddy cum?”

Again, I get questions like these a lot, im not surprised by them at this point, but this guys bio said that he was 18 years old – 6 years younger than me. That would all be discover with me too but I found it funny that he called himself daddy, while I’m a bit older than him and he’s practically a teenager. So I’ve accepted his DM and pointed this out to him in a casual, joking manner.

This guy didn’t know what to do next – he confessed this to me. He froze up like a deer in the headlights. “Daddy” who wanted me to help him cum didn’t think that he’d get this far. I actually read his message and I even wrote him back. What a crazy thing, huh? 😀

In the end we had a very typical conversation about how to approach girls in situations like these. How to open with these flirty sexting lines and such. I’m not sure that I was much help for him there as I just told him to be unique and interesting and don’t skirt around the topic since we know his intentions from the very first minute. Anyway, the whole ordeal turned out way different than any of us would have expected.

If there’s a lesson to be learned here, then it’s probably this: If you’re sending naughty messages to strangers on the internet, you better have a plan for a follow-up, in case they actually reply.

NSFW: yes

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