A well timed breakage of rules sends sister flying.

*Author’s regards: This bite sized story is a continuation of my previous story “****A bet with sister ends up with her becoming my sex teacher****”. It is shorter than usual, because I try a new approach where I write a little piece at a time rather than large chapters. There’s more to come and I write more as the inspiration hits.*


Few days after Ellie arrived home from her visit, she officially invited me to visit her for reminder of the summer. She also included a hint for mom and dad in her invitation, telling I was old enough to travel alone and they didn’t need to come along just because of me. It was a success. Mom and dad did not insist tagging along with me and were actually glad to have the house for themselves for a change. The date was set and dad booked me tickets to New Jersey. Now I only had to wait.

Those three weeks of waiting showed me what it meant to truly miss someone and what longing really meant. I was not usually a type of person who would get addicted to their phone, but there I was glued to it, constantly checking for new messages and felt an ever increasing spikes of adrenaline and dopamine every time my phone made this particular buzz, a custom alert I configured just for Ellie’s number.

We still could not stop thinking about each other and the special night we shared. Every day and night for those three long weeks, we texted – and sexted – back and forth. It started as typical texting but as the day of reunion got closer, the proportions steadily swayed towards sexting. Never could I have imagined how great it felt having a sister, a lover and a girlfriend. All packaged into a single wonderful woman that Ellie was.

When there was only few days before gonna visit her, I was so excited and happy it started to show. It didn’t take long before the inevitable happened and mom discovered what had gotten into me – at least partially – and decided to smash the ice one day during breakfast by going straight at it.

“So… who is she?” Mom asked with her signature gossipy tone, fishing for juicy news to distribute with the family and rest of the relatives. Nice try mom, but the name shall be hidden for now until I come up with easy to remember fake name.

“No one. How did you know?”

“Oh dear! It has been written all over your face the whole week. You are my son, and I know that look. It is exactly like Ellie’s when she started dating Gary. Or like your father’s when he took me to the disco for the first time.” Mom’s eyes slowly turn to stare longingly towards seemingly absent dad.


“What?” Only just now dad got alerted into the conversation from behind his newspaper.

“Yes darling, you used to be a charmer, remember?” Mom says giving a sharp look at dad.


“Humph! You men are so simple…” Mom drifts into her memories. Meanwhile, I try to escape from this conversation into my room. “If she’s nice we would be pleased to meet her!” She adds as I climb up the stairs. Poor mom, she will never meet my girlfriend, as a girlfriend.

I collapse on my bed and open my phone to read texts from Ellie. I keep reading old texts over and over again, tasting the feeling carried by every word. Words like *heat*, *moist, ache*. These depictions of her inner thoughts taste so good. My texts for her are full of actions, things I want – and she wants me – to do to her. Words like *grab*, *plunge, ravage*.

I’m hard as diamonds as I picture her laying under me, riding me, kneeling before me, worshiping my cock. I want to send her a picture of it so badly just to show how it stands so stiff and sturdy for her. But that is against the rules.

Right after our texting started, sending any suggestive or explicit pictures was strictly forbidden. She straight up told me if I can’t hold up to that rule, I am gonna get blocked. It was essential because she wants to open my messages without fear of a surprise penis appearing on the screen and Gary – or anyone – getting a glimpse. On the other hand, texts containing sophisticated suggestions of sexual desires and exquisitely written erotic descriptions were completely approved, encouraged even.

I get an urge to text her.

“Where are you now?” I want to know.

“I’m at the mall. Shopping with Gary.” She replies in couple of minutes.

“Oh, okay. Is he there next to you?”

“In the fitting room, trying a new suit. Why?”

Thinking about breaking the rules makes me insanely horny. I hadn’t masturbated since Ellie left, I wanted to save all my cum and energy for my visit. Obviously that was way too much of pressure for the 18 year old me to handle, so the horniness overrides my prefrontal cortex and I snap a picture of my pre-cum leaking cock and send it with a message:

“Just thinking about dragging you to the next available one and feeding you this.”

In just couple of seconds, the message is seen and she’s immediately typing.

“Willy! We talked about this!” She yells with an angry emoji, followed by: “Uh, god damn you…”

*Way to go idiot. You can’t even follow the lesson number one, and that is the easiest of them. And now she’s angry. I shouldn’t have done that, disrespect her boundaries like that. I have to delete that and apologize, before my ass is blocked.*

I delete the photo and begin writing my apology but I only got few words in, before she says: “Noo!! I needed that!”

Confusion fills me, but soon I receive a closeup video of her sitting in a public bathroom cubical, pressing her middle finger through her sweet swollen labia, and as it rises back up a thick string of slimy pussy juice extends from the tip of it.

“You just made this happen, now send me a new one so I can finish!” She demands, so I prepare to send her a new one.

I grab my shaft, put video recording on, and begin pumping. Needless to say, I came instantly, didn’t even care about the mess I was about to make. I’m panting hard as two weeks worth of stored fluids shoot into the air in four audible bursts. There’s puddles of cum on my stomach, my balls and dick are doused with cum and some of it landed on my chest even. I hit send for the video. It takes only few minutes and she responds with a single weary face emoji and a heart. She was done, for now.

My phone stayed silent after that for long time. Just in time before I started to get worried, it made the buzz and I rush to my phone.

“I’m letting you off the hook just because you actually managed to pull it off. But the rules haven’t changed! I want you to know that I **really hate** that kind of stuff. Consider yourself lucky.” She says.

“I’m just lucky to have you.”

“I really wish you could be civilized for the next three days. Save your surprises for when you get here.”

“*Only three days remain and I am there with you. In actual flesh and not just pictures.”*

NSFW: yes

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