A weekend with my Canadian Reddit friend – Friday [M36 F31] [oral] [anal]

My friend laughed when I told him I was gonna see a girl in Canada. He’d asked if she was, in fact, real. And if she was, was she the kidney-stealing type?

I’d met her on Reddit months ago. We struck up a friendship, based mostly on me writing in great detail the methods I’d love to use her. And she, sometimes responding and sometimes just reading, would make herself cum as much as feasible to my descriptions. She loved the idea of “being used,” and I had plenty of ideas about that topic.

As time passed, the common refrain of “wish I could be there feeling you right now” transitioned from a nicety between online play partners into earnest desire. When we would chat, the frequency of phrases like “If I were there right now what would you start doing” kept growing, as did that nagging desire to make it reality.

In the laziness of our conversation after both of us had just cum, the dominoes started to fall.

“So…what airport would I fly into?” I asked, jokingly. But she answered seriously. We started talking through the logistics–no, I don’t need your actual address…let’s meet at the hotel first…promise nothing will happen after we first meet so we can just feel it out…no pressure to do anything…Newfoundland is nice to see even without a weekend full of sex…yeah, let’s exchange recent tests.

My ticket to St. John’s in hand, I set out to finally meet her. Or spend a nice, if lonely, weekend in Newfoundland.


I was delighted to see a notification pop up on my phone when the plane landed.

“Let me know when you land” was all she wrote.

“Just landed. Headed to the hotel.”

I was expecting arctic temps but was pleasantly surprised that waiting for a taxi was comfortable enough. I slid into the back of a cab and pulled out my phone again. It buzzed as her message came through.

“Can’t wait to meet you”

And then a second later, another, “Reeeaaally can’t wait”

I smiled, knowing from our months of playing online that her quick fire texts meant she was genuinely excited–she had a hard time being succinct when she was. I replied that I was excited too and that we could meet up that night or wait until tomorrow. There was a bar just down from the hotel if she wanted.

And then silence for several minutes. No notifications. I was just left on read.

About 10 minutes after my final message, I got a short video of her walking bundled but still with her clear mischievous smile, looking as adorable and sexy as ever. The text across the video read “I’m already on my way.”


After putting my stuff down at the hotel, I walked over to the bar.

And there she was.

She was looking toward the door but I saw her first. Once she recognized me, that smile I knew all too well broke across her face. That smile I’d seen while she teased me online, slowly taking off her clothes as she let her nipple peek through her fingers. That smile that she wore so proudly after she had just cum, her cheeks and chest flush with the hotness that swelled in her body.

I walked over, “It’s so good to finally meet. You’re looking good, as usual.”

She got up and hugged me tight. “You’re looking good, too!” she beamed, her cheeks rosy from her walk through the nighttime air.

“Let me buy you a drink,” I said. As she wondered about her order, I added, “…because I think that’s how our last dirty chat started. I told you how I wanted to pin you down and fuck your tits, and you said, ‘Buy a gal a drink first.’ Seems like a reasonable request, especially with what I hope we do together.”


Despite staying and talking at the bar for two hours, we only ordered two rounds of drinks. It was incredible to discover the chemistry we developed online just as reactive in person. Her mannerisms, which had become endearing over the months, were there in vivid, desirable detail–the bounce to her brown curls, the way she tied her hair back, that smile that I could watch all night as it transformed from joyful to playful to coy to lustful.

A lull in the conversation, catching her gaze, I leaned in for a kiss. The feeling of her lips on mine jolted away any jet lag, every sense taking in the incredible sensation of her warm mouth, her soft lips, her forceful tongue suddenly playing against mine. I slid my hand around her back, pushing her towards me, feeling the give if her sweater as I desperately needed her body next to mine.

Clumsily, I pulled her into me, her legs parting as she nearly sat on top of my thigh. My hand moved to the gentle curve of her ass, letting my fingers sink in as I kissed her hard.

I knew she could begin to feel my cock getting hard, straining against her thigh, wanting her in that moment and not caring that others had started to look.

She pulled up and gave that smile again. I smiled back, saying, “Uh… fuck… yeah… let’s go.”


It had gotten colder in St. John’s, but my body felt flush with anticipation. Each step brought me closer to the moment we both desperately wanted.

We barely talked on the walk back or in the elevator up to my room. The beep from my keycard, the door swinging open, the click of the lock.

A moment of silence as we looked at each other. My need for her body was as tangible as her need for mine.

The suspended feeling of that silence shattered into a flurry of activity. I pulled and tugged off her clothes quickly and clumsily. Her hands on my belt, then sliding down my pants and boxers, her fingers grazing my hard cock. I bent down a bit to pull down her thong and couldn’t will myself to stand back up. My tongue licked up her already wet pussy. She tasted divine, and my hands naturally grabbed her ass and pressed her clit more firmly against my mouth.

A sharp gasp of excited pleasure escaped her lips, and I finally got up and guided her back to the bed, pushing on her shoulder to make her fall back on the edge. Her feet still on the ground, I knelt down and curved my hands over her thighs and started to kiss up her soft legs.

My fingers played with the give in her figure. The fabulous curves that I had come to know so well melted into my grasp. My face between her soft thighs, I continued licking her pussy with an uncharacteristic greed. My tongue worked down and up her slit before circling her clit, sucking gently, my mouth firm against her. My hands loosed their grip on her thighs, using my fingers to spread her pussy and push my tongue deeper into her. The sharp gasp that started had now given over to steady moans, as I continued to eat her out.

Her wetness covered my mouth, dripping down my chin as I moved one hand up and yanked down the bra that still covered her soft breasts. Her nipples were already hard as I squeezed her breasts, pinching and playing with her stiff nipples.

Her hips began to subtly rock up into my waiting mouth as I played with her tits. As she moved up, my mouth pressed down on her. I slid my mouth up, focusing just on her clit now. I took my hand back from her tits and slid a finger inside her pussy. I curled it up and forward as my mouth lavished her clit. The broader part of my tongue pressed firmly down on her clit, then would glide to the side with slippery pressure, over and over.

Her moans came quicker in rhythm with her hips rising and grinding against my face. The high pitch whimper and her desperate grinding against me let me know how close she was. Her hands balled the sheets as her hips pushed into my mouth, still sucking on her clit and pressing into her gspot. A moment of blissful pressure broke into the pulsing clench of orgasm. Feeling her tighten around my finger, I kept my mouth on her clit, licking and sucking gently.

As her breathing slowed and her moans quieted, I kissed her trimmed mound and looked up at her. The flush across her chest was so familiar to me from playing online, but now I could touch it. I wiped my mouth in the back of my hand and ran my palm across her hot skin. Her eyes were still closed, and she swallowed hard before saying, “I can still feel it.”

I paused to look at my handiwork. Her juices and my saliva coating her thighs. Her pussy literally dripping.

“You look so fucking sexy…”

“That makes me so happy to hear,” she replied, raising a hand to her forehead, her eyes still closed. I bent down and kissed her, letting her taste my lips. I laced my fingers through hers and moved her hand to my cock. She opened her eyes when she felt me hard and slick, already leaking precum. She moaned as she said, “You feel so good, even better than I imagined.”

She propped herself up a bit as she held my shaft in her hand. Her thumb dabbed the precum and ran it around my head, the slick pressure making me moan in return. She started to stroke me, her hand tight around my cock with her thumb running just under my head. The feeling was incredible, but I needed more.

“I need you to suck it,” I said as I got up into the bed. She laid down on her side as I knelt beside her head, bringing my cock to her lips. The first moment of her tongue on my cock, swirling around my head was almost enough to make me cum. Her lips parted, and she took the tip into her mouth. I groaned under the sheer immensity of pleasure. Her hand slid more quickly up and down my now slick shaft and she took more of me in her mouth.

Her lips dipped further down my shaft as my cock twitched against her playful tongue. I ran my fingers through the hair at the back of her head and gently pressed her into me. She grabbed my ass in return and pulled me into her wet mouth. I moaned as I felt her lips continue to work down further on my shaft.

She looked so gorgeous taking care of my cock, but I could feel myself getting close, and I knew how I wanted to truly use her.

I slid my cock out of her mouth and met her eyes. “I need to cum deep in you.” She nodded as she wiped away some spit from her mouth. Then that incredible smile ran across her face.

She scooted further back on the bed. I pounced on her, kissing her deeply as my thigh parted her legs. I grabbed her wrists with one hand and pinned them over her head as I kissed her neck. She moaned in my ear as she spread her legs further for me. As I positioned myself between her thighs, my wet, hard cock slid down across her soaking pussy. I rocked my hips forward to feel her give way to me, the softness of her slit taking my head. With a deep, slow stroke, buried every inch of my cock in her.

I held myself there, rocking my hips against hers while feeling my cock fill her.

“You feel so, so good,” I managed as my cock felt like it was about to burst.

“So do…you” she replied, a gasp breaking through as my hips ground against her sensitive clit.

I started to thrust into her, the inches of my shaft first slowly sliding out then in of her wet slit. She had already gotten me so close with her mouth that I didn’t have long. Every detail–the sound, the scent, the feel of her–brought me even closer.

One hand still pinning her arms above her head, I started to thrust more wildly, my hips bucking into her. I let go of her wrists and moved my mouth down to her tits, sucking deeply so they stayed between my lips even with the bounce of every hard thrust. I pounded away, hearing her breathy, “fuck…fuck…” as I felt myself starting to go over the edge. I thrust hard in her as I exploded, my hips moving with a sudden quickness that pushed me even deeper in her soaking pussy. I nearly doubled over as a sharp “AH!” came from my mouth, now only moments free from sucking her perfect nipples. My hips jerked again as my cock pumped, filling her. I kept myself held deep in her, feeling my cock unload every single drop of cum into her warm wetness. My breathing, labored, started to calm, and I tried to slide out, but my hips jerked forward once again.

“Fuck me…” I said, my cock still filling her.

“No, fuck me,” she said with that seductive smile.

I exhaled slowly and finally slid my cock out of her. She moaned, which sent shivers through me.

“I never want to stop using you,” I said as I lay beside her. My hand traced up her soft thigh to her pussy, still slightly gaped from the girth of my cock. I slid my palm up first, trailed by my fingers. Her hips rose as my middle and ring finger dipped into her, slick with cum. She hadn’t yet cum a second time, and I wanted her to keep cumming for me.

My fingers pressed into her, my palm on her clit. I relished the way she ground her clit against my hand.

I got on my side and kissed her neck. “You know, I’m still hard. And there’s still so much more I want to do,” I said.

“I want you to do it all,” she answered.

A low, satisfied, “Mmmmmmmm,” was my response. The next moment, I grabbed her hips and flipped her over. I maneuvered behind her and pulled her hips up. The curve of her ass and the graceful arch to her back kept me stiff even though I had just cum hard. I ran my hand down her back, starting at the top and resting it on her lower back as I pushed my cock into her pussy.

She groaned and said, “I love the way you fill me.” My thumb slid down to her tight asshole, now so clear before me, already wet from her own dripping pussy and my cum leaking out of it. I gently pressed my thumb in, a slight force pushing against her taut muscle as I resumed thrusting. My thumb took benefit of the wetness and cum, spreading it around and then pushing inside her ass.

She gasped and said, “Fuck…I love it when you use me.”

I squeezed her ass cheek with my other hand and said, “Well your ass is just so fun to use.”

Her giggle was quickly overtaken by moans. I pushed my cock in hard, feeling her soft ass against my body. I then pulled out, my cock still hard and now even wetter than before. My thumb massaged in and out of her asshole a few more times before moving it to the side to spread her ass for me. I pressed the head of my cock firmly against her tight asshole, watching her skin bend inward, momentarily unyielding to my cock. My hands now on her hips, I pulled her back, slowly but firmly, and watched the head of my cock disappear into her ass.

“Aah!” broke forth from her.

“You ok?”

“Yes yes yes. Just slow. Just go slow into me,” she replied.

Her asshole gripped my cock tight as I slowly sunk my cock deeper into her. I got halfway down before making a tiny pull backwards and another very slow stroke in.

Trying to discover a more pleasurable position, she bent further over, resting her head and shoulders directly on the bed, repositioning the angle of her ass.

“Fuck, that feels just so much!” she said.

I took her hand, now freed from holding herself up, and guided her fingers, laced between my own, to her wet slit. I started to grind her palm under my own against her clit. She moaned as I kept slowly thrusting into her ass. Our hands both applying pressure to her pussy and feeling how she was getting even wetter.

“Fuck…keep going if you can,” was her only request, but I reassured her.

“Don’t worry. You’ve made me so hard again. I’m gonna fill your ass with my second load.”

“Fuck, I want it so bad,” she said as I felt her fingers begin to focus on her clit. The intense, practiced movement of her pleasuring herself made me remove my own hand and use it to grasp her ass. The tight ring of her asshole gripping my cock, bending outward and in as I thrust, watching my glistening shaft go deeper, faster, and harder in her.

Her moans ramped up into the stuttered breathing as she played with her clit. The arch in her back rose and dipped as she was about to cum. A rambling “yes yes yes yes yes yes yes” turned into a high-pitched squeal as she plunged over the edge. A deeper “uuughh” came as she pushed her hips back against me, pushing my cock fully into her ass. The clenching rhythm of her orgasm squeezed my cock, bringing me to the brink as well. Feeling her asshole milk my load out, I nearly shouted, “Oh fuck, oh fuck!” as I started to cum again. My fingers gripped her ass cheeks, leaving red marks as I held on. My body doubled over, pressing down on her back even more as I came, shooting my load deep in her ass. I felt the aftershocks of her own orgasm gripping my cock, rippling over her body and into me, causing me to moan deeply and instinctively thrust into her again.

We stayed locked together like that, coming down slowly and enjoying the descent. Slowly, I slid my cock out of her ass, and laid down next to her. She was still laying face down when I asked, “Do you have anywhere you need to go tomorrow?”

“No, I’m good,” she said, still breathing harder than ordinary.

“Good” was my only reply as we both got under the covers, the curve of her body tight against mine as we spooned. My arm rested underneath her pillow as my cock nestled against her ass.

I couldn’t believe I still had Saturday and Sunday with her.

NSFW: yes

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