A True Submission Story for Submissive Women Part Three (Interactive Story) – Short Sex Story

A True Submission story for Submissive Women Part Three (Interactive story)

A True Submission story for Submissive Women Part Three

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*** Remove all of your clothes and experience as much of her spanking as you feel comfortable with. Place a wooden chair in the center of your room and bend your naked body over it as if you will be given a spanking. Read the entire story in this position. ** True Submission ** use your hand or your favorite spanking implement and spank yourself along with the main character. DM me your thoughts and experiences of how your play along went. ***

Emotion Five: Release

“You are finally ready for your spanking.”

Everything has led up to those words. His right hand moved away from my bottom up the middle of my back and around to my breast. He lifted me back upright and turned me to face him. For a split second we made eye contact and I saw what appeared to be water in the corner of his eye. Had something I did or said made him cry? The moment was too brief to dwell on. He was all company now.

“Move your clothes somewhere else.” As I picked up my clothes and walked away from him my mind was racing to what comes next. Will it hurt right away or will it create? Can I take it? How long can I take it?

I placed my clothes on the couch and turned to face him. He had already taken a seat in the kitchen chair. He made a motion to me with his hand and I walked back over to him with no covering, completely confident in my body. I stopped right in front of him. The height difference from him sitting in the chair put him again at eye level with my crotch, but he barely looked at it anymore. He was looking at me. Right into my eyes, piercing deep into my core.

“Tell me again what it is you want me to do to you. Be as detailed as possible.”

I don’t really know where it all came from. I’m usually very direct and to the point. But the following words flowed out of some deep dark river in the depths of my soul. “I want you to bend my bared naked bottom over your knee. I want you to see everything down there, touch everything down there, for as long as you want. Then I want you to spank my bottom. I want you to spank me until my bottom is rouge. I want you to punish me.”

“Why? What is the spanking for? What do you hope that this punishment will fix?”

“Me.” I said.

“There isn’t anything wrong with you,” he said. “I’ve seen more of the real you these last few minutes than I ever have before and the real you is pretty amazing. I can’t spank you for something that isn’t wrong.”

I melted a little inside. I had suspicions he felt that way about me and now I guess I know for sure. I wondered some more. “That’s what it is then. That’s what I want you to spank me until my bottom is sore for. I want you to spank me for hiding who I really am from you for so long. I want you to spank me for all the opportunities I’ve missed out on because I was hiding out of sight afraid to participate. I want you to spank me until I can’t do anything but change.”

“Very well then. In a moment you will bend over my knee and I will spank you for those reasons. Think about them as I am spanking you. Think about each one individually and when you move on to another reason never again come back to that one. You’ve already been spanked for it. You can move on.”

What he said changed me. He wasn’t here because it was some power trip, or he wanted to hit a woman, or even as an excuse to see me naked. He was here to help me deal with my shit in my own way.

“The spanking will start out slow, soft and steady and then grow in intensity. We call this a warm up time. Don’t be afraid to cry. Don’t cry before you are ready and don’t try to be strong for me and hold it in. Your tears will release everything that has been building inside of you. This spanking will bring it to the surface. Are you ready?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Before I begin listen to this last part very carefully. Our safe word is “caterpillar.” If things get too much and you need to stop just say that word and everything stops. This is important because it is about your safety. If this needs to stop for any reason, use that word. Repeat it for me.”


He took my arm and bent me over his knee. At first it was slightly uncomfortable but he let me adjust myself. I finally found my place in more methods than one. I knew that he could see everything. I didn’t care. Right now my wondered was on his hand, which was currently caressing my bottom, and how it would all soon change.

“When I start, if you feel the need to kick your legs a little don’t worry, but try to resist putting your hand back to try and stop it. You may get injured. And if you can, try not to clench your bottom. It doesn’t help and actually makes it hurt worse.” When he said that I realized that I had been clenching my bottom in anticipation this whole time. I relaxed and felt my bottom bounce back into its natural place.

The first stroke took me by surprise. I was surprised because the first thing I felt was an instant tingle coming somewhere deep inside my cervix and then a quick sharp instant pain on my right butt cheek. The pain was gone as quick as it came, but then another, just like before. A quick moment of euphoric symphony echoing deep from the depths of the orchard and then a quick sharp instant pain, this time on my left butt cheek.

He continued at this pace for only a minute. Each smack of the hand producing similar effects. Gradually I started to feel warm, beginning around my bottom but soon spreading throughout my body. The euphoric symphonies were getting harder and harder to feel while the heat in my bottom began to get hotter. The quick spikes of pain were starting to last longer with each rise and fall of his hand. The sound of his hand meeting my bottom was rhythmic. Then it stopped. I could feel his hand caressing my bottom again. It felt so much more soothing than the other times.

“Your bottom has had time to warm up now. Your real spanking is about to start.” Wait that wasn’t it. The real spanking…

I didn’t have time to think. His hand was rising and falling faster and faster now with no set pattern. Sometimes my right cheek would get five swats before he changed, sometimes ten or more. There was no more euphoria to be had. THIS HURT.

At first I started getting mad. I started wiggling and kicking my legs. He continued to spank. I tried pulling up one time. He gently stopped me from rising and spanked me even harder for the next 30 or so seconds. I wondered about saying caterpillar, but I changed my mind. Then he started slacking off again. His swats were followed by periods of rubbing and squeezing.

“Now that you know this spanking isn’t a joke I want you to keep thinking about why you are being spanked. You are doing well. We are maybe halfway done.”

Halfway done! He’s been at this for over five minutes now. The swats started back up fast and hard again. I didnt know if I would be able to go on my bottom was hurting so bad. I wondered one more time about ending it right then and there but I wondered what would that accomplish? I havent even tried things his way yet. So I let the anger towards him and the pain go and I focused it inward, on myself. I started thinking about all of the things that I wanted to change about myself. I started thinking of how things could be different.

Then it started to happen. I started crying. Partly because it hurt so damn bad and partly for all the emotions I was feeling.  Then the floodgates opened. I was a mess. I was crying so hard and when he saw it his spankings got faster and harder as well.  This lasted for at least a whole minute, maybe more.

Then, just like before, his spankings slowed down in both force and severity. Until finally, about a minute and a half later, he stopped spanking me.

“Stand up”, he said. I stood. My face was a mess with tears, my feet were a little wobbly from the pain. I was still crying. My bottom was a bright shade of red, and it burned like the sun.

“Your spanking for the things you asked me to spank you for is over, however, you forgot to leave your door unlocked, you threw your clothes on the ground without folding them and you told me no. Please go stand in that corner with your hands folded behind your head and wait for your next punishment. You are not to touch your bottom or more punishment will be added.”

I was beside myself as I walked over to the corner. I was still crying from my previous spanking and now something else was coming. He still didn’t tell me what it was. I was terrified.

I lost track of time in the corner. I dont even know if he left the room or not but I didn’t dare turn to look and I didn’t dare touch my flaming hot bottom.

After a while I could hear him messing with something in the dining room. Finally he came back for me.

“Keep your hands folded behind your head and turn around.” I was calm now, but still afraid. “I have placed some instruments on the kitchen table. Go look at them and pick one for the next part of your punishment.”

My heart sank. I slowly walked over to the table with my hands still folded behind my head. When I got to the table I saw that he had brought my wooden hairbrush and long wooden bath brush from the bathroom, a wooden spoon from the kitchen, and his belt were all sitting on the table.

“Choose wisely.”

After staring in disbelief for some time I finally lowered my hands and started picking up the instruments one by one. The wooden implements looked stingy and I had seen how those were used online. Usually fast and hard. Most of the videos I saw of the belt were slower. I reached out, took his belt from the table and brought it back to him.

“Good choice,” he said. “Please stand in front of the chair and bend over and place your hands on the seat.”

*** change your reading position to match hers. ** True Submission ** give yourself as many swats with a belt as she gets. ***

As I complied with what i was told to do the fear was starting to set back in. This would have been over, I wondered, if I had just been more observant.

“Being spanked with a belt is much different than being spanked by hand or say a hairbrush. You will be given 12 strokes with the belt. After every stroke you will count them by saying ‘1, thank you sir, may I please have another’ and so on until we are done. If you mess up or lose count we will begin again at one. Is that clear?”

As a bell. “Yes, sir.”

I waited as he lined up his first stroke. I could feel the leather gently touching my bottom. The soft pats felt nice on my bottom. I knew that wouldn’t last for long.

SMACK. Holy hell that hurt. I have 11 more of these? Shit I’m not counting out loud.

“One. Thank you sir, may I please have another.”


“Two. Thank you sir, may I please have another.”

SMACK. This one hit hard. I screamed out loud.

“Three. Thank you sir.” I wanted so much to rub my bottom, but I was so afraid to get hit in the hand with the belt that I wouldn’t dream of it. Wait why hasn’t four hit yet?

“I’m sorry, but you failed to follow directions. We will need to begin again at one.” I stood up and spun around.

“What do you mean I counted and said thank you!”

“Yes, but you failed to ask me for another one. I waited, but you never asked.

I had no words or tears left to describe my agony. Finally I spoke. “I’m sorry, sir.” And I turned back around and placed my hands back on the chair.


“One. Thank you sir, may I please have another.”


“Two. Thank you sir, may I please have another.”


“Three. Thank you sir, may I please have another.” Thank god I didnt screw that up again.


“Four. Thank you sir, may I please have another.”


“Five. Thank you sir, may I please have another.”

SMACK. My bottom erupted in flames.

“Six! Thank you sir, may I please have another.”

“You have done well. You are halfway there. You only have 6 more swats to go. We call these ‘6 of the best.’ They will come fast and hard. You do have to count but that is all you have to do. Try your best to stay in position. It will all be over soon.”

6 fast ones! My bottom is already on fire. Then it started.

SMACK 7 SMACK 8 SMACK 9 SMACK 10 SMACK 11 SMACK 12. My bottom was the sun and each touch of that leather was a solar flare. It took a second to catch my breath. My bottom was now a deep dark rouge color. It was what I had asked for.

He immediately put down the belt and lifted me up off of the chair. He turned me around and hugged me. “You did so good. I am so proud of you.” I lost it. I couldn’t cry during the belting because of the pain and the intense effort to keep count, but when he hugged me I lost it. It all came out all over again and the rush of emotions stated to subside. It helped that he gently massaged my flaming bottom while we hugged me. Any relief was welcomed. He just kept gently rubbing my bottom and whispering in my ear how good I did and how proud he was of me. It was everything I needed. Or so I wondered.

After a couple of minutes he took my hand and led me to my bedroom. I saw that he had laid towels out on the bed. “Lay on the towels on your stomach please.” I had no idea what was coming next…more spanking? It couldn’t be. I lay down on the bed and burried my head in my pillow like an ostrich. Maybe I can hide from whatever else is coming. Then I felt something extremely cold and wet on my bottom then I felt his hand smearing it around. He was putting lotion on my sore, red bottom. The coolness and the massage was just what I needed. As he massaged I could feel the mark the exact size of his belt right across the center of my bottom. He didn’t stop there. He continued down the back of my legs and to my feet, then up to my lower and upper back. The lotion was cool and soothing and I could feel the pain and my cares subsiding.  He stopped. I wondered that this was a fitting end to what had to be the most eye opening experience of my life, but he wasn’t quite done.

“Turn over and lay on your back now please.”

Was he really gonna lotion my whole body. He started at my feet and worked his way up the front of my legs. He paid special care to my inner thighs and hips. He then went to my stomache and massaged every inch of my upper body. I closed my eyes when he started on my breasts and enjoyed the feel of his hands on my body. Finally he moved to my pubic region. He took extra care massaging the area with two of his fingers. Then he gently spread my legs and tended to my orchard better than any caretaker ever could. When he finally finished I sat up and sighed. He sat on the bed beside me and leaned in to hug me one last time. I took benefit of the moment and kissed him as hard and as long as I could on the mouth. His tongue met mine.

When I stopped he said “What was that for?”

“True submission.”

*** you may get up from your bent over position now but read his point of view while still naked. ** True Submission ** take a break and give yourself a full body lotioning if you can. If not use your hands to feel every part of your body for as long as you want before finishing the story. ***

Emotion Six: Control

I took a moment to hide my emotions as quickly as efficient. I reached my hand around her chest making sure to grab one of her breasts then slowly pushed from her breast and crotch until she was upright again. “Move your clothes somewhere else please.” As I sat down in the chair I watched her walk to the other end of the room, place her clothes on the couch and return to my side. I looked her right in the eyes. “Tell me again what it is you want me to do to you. Be as detailed as possible.” I figured that she would just repeat the same sentence I had given her earlier. She called another audible. I wish I had written that sentence for her to say.

“Why? What is this spanking specifically for? What do you wish this punishment to help you fix?” I needed her to be specific here. If she wanted to be spanked for something real then she needed to vocalize it so that she could focus on that during the spanking.

“Me.” She said. This can not really be a reason to spank someone. The person isn’t the issue. I need her to choose a real aspect about herself that she is unhappy with. So I tell my best friend the truth. I tell her how amazing she is as a person and that there is nothing to fix there. I’ve wanted to tell her that for so long. Now that I had the chance I didn’t waste it. Then she finally found what she wondered she wanted to be spanked for.

She wanted me to spank her for hiding her interests and who she really was from me for so long. I technically could have been spanked for the same thing, but one thing at a time. In this particular type of spanking it doesn’t matter if I would have spanked her for those reasons. This is her therapy session in a way and she can work through whatever she wants. My job is to get her there safely, but also have her feel like she has been really spanked. I don’t want her to feel like she has been patronized because she thinks I took it easy on her.

I explained to her that I would be spanking her specifically for the reasons she described to me and that she should focus on those things during the spanking to really help her deal with them. I explained how the spanking would begin off soft and then grow in severity and intensity. I gave her her a safe word. We both need it for safety and it is up to her if she uses it or not. A lot of this is gonna be a test for her. To see what she can endure and overcome. This is a battle that she will fight inside herself. I’m rooting for her to make it all the way, but I’m there with just as much encouragement if she doesn’t.  Since this was her first spanking anything she takes is okay. She has already gone through so many new emotions today that any spanking would be enough.

I took her arm and pulled her over my knee. I tried to help her discover a comfortable spot, one that also left her bottom in a spankable position. Her genitalia was in perfect view and her bottom would be ready to spank, but I could see that she was clenching in anticipation of the pain. I explained to her how that will only make things worse and watched her bottom finally bounce into a perfect position.

I started gently rubbing, caressing, and squeezing her bottom. This was a real spanking, but I also wanted her to see how much enjoyment can be had during a spanking. Most nerve endings in your body travel one way, to your spinal cord and then to your brain. However, nerve endings in erogenous zones (your bottom, your breasts, your crotch, certain areas of your thighs maybe) behave differently. Those nerve endings pass through your genitalia before your spinal cord and eventually your brain. Its super fast, but it’s there. So every time a spot like that is spanked there is a moment of perfect unadulterated sexual pleasure that can be briefly felt BEFORE feeling the pain. The pain does eventually become dominant because it tends to linger while the gratifying pleasure is all the time instantaneous and then over. It was something I had read about one time and I had no idea if it was true or not, but I wanted her to feel that sensation for a while before the pain eventually takes over if it was true.

I cupped my hand ever so slightly to start with. A cupped hand makes a lot of noise when you strike the bottom, but the sting is reduced because the bone in the palm is not making complete contact with the bottom.

After some final rubs I began the spanking. The sound was way louder in person. I started out slow, but with each smack I could feel her bottom vibrating after each blow. The goal with a warm up spanking is two fold. 1. It can provide the best feelings of sexual stimulation and 2. It gives you a chance to make sure her bottom redens evenly. Smacking a new location all the time hurts more than an area that has been spanked before so by starting slowly and making sure her bottom keeps an even color it will make the spanking more even feeling. This is why an instrument used on a bottom that is not already red hurts way more than if that same bottom had already been handspanked for 5 or so minutes.

As I continued the warm up and continued to evenly spread my hand around her bottom I was amazed at the vividness of the color change on her bottom. In what seemed like less than a minute you could barely tell the difference in color from her bottom and genitals. They were both a bright shade of pink. I enjoyed hearing the small sounds she made after each stroke fell. I could tell that she wasn’t experiencing a lot of pain quite yet, but that she was very attentive to how her bottom felt now.

When her bottom reached an appropriate shade of red I knew it was time to really begin spanking her. Since it was her first time I warned her that a change was coming. I flattened my hand and slightly spread my fingers to widen the area affected, and for the first time ever I started really spanking someone. I got caught up in it all. It felt good to hear the sound, see the immediate change in color, and observe the response coming from the sub, be it a slight yell, an audible “ow”, or just heavy breathing. I slowly started to spank her faster, then started varrying my rhythm, then finally spanking harder and with more force. Each change is enough to change the experience for the sub. I could actually begin to feel the heat coming from her bottom. I stopped for a second to give her bottom a rub before I started back. Mostly to feel the heat for myself but also to massage feeling back into her bottom for another go. If you just spank and never stop her bottom will eventually go numb and a lot of the stingy sensations can be lost. By slowing down or stopping altogether for a massage session you can bring back the feeling so that when you begin the spanking back she still feels everything.

The more intense I got the more I could see her starting to fight me a little bit. This is common and happens a lot. When it happens you know you have activated her fight or flight response. All subs act differently and it usually isn’t just one way or the other. Sometimes they fight and sometimes they want to flee. The fighters will kick their legs, scream louder than the pain really is, and use their hands to try and stop the spanking. A sub in flight mode will try to get up before the spanking is over. She isn’t really tapping out or saying her safe word, she literally can not help what she is doing. It is biology. This is a very tricky stage in the spanking and must be handled carefully. One option is to counter her fight or flight response with faster, harder spanking. If I  ease up during this time she may think what she has done has worked and will continue to do it. I must continue the spanking to discourage further use of the response. This is usually when the sub gets angry during the spanking. Stopping here is also a bad idea because it puts the sub in the wrong mindset about the whole experience. I knew this part of the spanking would be the hardest for me to continue, and it was, but I knew if I kept going we would eventually make it to the final stage: release. At this stage the sub has realized that trying to fight or run isn’t working and the pain is starting to get worse and worse and eventually they just loose it. They stop fighting the spanking and just allow it to happen. This is when the real true tears begin to flow.

This is the sweet spot of the spanking. This is where the sub is finally letting it all out and the therapeutic effects begin to kick in. You don’t want to stop here either. Even if it took a while to get here this is where the sub is getting the most out of the spanking. The release of emotions is currently masking some of the pain and she’s just dealing with stuff. You have to let her deal. If you stop too soon during this stage the sub will not get the most out of her spanking. It can be hard to gague, but once that massive swell of emotion is finally subsiding that is when you begin slowly tapering off and bringing the sub back down. Again. If you just stop her emotions are stuck in that really high state. By going back to a slower more rhythmic pace you can help to calm her down before the spanking ends. As long as you watch the subs bottom for colors other than red a handspanking can actually go on for long periods of time without any real damage to her bottom. It all depends on her own personal pain threshold and the persons body. The color of her bottom can tell you a lot if you pay attention and are careful.

I had all the time thought it I would enjoy the create up or the spanking more and I’m still torn. As she was dealing with her issues I was dealing with my own demons. Finally admitting to myself that I liked spanking her now bright cherry red bottom and that that feeling was okay to have.

By now the spanking had come to an end. I picked her up from my knees and placed her in the corner. Everyone is familiar with cornertime as a kid, and the effect is the same on an adult. The sub needs a quiet place to be alone with her thoughts and calm down. Facing the corner makes everything smaller and easier to handle. I left her there for a good ten minutes or so while I did some snooping. The punishment wasn’t over yet. I found some towels in her bathroom and her hairbrush and a bathbrush. I placed the towels on her bed in preparation for the final event and then went to her kitchen. I placed her hairbrush And bathbrush on the table and then removed my belt and placed it beside the hairbrush. I raided the kitchen for a wooden spoon. I almost added the rod from her miniblinds but her rods were not circular and smooth, they were angular and would have caused more pain than a first time should have to deal with. I left those out. It was now time for her extra punishment. I wondered about giving her actual penalty swats, where you first make her spread her legs, bend over as far as she can and then reach her hands back and spread her cheeks as wide as she possibly can. Two to three fingers are then used to spank the subs butthole. After that she is placed on the couch or bed or anywhere she can lie on her back and placed in the diaper position where she is flat on her back and her legs are raised straight up in the air and then as close to her head as her range of motion will allow. She grabs her legs at the knees leaving her whole genitalia exposed on top of her bottom this time. Two fingers are used to spank her genitals. A ruler does a great job here as well. Most people still call this being pussy whipped, but there is an actual pussy whip which is a small thin strap that can also be used. I decided against this punishment since we were both new to the scene and I wanted her to find out and feel the extra pain rather than being all weirded out by the weird culture specific kinks.

I decided that I would let her choose what would be used to give her a say in the process. As she turned around to face me for the first time her face was just as red as her bottom. For a moment I just wanted to forget the whole thing and give her a big hug, but I was learning myself to be a dom. I had to fight the urge. As I watched her look at each instrument I could tell that she had watched quite a few of those spanking videos. She seemed to know just how to check each one. I was shocked when she chose my belt. I would have chosen the spoon.

It was fine, I had secretly hoped that she would choose the belt. It is a Classic spanking implement and I get to try it out for the first time. I knew I wanted her to count and I knew that I would give her 12 swats, again, classic spanking number. I however, threw in my own audible with what I finally decided to do.

Spankings can wreak havoc on the mind. The pain alone is enough, but the amount of different emotions felt at one time can feel exhilarating, but also exhausting mentally. Having to keep count of your own swats can be torturous because you are constantly focusing on how many are left and if you can take it. Throw an extra phrase that the sub must say every time makes the process even harder. Making the sentence complex and telling her that she has to begin over at 1 if she messes any part of it up can be terrifying. You dont know what to fear more, the spanking or the fact that you might mess up and have it begin all over. I reminded her of her safe word. I didn’t want her to forget it was an option.

As I explained what I wanted her to do after each swat of the belt I could see the realization happening in real time on her face. By this point in the process nothing can be hidden and your face telegraphs every emotion.

I had her spread her legs ever so slightly and bend over the kitchen chair. Again, everything was revealed to me. I wanted to be extra careful since this was both of our first times with a belt. I needed to be accurate with my swings. If I hit too low it might hit her thighs or the very bottom of her cheeks that are hard to hit and get really warmed up otk. This would cause lots of pain. Also in this position it is efficient to hit her privates as well. I needed to be careful.

I lined up my first swat as slowly as efficient. I gently patted the place on her bottom that I wanted to strike before finally pulling all the way back and striking. She screamed out loud for that one. Hearing her count and then politely ask me for another stroke was very satisfying. If she was asking for more then I had to oblige her. When we got to the third stroke it happened. She got the number right, she even thanked me, she did not ask for another. I was actually rooting for her to remember. I didnt really want to begin over but the deal had been made and if I let her off the hook she would feel grateful at first but cheated later. I had given her at all times I could.

When I informed her that we would have to begin over she stood up and spun around to look at me. Her breasts bounced from side to side as she tried to protest. When she finally figured out what she had done I could see the dissapointment on her face, not with me, but with herself. I didnt even have to tell her to retake her position, she did it all by herself. I wondered she would use her safe word there. She was tougher than I wondered. Good for her. As we started over I secretly started rooting for her even more. When we made it past 3 this time I was proud of her. I could tell how much this was hurting her but she was taking it without leaving her position. When we got to 6 I decided to change things up again. Partly because I was scared we would get to ten and then have to begin over again (I wouldn’t have) and Partly to again change the rhythm of the spanking so she could feel it better.

I informed her that the last 6, called 6 of the best by the spanking community, would come super fast and hard and she would only have to count them. I was gonna make sure we didn’t have to begin over again. I could hear an audible wimper as I told her this but no fight and no safe word.

What came next were the fastest, hardest swats I could manage with that belt. My aim suffered a bit but I stayed true. She screamed after each hit, but amazingly that scream was followed by the correct number. She made it through all on her own.

As the final stroke fell I immediately dropped the belt, stood her up, spun her around to face me, and started hugging her. She deserved it. She had my respect, my sincerest thanks, my adoration, and my love. “I’m so proud of you. You did so good.” I just kept telling her that over and over while gently massaging her flaming hot bottom. It was amazing how much hotter her bottom was after the belt.

Finally after all that pain it was time for some relief. I took her hand and led her back to her room for my last surprise. I asked her to lay down on her stomach on top of the towels. She was confused but she trusted me and did what was told.

I knew that the first sensation of the lotion would be cool and refreshing on her bottom so I held it as high as I could for the most effect. I could see her bottom instantly react to the change in temperature. As I started to massage the lotion in with both hands I took this last moment to enjoy my final moments with her body. When I was finished here I would relinquish control and her body would belong to her again, but for now I enjoyed being able to call it mine. I made sure to touch every inch of her body, leaving nothing left out. I could see her starting to relax as I massaged her shoulders and back, then her bottom again one last time for good measure. I don’t think she expected me to ask her to turn over, but she seemed excited when I did. I started with her feet slowly working my way up to her more erogenous zones to again create the anticipation for as long as efficient, this time for both of us. I didn’t think her breasts could feel any smoother but the lotion helped that. As I continued to massage her nipples grew hard as if to thank me for the attention.

I gave extra special care to her pubic area. It was so flat and smooth with the lotion you couldn’t even feel the bristles from her freshly shaved hair. Finally I pulled her closer to me, spread out her legs and gave the most care to her now lotion white genitals. I gave each loucious lip its own personal care and I could see her upper body writhe with every stroke of my finger. I did not penetrate her. I knew that she wouldnt have minded, she looked liked she was begging me too, but I left that final sensation for her to dream about.

As I finished she set up in bed, grabbed me hard, pulled me towards her face and began kissing me hard on the mouth. I had never been kissed before and had no idea what to do. I decided to let go and follow her lead. I slightly opened my mouth and before I knew it her toungue was inside me. Fireworks lit up the walls of the room as our tongues fought for dominance over one mouth. It was the icing on what had been the best experience of my life.

“What was that for?” I asked.

“True submission.”

NSFW: yes

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