A thick, hot, recently divorced aunt gets a visit from her nephew who she rarely sees anymore

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NSFW: yes

I at all times loved visiting my aunt (mom’s sister). I had great memories visiting her big gorgeous house as a kid and spending the night. Her backyard also had a pool and jacuzzi we would all use. Not to mention, she was sexy. She was a BBW, but the very hot kind who had curves in all the right spots. She had gigantic tits, a gorgeous plump ass, thick thighs, thick lips, and big gorgeous eyes. I remember at all times being turned on seeing her wet body in the hot tub.

My aunt was at all times very sweet to me and had this sexy sensual way about her. She was never afraid to touch me, and she would at all times give me big hugs which squeezed her gigantic tits against me.

I’m now in school living a few hours away, and I found out that unfortunately my aunt is divorcing my uncle. It’s disappointing news, but I figure out it was probably for the best since they didn’t seem too happy together.

A few months pass by, and I randomly get a call from my aunt one day. She wants to see how I’m doing, and we end up chatting for a while catching up. I ask her how she’s been doing since the divorce. She says she’s hanging in there, but it’s been tough, and she’s been lonely. My uncle gave her the house in the divorce, so now it’s just her all alone in the house I visited growing up. I told her that school has been good, but it’s been harder than I expected meeting girls. So I’ve been sort of lonely too.

She says next time I’m in town, I should go visit her and we can have a fun evening at her place having dinner and drinks. It seemed like an interesting proposition, as I’ve never spent an evening alone with my aunt like this. Especially an evening that involved alcohol.

A few weeks later I decide to go home for a few days, and I go over to my aunts house to visit her. When I get there, I was greeted by her wearing a top that showed a lot more cleavage than I was used to. She said “hey sweet boy!” and gave me a big hug. She also said “wow, I can’t believe how handsome you’re getting!” And gave me a long, wet kiss on the cheek. Between living away and being busy with school, I had hardly seen my aunt at all over the last couple of years.

We then go to her couch to sit down and chat. While on the couch she starts to snuggle and hold me in a way that she’s never done before. We begin talking about all kinds of stuff, which eventually leads to talking about dating. My aunt asks if I had gone on any good dates at all lately, and I told her that I unfortunately hadn’t. She says how crazy that is, and how a handsome young man like me should have a girlfriend.

I tell her I’m flattered by her remarks, and I also mention how a gorgeous woman like her should have no issue finding another man if she wants too. She says how sweet that is, but she isn’t really interested in dating new men anytime soon.

We keep chatting for a while, and we progressively get more and more snuggly as we talk. It’s to the point now that her boobs are practically in my face, and I even laid my face on them a couple of times after we said something that made us laugh.

After a while, she says, “hey, you wanna get in the hot tub?” I say “absolutely, but I forgot my swim trunks.” She says “that’s ok, I’m sure we can figure something out.”

I then say, “maybe we can just skinny dip? I mean what’s the big deal, right?” My aunt then let’s out a loud, playful laugh and says “oh my god, you crazy boy!! Really?”

I said “yeah! It sounds fun! And it seems like a practical solution since I don’t have swim trunks.”

She then pauses for a minute, gives me a smile and says “promise this will be our secret?” and I say “of course!”

She says “haha, okayyyy. Give me a minute, let me go get us some towels.”

We then proceeded to walk to the backyard together while holding hands. Once we get to the hot tub, we proceed to both get completely naked while standing right in front of each other. We both let out a couple of playful giggles, then get into the hot tub together naked.

While in the tub, we sit right next to each other so our skin is constantly touching. I then tell her how much I love her boobs, and how I’ve wanted to squeeze them and play with them my whole life. She says “so what are you waiting for?”

I then rub them, squeeze them, suck on her delicious nipples, motorboat my face in them and just have the time of my life with them like a kid on Christmas morning. Then I feel her hand begin to stroke my cock while we sit in the tub together.

I then sit on the edge of the tub so only my feet are in the water and the rest of my naked body is out. My aunt then proceeds to begin giving me one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had, thanks to her years of experience.

After a sexy session of foreplay and oral sex in the hot tub, we’re ready to go inside and fuck. But first, we hop in the shower so we can rinse the chlorine off and get warm again. After getting out of the shower, we run straight to bed together and feel our warm, damp naked bodies against eachother under the blankets. My aunt then proceeds to bend over and arch her ass in the air, presenting herself to me and ready to have her hot nephew’s young cock deep inside her.

I then pound her juicy ass from behind and listen to her sexy moans and our bodies humping together. I then lay her on her back and fuck her missionary so I can see her pretty face and gigantic tits as I fuck her. It feels so fucking good, Im in absolute bliss having hot sweaty sex with my thick gorgeous aunt. I tell her I’m getting ready to cum, and she says “I want you to leave it in. Please don’t pull out.”

I then proceed to bury my cock in her balls deep and let out a gigantic moan as I fill up my aunt with a enormous, warm, creamy load of cum. When then cuddle together and enjoy aftercare after our intense sex and eventually fall asleep.

I end up leaving my aunts house early the next morning because I don’t want my parents wondering why I’m still not home. But before I leave I made sure to enjoy some more hot morning sex with her and busted another big load inside her to begin my day. As I leave she says “come back home soon baby, you’re welcome over anytime.”

School may have its stresses, but it’s not as bad now knowing what I have waiting for me back home.

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