A Taste She Had Never Tasted Before – Short Sex Story

Alicia squirmed in the padded black seat of the leg extension machine. Her forest green leggings held tight to her legs and glutes as she raised her left leg with the perfect tempo and range to feel her quadricep tighten and fill up with blood. She smiled, pushing her sweaty blonde bangs back behind her right ear, careful not to disturb her headphones lest they fall out. She loved chasing the “pump.” Finishing her last rep, she adjusted her clear-rimmed glasses and walked to the mirrors lining the walls near the dumbbells rack. A year ago, she never dreamed of wearing what she wore today. The tight maroon sports bra pressed her glistening C-cup breasts together, exposing her bare tummy. A small dark triangle of sweat formed at the bra’s center. She wasn’t thin by any means, but that didn’t matter to Alicia. She’d lost over 50 pounds in the last year and was more in love with her body than ever. She was a shorter girl with light blonde hair, and her big breasts were complimented by a thick ass and legs sitting perfectly upon her wide hips. She didn’t have a thigh gap and had no desire for one. She took a few more moments to take in all her hard work. She loved coming to the gym late at night for the feeling of having it all to herself.

Well, almost to herself. There was Darryl, another night owl weightlifter who often trained at the same time as she did. He was tall and muscular with a great smile that all the time made her heart flutter when their eyes met at the gym. He was bald, but that didn’t bother her; he made it look good. Darryl made Alicia feel safe being in the gym later at night. Admittedly, he was also her gym crush, and she enjoyed taking peeks at him while he lifted. Darryl was really fucking strong, and she enjoyed watching him work hard. Especially when he did back exercises. The way his back muscles rippled through his workout shirt turned her on. He wasn’t creepy and minded his own company. They’d never had a whole conversation other than to exchange a greeting. However, from time to time, she would feel his eyes on her while doing specific exercises, mainly ones that had her bent over. She found herself making sure her form was perfect, back straight and booty up, or that her tits were at an angle where he could get the best view. She enjoyed being watched by him, often wondering if he was thinking about doing the same things to her as she was to him.

Working out all the time made Alicia so horny. Post-training activities often found her lying in her bed after a cool shower on top of a towel in her dimly lit room. She would all the time begin by massaging her clit with the tips of her fingers, pleasure rising from deep in her tummy. She imagined being tangled up with Darryl, her hands exploring his back and tight ass while he thrust deep into her warm wet pussy. Her other toys might join in at this point, like her tickler, dildo, or ruby glow ride-on vibrator. She had been single for a while and had quite the arsenal.

Tonight was no exception. Alicia arrived at her apartment, where she lived alone at her usual time. She wasn’t hungry yet, so she walked down the wood laminate floors of her apartment towards the bathroom. She took off her clothes outside the laundry room and entered the bathroom, where she placed her glasses on the counter. The water from the shower was cool and relieving; as it hit her tattooed skin, the streams traveled down and tickled her labia. She closed her eyes and took a few deep, relaxing breaths. She pretended Darryl was there in the shower, his hands touching where her hands were. She imagined his big hands groping her breasts, then dividing to conquer as one wrapped around her neck, applying just the right amount of pressure. At the same time, the other began parting her lips to lightly stroke her clit with an index finger. She groaned as the desire rose within her body. She needed to be fucked so badly.

This was too much; she needed her toys to cum hard. Alicia cut the water with a swift motion and snatched her towel off the wall hook. Snatching her vibrator and her favorite orange dildo out of her nightstand drawer, she tossed the towel on the floor, much like she desired to be tossed around this moment. She knelt on the towel she’d just tossed, gliding the now softly humming vibrator over her throbbing clit and labia. Darryl was on her mind in full force now. As the vibrator slid so did his fingers in her mind. Her hands visited all the places she longed for his to soon meet, pinching her nipples and fondling her supple breasts down to her tummy, where they would rest before another round. Alicia bent over until she was in a doggy position with an arched back. Her orange dildo was ready for action; no lube was needed. Her pussy was now so wet that her own lubricant dripped down her inner thighs mixing with water from the earlier shower. She closed her eyes and let out a low moan of pleasure as she worked the orange cock in and out of her pussy. This wouldn’t take long, and she knew she would climax soon, especially with a vibrator in her other hand to keep her clit well taken care of. In her mind, Darryl’s hands gripped her hips and long stroked his dick in and out of her. Pulling her hair and reaching around to grip her throat from the back. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she hallucinated the slapping sounds his hips would make smacking against the big booty she’d been working on so hard for the past year. “Yea, baby, get it all.” She moaned louder. She pushed the dildo deeper, only enough remaining for her fingertips to grasp. Her hips dropped slightly as she came, each contraction so strong that it forced her orange playtoy a little further out of taxed snatch.

She melted into her bedroom floor, her creme skin cooled by the brown floor that now reverberated the vibrations from her vibrator she’d forgotten to turn off. It now danced across the floor. She panted and sighed in contentment. Moaning softly, she pulled the dildo from between her thighs. Bringing it up to her lips which parted slightly to reveal her wet pink tongue, she slid it into her mouth. She wanted to practice a bit, hoping she’d soon do the same to Darryl. She lay on her side, licking and sucking on the dildo until it was clean. It was a taste she had never tasted before.

NSFW: yes

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