A surprise double bj

First time poster here, I love the stories I read and decided to add my own little story. To begin, I wanna say that I have paid for bjs before and have no problems with it as I, for the most part, have had great experiences with seeing someone for this.

So that’s how my story starts as I was finishing work and had made arrangements to visit a motel close to work. I talked to “Jennifer” earlier in the day and she had let me know that her friend “ Sarah” was also available in case I was interested in that scenario. After discussing pricing I had to decline as I couldn’t afford it although I did want the service, having indulged myself previously with another 2.

I get to the motel and she texts me the room number. I walk in and both Jennifer and Sarah are there. I offer her payment of roses as she wanted and for a few minutes we make small chat about everything and nothing.

Jennifer, who I can best describe as shortish with a thin body and a creamy latte like skin colour jet black hair pulled back into a tight bun, was sitting there chatting with me in her purple coloured thongs and matching lacey bra. Those thongs were pulled in tight and couldnt help but notice her sweet little round apple of an ass.

She is friendly enough and we continue to chat when Sarah, who is medium but thick latina with midnight black shoulder length hair dressed in a pair of matching black lace thongs and bra which is bursting through from the sheer size of her tits, starts to play footsy with me. She has been quiet for the most part of our conversation, but she is now outright flirting with me.

Jennifer had made it clear that she would be the one I would be with, so being skeptical I wondered this was Sarah’s attempt to entice me and get some additional roses out of me. I played along but I knew I would have to be honest and tell them that I couldn’t afford it at this time.

Jennifer stand up from her chair and asks me to remove my pants and lay down on the bed I was sitting on. Obligingly I begin to remove my shirt when she comes closer and starts rubbing her hands across my chest using her long nails to tease my nipples, with my shirt completely off her head lowers down and I can feel her butter soft lips wrapping themselves around my my left nipple and her swirling tongue sends shivers through my body. Her hand is now making its way down my belly and with a firm grasp cups my balls into her palm, gyrating them through my pants.

Excitedly I went to remove my pants when I feel Sarah’s hands on the other side of my chest. I couldn’t keep this up as I couldn’t cover the rate.

“Sorry Sarah, I can’t affor the both of you. I just don’t have it with me” I say loud enough for the both of them to hear.

Jennifer’s hands stop and I suddenly feel less excited since I want to be honest and not be mislead, which will mean only one and not both of them.

Jennifer is silent and Sarah’s smile doesn’t change, she looks at Jennifer and I can tell by their glances that they are having a conversation. Ending the silence Sarah say “it’s ok, I think your kinda cute”

P.S. I didn’t know it would be this long, let me know if you want me to continue

NSFW: yes

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