A Strange Compulsion Chapter 07


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When Jason woke up the next morning, he was in bed with just his sister, his mother must have woken up. He looked over at Vivian and she was enjoying her sleep. He had worn her down yesterday, so he let her sleep and he got up and took a bath. After the bath, he got dressed and went downstairs, his mom was in the living room.

“Mom, I need to talk to you about something.”

“Go ahead, honey.”

“You know I went to Mrs. Ford’s house yesterday to have sex with her, right?”

“Yeah. Did you have a good time?”

“Yes, Mom, it was great.”

“What do you want to ask me?”

“I kind of told Mrs. Ford about Auntie Grace.”

Sandy was shocked. Did Jason also tell Susan about her and Vivian? She was scared of what would happen if their little family secret got out.

Jason saw fear in his mother’s eyes. It took him a minute to figure out what she was thinking, but once he caught her train of wondered, he immediately quelled her fears.

“I didn’t tell her about us or Vivian, Mom. I just told her about Auntie Grace.”

“Ok, honey. Why did you tell her about Auntie Grace?”

“I wanted to see if she’d like to have a threesome with me and Auntie Grace?”

“What did she say?”

“Initially, she was hesitant but she warmed up to the idea. I just need to ask Auntie Grace. Do you think she’ll be okay with me giving her a visit today after school?”

“I don’t know, honey. I can’t call her now because her husband would be home. How about I call her later and text you what she told me?”

“OK, Mom.”

As they were talking, Vivian came down the stairs. She went to Sandra and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips and then came to Jason and kissed him on the lips. Sandra made her children breakfast and after breakfast, she dropped off both Jason and Vivian at college.

Jason and Vivian met during college in the library. Once, they made sure that they were alone, they started talking.

“Did you talk to Caroline about you, her and Sophie?”

“Yeah., I have to talk to her again but I’d like to give her some time. It’s not every day that the guy you’re dating asks you for a threesome with your lesbian lover.”

“Sorry for rushing you, I just can’t wait to share some experiences with them like the one I shared with you and Mom.”

“You’ll have to wait because I’m not rushing this. If we’re going to do this, we have to be patient.”


That afternoon, Sandra called Grace and she picked up the phone.

“Hi, Grace. How are you?”

“Fine. What do you want, Sandra?” Grace asked timidly.

Sandra smiled. The last time Jason and Sandra had their way with Grace, they had been very rough with her. Even though Grace now “belonged” to Jason, she was still a little bit intimidated by them.

“Jason wanted to know if it would be okay to drop by your place today after school?”

“Jason? Why?”

Grace tried her best to conceal her excitement from her voice. But even she knew that she had failed.

“He wants to talk to you about something.”

This was puzzling to Grace. The last time Jason came to visit her, the only time he talked to her was when he was pounding her cunt with his monster.

“What does he want to talk about?”

“I don’t know. So, shall I tell him that you’ll be available this evening?”

Grace was available that evening because her husband was working late that day.

“Yeah, today’s safe. He can come over.”

Grace heard the click of Sandra ending the call. She couldn’t contain her excitement, so she began fantasizing about how Jason would take her today. Would this time be gentle? Or will it be like the last time, rough and animalistic? However it would be, she couldn’t wait for it. She went up to her room to take a nap, because she wanted to be completely fresh and rejuvenated for Jason.

“Grace is ok with you coming over today after school,” Sandra texted Jason.

She couldn’t help but be excited by what was happening. Her son, if everything went right, was gonna have a threesome with two of the hottest married women in the town. Sandra couldn’t wait for the day when Jason could tell Susan about her and Vivian. Grace had seen Susan at Jason’s college and she had, for a long time, lusted after Susan.

Soon, she would welcome Susan into her family, just like she had welcomed Grace.

—Jason checked his phone during lunch and he saw that there was a text from his mother. He opened the text and he smiled as he read the content of the message. Today was gonna be a good day.

Grace woke up in the evening, she had overslept, and Jason was gonna be here soon. She wanted to have a shower before he showed up. She went down and unlocked the front door, she didn’t want to keep Jason waiting when she was taking a shower, and then she went into the bathroom.

Grace didn’t know that Jason was already at her door when she woke up. He tried the door and to his surprise, found it unlocked, so he opened the door and stepped into her house. Jason could hear Grace’s footsteps upstairs so he immediately went up. She was going inside the bathroom. She was wearing a crop top and panties and she had a white towel with her. He slowly followed her and she still didn’t know that he was in the house. She entered the bathroom and put the towel on the hook. She turned the shower on and she was about to take off her crop top when Jason sneaked up behind her and hugged her.

Grace’s heart almost stopped in shock, but after the moment passed, she saw that it was Jason who was hugging her. She smiled to herself, so it was gonna be rough then. Jason wrestled her to the floor as jets of water sprayed over Jason and Grace. Her crop top was already wet and it had turned transparent under the effect of the water and her magnificent breasts and her gorgeous nipples were visible and so Jason was a bit surprised that Auntie Grace hadn’t been wearing a bra. Jason was standing behind her, with her bountiful ass right before him, so he had a sudden impulse to slap it. Jason raised his hand and slapped her ass as forcefully as he could.


He reached down and stroked her pussy and then, he grabbed and squeezed her tits. He didn’t know what he was doing as she drove him mad with lust. He grabbed the crop top and pulled it over her tits, so that they were exposed.

“Slap my ass again,” Grace whispered.

Jason raised his hand and brought it down on her ass once again, causing Grace to let out a scream of pleasure. He kissed her and licked the side of her face. When he licked her, Grace felt something that was a mix of disgust and taboo pleasure, it was a feeling she hadn’t felt before.

“Do that again.”

Jason grabbed her hair and kissed and licked her face again. He bent down and kissed her neck. When he kissed her neck, he let his eyes wander down and saw that her panties were now soaked by the water from the shower. They had also turned transparent and were showing her cunt hairs. Jason kissed her again and slid his hands inside her panties. He slowly rubbed her clit and then he inserted two fingers from his other hand into her mouth. She started sucking on them as she was squirming with pleasure because of what he was doing to her clit.

Jason stood up, he grabbed her by her hair and turned her around. She saw that his cock was rock hard since the outline of his cock was very visible through his pants.

“Kiss it,” Jason said.

Grace tried to take off his pants.

Jason pushed her head away, “Kiss it before you take the pants off.”

Grace kissed the outline of his cock on his pants and Jason bent down and licked all over her face. Grace was in equal parts, both disgusted and excited by Jason coating her face with his saliva.

“Pull down my pants!”

Grace unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants. She pulled his pants and his underpants down and his monstrous cock slapped her in the face as she pulled his underpants down. Jason grabbed her head and thrust his cock into her mouth roughly. Grace gagged and sputtered and her eyes were filled with tears, but Jason kept pushing his cock into her mouth until she swallowed it all. He kept thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth as jets of water from the shower splashed them both. Suddenly, Grace tapped Jason’s thigh, so Jason immediately stopped fucking her face and let her go. She fell down on the floor and gasped for air. Jason was concerned for her, but his concern was unnecessary. In a couple of minutes, she took his cock in her hands and started sucking him off. Jason grabbed her hair and thrust his cock in and out of her mouth with wild abandon.

After fucking her mouth for a few minutes, Jason took his cock out of her mouth. Grace licked his balls as he looked down at her. Her crop top was completely soaked and it was clinging to her breasts, failing in its attempt to conceal them. He grabbed the crop top and tore it off in the middle with his hands. Whatever remained of her crop top hung around her shoulders while her magnificent breasts were now fully accessible. He knelt down, grabbed both of her breasts and started kneading them. He looked into her eyes and found them looking into his. The lovers shared a passionate kiss.

He looked at her gorgeous body, with her wonderful breasts exposed, her flat tummy, flowing from her chest. He felt grateful that he was able to be with a woman like her in his lifetime.

He pulled her panties down exposing her cunt hairs. He found her clit and started rubbing it with his hand.

Grace bit her lower lip. “AAARRRGGGHH! OHH! FUCK! OH, MY GOODDD!”

Jason kissed her cheek, he inserted his fingers inside her cunt and started fucking her with it, causing her pussy to gush juices as she came. Jason took his fingers out of her cunt and put them inside her mouth, so Grace tasted her own pussy juices.

Jason took his pants and underwear off. Grace realized that he was gonna fuck her, so she looked at him with a naughty smile on her face and anticipation in her eyes. She laid down on the bathroom floor, on her back, so Jason took off her panties and threw them apart. He tried to get in between her knees but Grace closed her legs together. Jason looked at her and she gave him a naughty smile. He slapped her thigh hard and she opened her legs. He got in between her legs, rammed his cock into her cunt and she screamed with pain.


He started moving his cock in and out of her pussy and he kissed her neck. Her screams of pain had now turned into screams of pleasure. As he hammered his cock in and out of her pussy, he licked and sucked her nipples.

“Enough! I want to be on top. Please, Jason! I want to be on top.”

Jason laid down on his back on the bathroom floor, Grace straddled him and took his entire cock into her pussy. She started riding him like a woman possessed and Jason thrust his cock in and out of her. She held on to Jason by clawing at his shirt for dear life.


She bent down and gave him an intense kiss. He pulled her torn and tattered crop top off her and threw it away as she grabbed his T shirt for support as she rode him like her life depended on it. As she rode him, he pinched both of her nipples. He squeezed her breasts and took them in his mouth. Both Jason and Grace weren’t people anymore, they were animals, satisfying their lust. Nothing was more essential to either of them at that moment. Water was splashing around them and her hair flailed wildly as she rode him, some of it stuck to her face and obscured it. Grace was very much in control now, so Jason just laid there, letting her do what she wanted with him.

Once he regained his strength a little bit, Jason got Grace off of him. He turned her around and slapped her ass and then he got behind her and rammed his cock back into her cunt.

“Oh, grrrh! Oh, my God!”

The sound of his thigh slapping against her ass filled the room. He was pistoning his dick in and out of her and his cock was turning her inside out. He slapped her ass now and then to give her a jolt and he reached for her slit and rubbed it as he fucked her brains out from behind.

Soon, Grace experienced a mind-blowing orgasm, but Jason kept fucking her through the orgasm. He increased the pace with which her fucked her. He planted a few tender kisses on her back and she turned her face and the two lovers kissed.

Grace looked into his eyes intently, “Fuck my pussy. Fill my pussy with your baby batter.”

Jason was also on the verge of cumming, so he let go and exploded inside her. His cum coated the insides of her cunt walls and the moment his cum made contact with the surface of her cunt walls, her mind shattered.


She spasmed and twitched as she left the world for a few minutes as Jason’s jizz was overflowing from her pussy. Once her orgasm subsided, she slumped on Jason’s chest, both of them were breathing heavy. Jason took her face in his hands and planted a deep kiss on her lips and she returned the kiss enthusiastically.

The lovers got up and cleaned themselves up. They showered together, but they didn’t have any clothes to wear, because Jason’s clothes were completely wet. She told Jason that she’d give him some of her husband’s clothes, so they made their way to her bedroom naked.

—Jason and Grace laid on her bed, naked.

“Your mom told me that you wanted to talk to me about something.”

“Yeah. I kind of want to tell you something.”

“What is it?”

“I … er, you’re, kind of, not the only woman I’ve been having relations with.”

“Yeah, I know. You also fuck your mother. Fuck! If you weren’t so good in bed, and I wasn’t addicted to you, I’d have gone to the cops.”

Jason thanked his stars that he was able to keep Grace hooked on his dick.

“No, not my mom. Someone else.”

This piqued Grace’s curiosity, so she turned towards Jason and she had a smile on her face.

“Someone other than your mom? Who is it?”

“My physics teacher, Mrs. Ford.”

Grace burst out laughing.

“Your physics teacher? Wow, I’m impressed. So, is that what you wanted to tell me? That you’ve been screwing your teacher?”

“No, it’s just, I was wondering if you’d like to have a threesome with me and her.”

A smile spread over Grace’s face.

“I’d love that. In fact, I had never had a threesome before you and your mother had your way with me, but this excites me.”

Jason smiled as he leaned in and kissed her. She kissed back and the kiss slowly became more intense. Jason grabbed one of her breasts and started squeezing it. Soon both their hands were roaming all over each other. Both of them were recovering from the intense session they had in the bathroom, so Jason decided to take it slow. They slowly fucked in her bed, their eyes staring into each other’s soul.

“I’ve never felt the way I feel about you, Jason. Before you, I was never sexually adventurous, but now, we’re talking about having a threesome with your teacher. What are you doing to me?”

“I don’t know.”

Jason fucked her like that for a few more minutes before he deposited another load in her pussy. They rested for a bit and then they took another shower together. Grace gave Jason some of her husband’s old clothes, Jason wore them and started home.

On the way home, he couldn’t help but think about how soon he, Mrs. Ford and Auntie Grace were going to have a threesome together. He was lucky to be in this situation and he was excited about what was about to happen. He couldn’t wait for the threesome.

When Jason came home, Vivian was already home. His mother had made her dinner and he joined them at the dinner table.

“So, what happened Jason?”

Jason gave his mother an impish smile.

“She said yes.”

“Who said yes?” Vivian asked.

Jason realized that he hadn’t told her about his plan to have a threesome with Mrs. Ford and Auntie Grace. He filled her in on the details as Vivian listened to him quietly.

“You haven’t thought about something, Jason,” Vivian said.

“What is it?”

“Auntie Grace knows about Mom and you. If, either during or after the threesome, she lets slip to Mrs. Ford about your relationship with Mom, how can you be sure that Mrs. Ford won’t blow her lid off and tell others about you and Mom?”

Jason and Sandra were silent. Jason wondered for a moment, because he hadn’t wondered about this.

“I’ll have to tell Auntie Grace not to say anything about Mom and me.”

Jason was grateful for Vivian because she had a mind for thinking stuff through. He realized that he’d have to eventually come clean with Mrs. Ford about him and his mom. He decided to do it after the threesome, after discussing it with his mom and Vivian again.

The next day Jason decided to ask Caroline about Sophie. He spotted her as soon as he got to college and signaled her. They started talking to each other as soon as they were out of earshot of other students.

“Have you talked to Sophie?”

“Not yet, but I have a plan.”

“What is it?”

“I’ll have to do it slowly. You know, I don’t think she’ll say yes to a threesome if I suggested it. I have to make her think that it’s what she also wants. I’ve already been dropping hints to her the past few days and today, me and Sophie are gonna have sex and I’ll try to get her to say yes.”

Jason nodded, because Caroline was telling the truth. Even though she and Sophie had both had numerous boyfriends the entire length of their relationship, they had never had a threesome with a guy. For the past few days Caroline had been dropping hints to Sophie about how she misses Sophie when she’s with Jason and how she misses Jason when she’s with Sophie. Caroline wondered that she’ll be able to talk Sophie around that night.

During lunch, Jason looked for Mrs. Ford and he found her in her office. She was already talking to some of the other teachers when she looked up at Jason.

“Jason, what is it?”

“It’s just, I wanted to submit my report about the project that we were working on.”

Susan understood what he wanted to talk to her about as she smiled at him.

“Can you wait for a few minutes? I’m in a meeting right now.”

“Ok, sure, Mrs. Ford.”

Jason waited outside her office for five minutes. Soon, the teachers left Susan’s office and he smiled at them and they smiled back. They had not even an inch of suspicion about what was going on between Jason and Susan. As far as they were concerned, Jason was just a model student. After they left, Susan summoned him inside her office.

“What is it, Jason?”

“I talked to Grace.”

“Oh, what did she say?”

“She said yes.”

Susan’s eyes widened and a smile spread over her face.

“Really? Wow! That’s great. So, how do we take this forward? Is it gonna be at my place or her place? When are we gonna do this?”

“Is it safe for it to be at your place? What about your husband?”

“We can work out a time when he’s not home.”

“OK, then, tell me some day and time next week when your husband won’t be home. I’ll talk to Auntie Grace and if the time is good for her, then we’ll come over.”

“That sounds good.”

“Ok, I need to go and have my lunch. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Yeah, sure.”

Jason left Susan’s office to go have his lunch and Susan was beside herself with excitement. She had never had a threesome before. Heck, she had never been so sexually adventurous before what happened with Jason happened. She also needed to have her lunch, but she was incredibly turned on.

She looked around and then closed and locked her office door. She sat down at her chair and pulled her panties apart. She unbuttoned her shirt and pulled down her bra. She started rubbing her clitoris with one hand while squeezing one of her breasts with the other. She fantasized about her, Jason and Grace having a threesome as she brought herself closer to climax and she soon climaxed. After she came, she licked the finger she used to rub her clit clean and she then unlocked her door and started having her lunch.

When Jason was talking with Susan Caroline was looking for Sophie. Caroline soon found Sophie at the cafeteria, she was sitting with some of their friends, so Caroline joined them. She pretended to be interested in the conversation and when they had finished their lunch, Caroline signaled Sophie to stay back so that they could talk.

“What’s going on, Caroline?”

“I was wondering if you could come over to my place today.”

Sophie looked at Caroline. She understood what Caroline meant, this was a bootie call.

“Ok, I’ll tell my parents and be at your place at around 7: 30?”

“Yeah, 7: 30 is fine.”

Caroline and Sophie walked to their next class together and Sophie was already looking forward to that night. Caroline was nervous and she was already planning on seducing Sophie and convincing her to have a threesome with Jason. She just hoped that everything would go alright.

Sophie came to Caroline’s home at 7: 30, as they had agreed. Sophie had told her parents that she was gonna sleep over at Caroline’s. This was a routine occurrence and Sophie’s parents didn’t think too much of it.

Sophie came to Caroline’s place and she and Caroline had dinner with Caroline’s parents. After dinner, Sophie and Caroline went up to Caroline’s room.

As soon as they entered Caroline’s room, Sophie sat down on the bed. Caroline knelt on the floor in front of her. Sophie took Caroline’s face in her arms and gently kissed her. Caroline kissed her back and started stroking Sophie’s thigh. As she kissed her, Sophie squeezed Caroline’s breasts. Sophie started kissing Caroline’s neck, causing Caroline to let out a sigh of pleasure. Caroline took off her blue T-shirt, showing she wasn’t wearing any bra. As soon as Caroline’s gorgeous breasts were freed from their confines, Sophie started sucking them.

Caroline took off Sophie’s T-shirt as Sophie pulled down her bra and let Caroline suck her breasts. As Caroline sucked one of her breasts, she also pinched the other nipple.

“Ohh! Right there,” Sophie said.

Sophie pulled off her bra.

“Lie down on the bed,” Sophie whispered.

Caroline laid down on the bed on her back and Sophie pulled off her skirt. Caroline wasn’t wearing any panties, so she was completely nude. Sophie spread Caroline’s legs and exposed her vagina. She slowly stroked Caroline’s vagina in a circular manner and then she inserted a couple of her fingers inside Caroline’s mouth. Caroline started sucking on them as Sophie bent down and started licking Caroline’s clit.

Caroline closed her eyes and let herself get lost in the sensations. A smile formed on her face as she experienced the pleasure that Sophie was giving her. Sophie caught the clitoris between her lips and pulled it before releasing it. Caroline put her hand on Sophie’s head and pushed her face deeper into her cunt and Caroline kept her there until she came.

Caroline grabbed her bed for support as she came. Her entire body contorted as she lost herself to her orgasm.


Even as Caroline was cumming, Sophie never stopped her ministrations. She placed her palm over Caroline’s clit and moved it in a circular motion, causing her to go into another series of orgasms. After Caroline’s orgasms subsided, Sophie inserted two fingers into Caroline’s pussy and coated them with her juice. She then made Caroline suck on the fingers, making her taste her own juices.

“Does it taste good?”

Caroline nodded and Sophie gave Caroline’s breast a squeeze. Caroline grabbed Sophie’s hand and pulled her closer as she gave her a passionate kiss.

Sophie took off her panties and she got on the bed on her knees. Caroline got behind her and planted a kiss on her ass cheek and she then licked Sophie’s pussy.

“Mmmhh! Tastes so good.”

This elicited moans of pleasure from Sophie. Sophie grabbed Caroline’s head and pushed it in deeper into her pussy.

“Yeah! Right there! Ohhh! FUCK! Yes!”

“You have a very cute pussy, Sophie.”

“Yeah? You like that?”


Caroline slapped Sophie’s ass causing Sophie to give out a small scream. Caroline slipped a hand of hers between Sophie’s legs and started to caress Sophie’s tummy. With her other hand, she grabbed and squeezed Sophie’s ass and she gave another hard slap to Sophie’s ass.

“Again! Do it again!”

Caroline gave another hard slap to Sophie’s ass. She slapped it again and Sophie, who was already on the verge of cumming, experienced a mind-blowing orgasm.

Energized by her orgasm, Sophie got up, dragged Caroline and made her lie down on the bed, on her back. She then straddled Caroline’s face and her pussy was right above Caroline’s mouth. So, Sophie sat on Caroline’s face and Caroline started to lick Sophie’s cunt.

“It tastes so good. Oh, my God!”

Sophie started rubbing Caroline’s clit with a couple of her fingers, she then inserted her fingers into Caroline’s pussy and started finger fucking her.

“Does it feel good?”

“Oh, yeah! I feel so good!”

“Do you like it?”

“I love it.”

“You want me to make your tight little pussy cum?”


“Cum for me, then.”

“Right there! Right there, don’t stop!”

Caroline’s body tensed and she let out a scream which was muffled because Sophie was sitting on her face. Caroline experienced one of the best orgasms of her life.

Sophie let out a small laugh, “Good girl.”

She took her fingers out of Caroline’s cunt and showed it to her.

“Look how wet you are. You wanna taste it?”

Caroline gave Sophie a naughty smile, “Yes, please.”

Sophie inserted the two fingers inside Caroline’s mouth and she sucked the fingers and tasted her own juice.

“How does it taste?”

“So good.”

Sophie once again straddled Caroline, but this time, as Caroline licked Sophie’s pussy, Sophie also started licking Caroline’s pussy.

“Oh, fuck! Fuck! Yes, right there, right there!” Sophie mewled.

Caroline gave a couple of slaps to Sophie’s ass.

“Fuck! Right there! Right there! Don’t stop.”

Sophie experienced an orgasm.

“God, your mouth is so fucking good. Rub your tongue over my clit. AAAHH! Fuck, yes!”

Caroline caught Sophie’s clit between her lips and sucked on it causing Sophie to go into another orgasm. After her orgasm subsided, Sophie made Caroline lie down on her back and caressed Caroline’s cunt. She slowly massaged her clit before giving it one last lick.

Sophie then looked at Caroline, their eyes met and they were both thinking the same thing. Caroline reached into her bedside drawer and retrieved two vibrators. Caroline’s parents were both very conservative, so if they knew that their daughter was having lesbian sex with her girlfriend, and that she was in possession of sex toys, they’d be appalled. Caroline had bought the vibrators in the town sex shop and had smuggled them home.

She also took out a couple of dildos and a strap-on that she had purchased recently. Caroline wanted Sophie to be in a good mood today, so that she’ll say yes to the threesome with Jason. Even if Caroline had to forgo her own pleasure, she had to make sure that Sophie was satisfied, so she planned to fuck Sophie while wearing the strap-on. Caroline leaned in and kissed Sophie.

Caroline placed one of the vibrators on one of Sophie’s nipples and turned it on. Sophie moaned as the vibrations of the vibrator caused pleasing sensations in her nipples. Caroline saw that Sophie’s breast was forming ripples due to the vibrations. Caroline kept the other vibrator on Sophie’s clit and turned it on. Sophie squealed, so Caroline turned on both vibrators at the same time. Sophie let out squeaks of pleasure and Caroline kept doing this for some time. She gradually increased the speed of the vibrators and made Sophie go mad with pleasure.

Sophie was now panting, “Aaaghh! Don’t stop! Please, keep doing it!”

Caroline moved the vibrator on Sophie’s breast to the other breast and did the same thing again. She could see that Sophie’s nipple, that was being pleasured till now, was hard as a rock. Caroline kept the vibrator on the other nipple till it was also hard. Then she took the first nipple into her mouth and she caressed the nipple with her tongue. She made a circular motion with her tongue around the nipple and by the time she was done with the breasts, both of the nipples were rock hard. She stopped the vibrator that was pleasuring Sophie’s clit and she bent down and looked at Sophie’s clit. It looked more sensitive than usual, so she got up and rubbed the clit with her index finger.


As Sophie squealed, Caroline crushed her mouth against Sophie’s silencing her. Caroline placed the vibrator on one of Sophie’s breasts again and turned it on. She gradually increased the speed of the vibrator until it reached the maximum speed. When Sophie was lost in pleasure, Caroline rammed the dildo up Sophie’s pussy. Sophie’s eyes opened, her eyeballs bulged and it looked like she was about to scream. Caroline once again covered Sophie’s mouth with hers to stop her from screaming.

Caroline moved the dildo in and out of Sophie’s cunt. She increased the pace and really started fucking Sophie with the dildo. Sophie’s breasts moved up and down as Caroline rammed the dildo in and out of Sophie’s pussy repeatedly, and even the bed started to shake a little. Sophie squirmed in pleasure, so Caroline kept kissing her to keep her quiet

The dildo Caroline was using was a curved dildo. Every time Caroline thrust it into Sophie’s pussy, it rubbed against Sophie’s G-spot. Sophie was soon thrashing around in the throes of another orgasm.

Caroline wore the strap-on. She looked deeply into Sophie’s eyes and Sophie looked back at her. Caroline lined up the strap-on near Sophie’s pussy and she slowly inserted the tip into Sophie’s pussy. Sophie took a deep breath and then looked at Caroline and nodded, signaling her to go deeper. Caroline inserted more of the strap-on, inch by inch, into Sophie until it was completely into her. After the strap-on was completely in Sophie, Caroline slowly started fucking her and the bed shook as Caroline fucked Sophie. Caroline slowly increased her pace and Sophie also started thrusting her hips so that the strap-on could reach deeper inside her pussy.

Sophie reached behind Caroline’s head and brought her face closer. She kissed Caroline and whispered in her ear, “Faster. Give me all you’ve got.”

Encouraged by her lover’s words Caroline started fucking Sophie like a woman possessed. Sophie met Caroline’s thrusts with thrusts of her own enthusiastically and soon the room was filled with the sounds of flesh slapping flesh. Sophie was nearing orgasm, so she motioned Caroline to come near. Caroline bent down and Sophie kissed her. Sophie experienced a mind-blowing orgasm as she kissed Caroline. Caroline got off Sophie, took off the strap-on, and laid down beside her.

Sophie and Caroline laid side to side, both of them panting.

“That was excellent,” Sophie said.

“I wanted to make this night special for you.”

“Why? What’s so special about today?”

“I wanted to ask you something.”

“What is it?”

“Can you join me and Jason and have a threesome with us?”

Sophie was shocked and it took her a minute to process what Caroline had said. Sophie had never had a threesome before.

“Why are you asking this so suddenly?”

“I’ve always wanted to have a threesome, but even though we sleep together and have an open relationship, we’ve never had one together either. So, I thought I’d ask you to have a threesome with me and Jason.”

“Why Jason? Why not some other guy?”

“Because I’m thinking of becoming exclusive with Jason. Among guys, I’ll sleep only with him and among girls, I’ll sleep only with you.”

Sophie was annoyed by the fact that Caroline had decided to become exclusive with Jason. She wondered about Caroline’s proposal for a moment and she was excited by the prospect of having a threesome, even if it was with that Jason. Sophie looked at Caroline and nodded, conveying her assent to the idea of having a threesome with Jason.

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