A Shared BabySitter.

The hubby and I have been hiring the same babysitter since she graduated high college. About to graduate school, She was working for a few families in our neighborhood to help pay for her college loans until she could discover a job in her area of study.

This particular night she was to baby sit, was so that the hubby and I could attend a swingers party. We didn’t know how long we would be so we offered her the guest room and extra pay to stay overnight, to which she agreed.

The night of the party was a bit of a disappointment. Only a few couple showed up. Much more had rsvp’d but couldn’t make it. We still made the best of it and had some fun watching, touching, licking, sucking and fucking the other couples we were swapping with.

It was a bit earlier than we wondered we would be heading home, but still late so we didn’t phone home to let the babysitter know we were on our way in case she was already asleep.

When we arrived home, we entered the house as quietly as we could trying not to make any noise in the silent house. We were heading down to the end of the hallway to our bedroom when we came across the door ajar of the guest bedroom. The lights were on, the babysitter had her EarPods in, her eyes closed, and her beautiful young 20 something body was completely naked and unaware we were home. The husband and I both watched her for a moment as she slowly rubbed her clit a-top her glistening pussy. We gave each other a knowing glance as we continued down the hall to our bedroom to get quickly washed up and naked too.

We reached the bedroom and with lightening speed and unbelievable stealth got undressed and cleaned up in the master bath, before heading back down the hall to our naughty babysitter.

I told my husband to head in first and I would stand in the doorway to watch while he got her warmed up.

Her eyes were still closed and now that we were closer we could hear what sounded like loud music coming from her EarPods. She was gonna feel my husband before she saw or heard him.

He walked up next to the bed near her head, leaned over and gently flicked his tongue over her nipple. Her eyes shot open, and her hands scrambled to cover the naughty bits. She started stuttering and saying she was so sorry, she don’t hear us come in. It was about this time she noticed he was completely naked and then she was silent and staring at his hard cock. She noticed me next standing in the doorway watching. One hand on a tit pinching and playing with a nipple and the other in between my legs rubbing my clit to an early edge.

My husband spoke 1st. He told her that we weren’t mad, we were turned on and hoping to play. He explained to her that we both wanted to touch her and to play with her and she could play with one or both of us if she was comfortable. He asked if she was a virgin and she shook her head no. He asked her if she liked girls too and she bit her lip and nodded yes. He asked her if she wanted to play and again she nodded yes. He asked if we both could touch her at the same time and she again nodded yes.

He said okay and asked if she could put his dick in her mouth now. She said no words but scooted towards the edge of the bed and took his cock in her mouth. She definitely wasn’t a pro -deepthroater but the girl knew what she was doing. Taking my husbands dick in and out of her mouth getting him wet. Taking the Cock a few times as far as she could go until she gagged and slobber dribbled out of her mouth and down his cock. She was fondling his balls at the same time. I could see the hubby struggling not to grab her face and throat fuck her. He was holding back because he didn’t want to scare her.

I left my position in the doorway and climbed on the bed behind her so I could reach around her to play with her perfect perky tits and so I could get an up close view of her blowing my husbands cock. I played with her nipples gently rubbing them and pinching them until they were standing at attention. I continued to play with a tit with one hand and used the other to slide down her body between her legs to see how wet her pussy was. I dipped a finger into her folds to discover it was a sloppy wet mess. My pussy was instantly wet when I pulled that finger out of her pussy and immediately sucked her juices off of my finger.

Hubby may not be happy but his cock sucking session was coming to an end. I needed to tongue fuck her sweet pussy. I gave hubby a knowing look. He reluctantly pulled out and away from her mouth. I whispered in her ear to lay back and spread her legs. She was a good little slut and did as she was asked. And now I was staring at this beautifully smooth pink, wet pussy. I licked a few of my fingers to wet them before placing them on her clit and moving them in a circular motion. She let out such as a sexy moan. I pulled my fingers back and layer down on my stomach with my face near her pussy. I used one hand to pull her cunt lip to the side. One hand to slowly finger fuck her pussy and my tongue to flick her clit.

The hubby settled in behind me to hold open my ass cheeks and rim my tasty little asshole while finger fucking my pussy. He got my pussy to a gushy wet state before pulling up my hips and sliding his dick into me. Fucking my pussy slowly while he watched me tongue and finger fuck our babysitter.

Almost in unison, she came on my tongue and he came in my pussy and I on his cock. This was a new fantasy fulfilled for us so it didn’t take much.

In the afterglow, I slid up her body to kiss her sweet lips and to distribute her pussy juice with her. Hubby came around to the side of the bed and insisted we clean up his cock. And together we licked my cum mixed with his cum from his cock.

We both told her it was very enjoyable and that we hoped there would be a next time. She agreed it was a great time and we said our good nights and headed down the hall to go to sleep. Well, at least one of us went to sleep.

Stay tuned for part 2 from Hubby’s point of view after the wife goes to sleep.

NSFW: yes

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