A Roommates Fantasy [M 20-30/F 20-30] [TW: Degrading] [Heterosexual Based Fantasy]

*You come home early after a long day of work. As you walk towards your room you hear whimpers and moans coming from your roommates room.*

*Unaware you have come home early I start moaning your name. My headphones in listening to music as I allow my imagination to run wild.*

*Hearing your name you walk towards my door*

*Moaning* god yes [insert your name here] mmm you feel so good. Please don’t…don’t stop.

*Becoming intrigued you come closer to my door pressing your ear against my door. Biting your lip as you hear my moaning. The buzzing of my toy becoming more noticeable.*

*Moaning louder as I start fucking myself with my toy* oh fuck yes. God I love when you tease me. *Dripping wet from the wondered of you fucking me with my toy*

*Biting your lip more as you notice your breathing becoming heavier as you continue to listen to me please my self from the wondered of you*

*Moaning more as I grip the blanket covering me. My legs rubbing together as I whimper a bit. My breathing getting heavy as I feel myself getting closer and closer to a blissful release with each second*

*Your breathing becoming heavier as you lean in to the door more. Pressing your hand against the door as you listen more intently*

*Fucking myself with my toy harder hitting my sweet spots making me moan more and more.*

*Just as I’m on the brink of cumming your hand slips and the door creeks open. Caught of guard by the now open door and my covered but obviously naked body you blush a bit.*

*Embarrassed I quickly hide my toy after turning it off and sit up a bit. Catching my breath holding my blanket up I start to nervously speak* Y-you’re home e-early *blushing and I nervous laugh*

*Clears your throat and tries to answer back* Oh umm y-yeah got my work done early. I’m sorry I seem to be interrupting something. *Bites your lip as you look at me*

*Blushes bright red pressing my legs together* I ah… *Looks away shyly*

*Remembering what you heard before the door opened, you smirk and start walking into the room* Well don’t let me stop you

*Blushes as I bite my lip looking towards where I hid my toy*

*Slowly walking towards me* After all from what I heard the wondered of me seemed to…well *smirks*

*Shyly blushes as I bite my lip…my thighs rubbing together* I ummm…

*You look at me with a lustful dominant look in you eyes* we’ll go on *moving closer to me*

*I nervously pull out my vibrator from it’s hiding spot and turn it on*

*You smirk as slowly walk towards me watching as I put my toy inside me*

*Gripping the sheets as I gasp a bit forgetting how sensitive I was*

*Biting your lip you take the blanket all the way off me* now that’s much better…I get to enjoy the show now

*Blushing as I slowly move my toy in and out of my needy pussy* fuck *biting my lip trying not to lose control*

Awww such a good girl aren’t you *you smile as you put your hand over mine your hand moving with mine as i move my toy*

*Moaning a bit as my instincts take over and my legs open more for you* Mmm *biting my lip more as I begin to move the toy faster…my hips moving as the toy hits my sweet spots making me moan more*

Oh right here… *You thrust the toy in hitting my sweet spot causing my legs to twitch a bit* mmm that’s a good girl moan for me

*Moaning more as I let go of my toy allowing you to take full control as I slip into my submissive head space* mmm fuck

*You start to move my toy making it hit my sweet spot repeatedly. Your breathing getting heavier as you watch my body twitch and squirm in pleasure*

*Moaning louder and louder as you keep hitting my spot. Blushing I cover my mouth to muffle my moans*

Ah ah ah…naughty girl I want to hear every last one of your moans *you take my hand away from my mouth pinning them both above my head by my wrists as you thrust my toy* Now moan for me like a good girl

*Moaning out as you thrust my toy. My pussy dripping wet* ffuckkkk [insert name here] *moaning more as I feel myself getting close again*

Aww is my good girl getting close *you watch as my body twitches more* look at you…so needy…so… *You thrust my toy in fast and hard* fucking… *You thrust my toy hard and fast again* pathetic…

*Moaning uncontrollably as you keep thrusting my toy my breathing getting heavier* I’m…*blushes as I moan more my words barely able to make their way out of my lips* going to…

Yes be a good fucking slut and… *You turn up my toy to max and start thrusting it harder and harder going deeper showing my needy pussy no mercy* CUM…

*My back arching as I throw my head back in bliss. My moans eco through the house as I start to cum. Moaning out your name*

*Smiles* you didn’t think we were done did you? *You thrust my toy in all the way and push it against my sensitive sweet spots*

*I moan out as my legs start to shake* wwait I… *Panting a bit as I go deep into my submissive headspace* fuckkk

[To be continued…]

NSFW: yes

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