A roommate snaps (Ff, noncon to begin, spanking, straight to gay (or lesbian))

Susan and Michelle were roommates. They were in their mid twenties, working their first jobs out of school. Well, at least Michelle was. Susan was between jobs at the moment, but all the time seemed to have Daddy’s money to save her. Whatever, as long as she paid her half of the rent, Michelle was satisfied.

They were quite different people in personality and appearance. Michelle was decidedly average, or at least that was what she called herself. She wore glasses, worked in accounting, dressed conservatively, and carried a few extra pounds. She was also a bit tall at 5’8″. She had dark hair and dark eyes. No one but her parents had ever called her pretty, and the best she got sometimes was ‘cute.’ But she had a great personality! She hated that. She was generally fairly reserved but physically she struggled with her own self-image. She felt like she was dumpy and overweight. She also tended to be rather cynical at times and that put people off. She had dated and had sex with men of course, but was currently single, and she was fine to remain that way for awhile.

Susan, or Suzie as she had been called when she was younger, was a petite blonde haired, blue eyed, former cheerleader. She was very outgoing and it had seemed a parade of different men seeing her. She only stood 5’2″ and was all of 102 pounds. She had a great little body, a pretty face, and she knew it. She had been a bit spoiled in life, usually getting what she wanted.

Despite their differences, they had gotten along for the most part. That was until recently. Susan had started to slack off in doing her half of the chores despite not currently working. Michelle would come home to discover her on the couch, only in a t-shirt, and an empty wine bottle on the coffee table while she watched Netflix. She had even passed out several times on the couch spending the night there.

Michelle spoke to her, nicely, about cleaning up after herself as Michelle was getting quite tired of the mess and having to do more than her fair distribute. She vowed she was NOT gonna wash Susan’s dishes any more. When she spoke to Susan about it, she got a ‘yeah, yeah, it will get done,’ in response but nothing improved.

Michelle confronted her several more times in the weeks that followed, and Susan all the time replied in the same way, assuring her that she would do better, but rolling her eyes and continuing to watch TV.

It was a Friday evening when things changed between them forever. Michelle came home after a VERY long week at work to discover Susan on the couch, again dressed only in the loose t-shirt and panties, with TWO bottles of wine on the coffee table, the TV volume too loud, and Chinese food containers strewn all over the place – the table, on the couch, on the floor.

Something inside Michelle snapped as she went to her room to change out of her work clothes. She was absolutely livid and couldn’t remember a time in her life where she had been this angry before. The nerve of that little princess to just take benefit like this, doing whatever the hell she wanted and not caring how it affected anyone else. She was a spoiled little brat who needed a severe correction.

As Michelle slipped on her sweatpants, her mind raced down those paths. Susan was a spoiled child in need of correction. Had she not been so out of her mind pissed, she never would have dreamed doing what she did next. Looking to her dresser, she opened her sock drawer and there was a pair of handcuffs that she had bought a long time ago. She had been trying to spice up a sex life with her boyfriend at the time, and had bought them on a lark. They were used once and forgotten about, until now.

She grabbed them and was beyond rational wondered as she stormed back out into the living room, cuffs in hand approaching Susan on the couch. Susan looked up at her roomie’s face and started to smile, “Michelle! When did you get ho…” she started to say, but Michelle grabbed her then and physically wrestled her and forced her arms behind her back, and not gently. Michelle out weighed Susan and Susan was a bit uncoordinated from her inebriation. It was a little bit of a struggle, but it didn’t take all that long before the cold metal snapped around Susan’s wrists tightly.

“What the fuck?!” she shrieked, trying and failing to fend Michelle off. Susan had no idea what was going on or why, but it was a bit terrifying. The movie had just been getting to the really good part too.

Michelle still was not thinking clearly, but had gone too far to stop now in any case, despite Susan’s protests. Once she had roughly cuffed her hands, she sat in the middle of the couch and forced Susan over her knee. Her pert little perfect ass raised, the bottom portion of her buttocks just showing. She was yelling and struggling, but Michelle pushed her down with her left hand between Susan’s shoulder blades, easily holding the slight girl in place.

Susan’s protests were now somewhat muffled by the couch cushion, and her legs were kicking, but otherwise she couldn’t move. She was really concerned now, what the heck had come over Michelle and why had she put her in this ridiculous positions in handcuffs? It was humiliating and she would not stand for it. Sure she should be able to get up? She couldn’t fucking move and that terrified her more.

She soon found out why she was in this position as Michelle yanked her shirt up, exposing her panty covered ass to the air. “What the fu…?!” Susan yelled, but then Michelle’s right hand came down hard on her exposed ass cheeks, the sound of the slap filling the room. Susan cried out with the shock, pain, and humiliation of it, but Michelle didn’t pause.

Her hand raised and spanked HARD, over and over again, with no break. “I am sick to fucking death of you being such a spoiled little princess and making the apartment such a mess! I will not have it any more! Do you understand me?! You are a spoiled little child and I am going to spank your little ass until you learn that you need to carry your fucking weight here. I am so fucking pissed and I’ve spoken to you over and over again, and you always just fucking slack off more!” Michelle yelled, not letting up on the spanking.

Susan was indignant and now felt a rage of her own. As the spanks reigned down on her helpless ass and the pain increased, she started to yell and curse at Michelle, calling her a bitch, a cunt, and worse, and telling her she couldn’t do this. This was assault! She struggled as hard as she could, but was exhausting herself in the process.

And nothing she did slowed down the brutal spanking. Michelle was merciless and held her in place with strength that Susan didn’t know she possessed. Michelle didn’t say anything more, just continued to spank her through the curses and protests.

Susan’s anger gave way as the incredible heat and pain built and she started to beg. Tears started to roll down her cheeks as her voice broke and she was pleading for Michelle to stop, but still it went on.

Susan starting sobbing, just absolutely balling her eyes out. She had never been treated so. Sure, a guy had smacked her ass on occasion while fucking her from behind, but nothing like this. The pain was getting worse and worse, and she felt more and more helpless. Her struggles ceased as she cried and felt the heat spreading through her body. She surrendered to it knowing now that nothing she did would do her any good.

When Susan stopped struggling, Michelle started to come to her senses. She had been so focused on this one thing, spanking this spoiled little princess, that she had sort of lost track of what she was doing. She was mesmerized watching her hand connect with Susan’s little ass, watching in fascination as she left a hand print behind and saw that ass turn from pink to red to bright red. It felt so RIGHT to be doing and underneath her rage, she realized that she was enjoying it.

But calming herself now, she paused, letting her hand rest on that pert very red ass. She could feel the heat rising off of it.

“Do you have anything more to say?” Michelle finally asked, suddenly feeling a little bit of fear at what she had just done. It was a crime for sure and beyond that, it was unethical. It wasn’t like her at all, she wasn’t a violent person. But she had lost her friggen mind and she had done it. Now would be the worst time to apologize for it.

Susan sniffled and then squeaked, “N-no Michelle except….I….I am sorry. I…I have been slacking and….and I promise I will get better right away. Please….I am sorry!” Her voice was higher pitched than ordinary and she sounded like a little girl.

Michelle had such a wave of emotions wash over her then. She DID feel guilty over what she had done, but holding her body like this….seeing what she had done to that perfect little ass, and then actually hearing Susan sound contrite….it gave her such a feeling of power and satisfaction. She felt herself feeling aroused all of the sudden and it confused her. She gently rubbed her hand over Susan’s ass then, hearing the girl whimper softly.

Susan could of course be saying whatever she wondered would make the spanking end, but Michelle didn’t think so. It was hard to fake that tone of voice. She got the key to the cuffs out of her pocket and unlocked the cuffs while saying, “I hope you are sorry and that you will shape up and not only take better care of the apartment, but of yourself. You drink too much. I am sorry I had to do this, but you left me no choice…”

And with that the handcuffs were free. Michelle removed her hands from Susan’s body almost reluctantly. Again, she didn’t find out that. She had never even considered anything sexual with another woman, but she couldn’t deny the heat that she felt between her own legs at this moment.

Susan slowly got up, still sniffling, and her shirt fell back into place over that freshly spanked ass. Without a word, she immediately set to work cleaning up the Chinese food boxes. Something had happened to her during that spanking and it scared her. When she gave up and surrendered to her fate, surrendered to her helplessness, and surrendered to the pain, the heat had spread from her ass to her loins and she felt herself getting wet.

Fortunately, Michelle had not noticed, but one thing Susan knew for sure was that she was gonna clean up right fucking now. The place was a mess and it was because of her. She never should have let it get like this. Michelle sat there calmly and watched as she cleaned up and Susan viewed her differently now. Michelle was quite strong and Susan did not ever want to make her angry again.

She cleaned up all the boxes, the wine bottles, and then did the dishes. She had stopped crying, but the heat on her ass was a constant companion. She kept thinking back to how helpless she felt and she kept getting more and more aroused. She didn’t find out it.

Michelle was still on the couch, looking down at the cuffs and toying with them appearing lost in wondered. “Michelle? I…um…..Again, I am sorry. I…is that okay for tonight?”

Michelle came out of her reverie as she looked up and saw Susan looking at her, a look in her pretty pale blue eyes that Michelle had never seen before. She then looked around the room and saw that things were much better. That look….fuck she was wet. But the spanking had worked! It had corrected her behavior, even if the manner in which Michelle had done it was quite wrong. The bottom line was it had worked.

Feeling the power rush of that, and her arousal, Michelle doubled down. “Yes, I suppose that will do for tonight, thank you. Tomorrow, you should vacuum and sweep the kitchen floor,” she said, but there was no anger in her voice. She was calm but serious.

Susan replied right away, “Yes Michelle. I…I will do both after breakfast tomorrow. Thank….thank you. Good night.”

Michelle’s eyes widened as Susan softly padded down the hall. Susan had just THANKED her. She didn’t threaten to call the cops, she wasn’t angry, she was timid and spoke respectfully and thanked her. That absolutely blew her mind and she went off to her room herself, heading right to the closet to get her vibrator…

NSFW: yes

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