A Redditor asked me to write him a slutty work story…

I really shouldn’t have had those tequila shots last night, I think to myself as I roll over in bed, my hangover starting to kick in. Such a good idea at the time, though. I’d gone out with the girls last night determined to sleep with someone. It’s been too long. I wore my silk lingerie – something that turns me on as soon as it touches my skin. Plunging neckline, short dress that hugged every curve and left nothing to the imagination. But at the end of the night it was just me and the bottle of tequila.

I clearly didn’t have time to get undressed last night. I pull off my dress and mindlessly, I begin to stroke myself. Feel my nipples harden under my bra. Fuck I need someone. My legs fall aside and I gasp as the cool air hits my wet panties. Reaching for the bedside cabinet, I take out my vibrator – I need to cum.

But just then I hear the doorbell ring. For fucks sake. Dropping the vibrator on the bed, I grab my robe and head downstairs. I completely forgot I arranged for the kitchen fitter guy to measure up today. Apologising for the state of me, I lead him into the kitchen and after a quick chat about what I’m after, he gets to work. I badly need coffee. Asking him if he wants one, I flick the kettle on, reach for the mugs and begin to spoon coffee into the mugs. In my hungover state, I hadn’t realised that my robe had started to gape. That my bra that leaves little to the imagination is now showing, tits spilling out over the top.

I turn around and see him staring at me. I feel the flush starting in my chest, rising up into my face. I know I should pull the robe over me, but this stranger in my kitchen looking at me is making my breathing funny. Making me wet.

“Is it just kitchens you do?” I hear myself saying, feeling like i’m in a terrible porn film, biting my lip. “I mean could you do wardrobes too?”

Before I know it, I’m leading him up the stairs. He’s so close behind me, I can feel his breath. Reaching the bedroom, I suddenly remember the vibrator on the bed. Fuck! What if he actually just wants an extra job? What if I misread the signs in my horny state. What the fuck am I doing?!

Walking into the bedroom, I begin chatting away about what I want. The more nervous I get, the more I talk. He stands there quietly, watching me. It makes me feel insane and I turn away to avoid his gaze. But now I’m facing the mirror and I can see him come up behind me. Reach round me and in one deft move, pull my robe tie til it falls open. You can see how wet I am. It’s seeped through the silk. I moan out loud.

Reaching round behind me, I feel the outline of his cock hardening under his trousers. I feel so incredibly slutty right now. He starts to kiss my neck as I press my ass back into his cock. Always we watch each other in the mirror. I ache. Without even realising, my hand wanders down and I push my panties to the side to begin rubbing my clit as his tongue dives into my mouth. I rub faster and he watches me get closer and closer to cumming. I begin to moan but at that point he grabs my hand. Brings my wet fingers up to his mouth and licks them clean, while I wriggle and drip against his leg. Desperate to cum.

Pushing me to my knees, he undoes his trousers and his cock springs out hitting my lips. I greedily stick my tongue out and begin to tease the tip of him with my tongue. But he suddenly grabs my head and plunges his cock fully in my mouth. I gag as he touches the back of my throat and frantically grab hold of his ass trying to get a hold of him, to take back control. But it’s too late. He starts to relentlessly fuck my mouth. I can barely breathe he’s filling me up so much. I can taste his precum and it makes me groan around his cock. I want to feel his cum drench my throat. But at that moment he stops.

Pulling me up, he throws me back onto the bed, yanks my bra down and starts to suck and bite on my nipples, hand in my soaking panties stroking my swollen pussy lips. I cannot take any more. “Please make me cum,” I beg him. “Please fuck me.”

He tells me to turn around and get on all fours. My ass in the air, my head falls down onto the bed and I whimper into the mattress. I want his cock in my pussy so badly. I can feel myself contract and tighten with the wondered of him filling me up. But he has other ideas and I feel him rubbing his cock over my dripping lips, lubing up before positioning his cock at the entrance of my ass. I almost scream as he eases his way into my tight asshole. He holds himself there for a moment, letting me get used to the feeling of him filling me. After a moment, I begin to push back against him. Urging him to fuck me.

He grabs the vibrator and turns it on, placing it against my insanely sensitive clit, which makes me involuntarily squeeze my pussy walls and leak even more. And then he starts to fuck me in earnest. Vibing my clit while he assaults my ass.

I’m making sounds I’ve never heard before, gripping on to the mattress as my climax starts to hit. I’m cumming. Wave after wave of them. I feel like I’m never gonna stop as I cry out. But he carries on making me cum over and over again. And then suddenly I feel him tense, throbbing hard in my ass as he explodes inside me, his hot cum coating me inside, leaking out me down my thighs.

NSFW: yes

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