A Quickie in the woods [MF] [Oral] [MF] [MF30s]

(Long distance D/s couple, reconnected and very much more than sex)

Short one but you can skip to the oral sex if you prefer.

He decided that rather than go without anything we should have something. I was desperate to see him Christmas and New Year had been so hard not being able to see eachother, often our online daily routine was interrupted by our home lives. We needed to see eachother to reconnect.

He arranged for us to meet somewhere public, one of the many things he does for me is help my exercise safely. I injured myself training a few weeks ago, and I was anxious because I don’t pace myself well.

I arrived first. We had been on the phone to eachother from the time I set off. I looked at our location distribute saw he was nearly with me and disconnected from my hands free. As soon as I saw him pull up I couldn’t control the urge to run to him. I jumped out of the car, he stepped out into the rain and I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his lips. Jumped up into his arms and kissed him passionately, the rain lightly hitting our skin as we did. He asks me to get in the van. We briefly chat about the walk, run we were gonna do. I cannot take my eyes off him. I’m so obessed with him. I have to kiss him. Desperately I run my hands across his skin under him top pleading for more, down and feel how hard he is for me. He breaks away and forces his thumb between my lips I lick and swirl my tongue, close my eyes as he pushes deep into my throat. “Look into my eyes” I hear him say, without thinking my body responses. He leans over and whispers “My good girl”. He removes his wet fingers and says “I think we better stop before this escalates”. Disappointed but also in total admiration of the control he has over his own desires and mine. He opens the door and starts to lead us off on our walk. He promised he’d help me get back into training and he will.

We hold hands walking through the woods in the rain. I cannot take my eyes of him, my body craves him. We chat as if it’s a date, often stopping and kissing, desperately wanting more. Occasionally doing short sprints at a pace he allows. On getting back to the van he checks if we have time, I wonder if he’s gonna say we don’t. My body craves him so much. He won’t allow me to be late or panicked though. I am his most precious possession. He looks after me at all times even if that means being firm and not having what we both need so badly.

” Do you want to get in the van? ” I nod eagerly. I quickly take of the outer layers and lean into him. We kiss passionately, I’m desperate to touch him. I run my fingers up his top. I feel him doing the same, the sensation sends tingles to my clit. I want him desperately. He frees my breast from my bra and takes my nipple between his fingers. I open my eyes, he’s looking at me, feeling him tighten pinching me hard, the pain surges through my body. I break away from the kiss and collapse into his shoulder. He squeezes harder making me whithe and moan. I lightly bite his shoulder unable to contain the desire I have for him. He releases I look up into his bright blue eyes. ‘ I really really want you now”. Leaning back I kiss his lips again, desperate for more. ” Do you want to get in the back”, I nod. We step out into the fairly busy carpark, noone else is there but I’m excited by how public we are. He slides the van door open and I step in. I’m suddenly really excited I’ve never had an experience like this. I sit in the wheel arch and wait for him to lead.

He steps in kneels to kiss me.. I drop onto my knees and look up at him. He pulls his shorts down and releases his hard cock.. I pounce forward so delighted to have him. I begin licking. He sits down forcing me to lie on the rough carpet, I look up at him as I take him inside me and begin sliding back and forth enjoying the sensation of him inside me using my hands too. He’s promised to train me to give him head how he likes.

I wonder if he’ll take control his hand drifts to the back of my head. Holding me hard, forcing his cock down my throat, I struggle to breath and gag, he holds me longer, I begin to struggle harder and try to push away with my hands. My legs helpless kick out. He releases I slide off panting and look up, a line of spit still connecting me to him. He sits back on to the wheel arch. I reposition and begin enjoying him inside me again, it feels like he’s about to cum, I’ve been here so many times and have started to feel like I’m not good enough for him. I keep sliding back and forth faster than before. “Let’s do what you were doing when you first started” he pushes me back on to the floor and I try to make him cum wrapping my fingers around the base and sucking the tip as I slid back and forth. He feel like I cannot make him cum he doesn’t seem to be getting any closer. I continue sucking and trying to keep a good rhythm. Suddenly I taste pre-cum in my mouth I look up at him. He’s eyes are closed and he’s bracing himself on the side of the van. I continue hoping for my reward. I take him fully inside then slide to his head sucking hard and finally I feel his salty cum pumping down my throat.. I slide back and suck softly as he moans “Good girl”. I slide off, kneel back and look up at him. ” Was that better? I really want to be pleasing to you. ” I ask breathlessly. He smiles and takes a deep breath, kisses my lips. “You were holding me right on the edge, I wondered if you didnt make me cum soon I wouldnt be able to take any more, Id have to take control to release.

” I nod feeling like maybe I had been enough again. I kiss him and he slid his hand inside my leggings and into my knickers. I’m so wet I feel like I could cum immediately for him. He rubs my clit and I start to moan. I feel like I’m right on the edge I’ve enjoyed his cock so much, he slides his fingers inside me and I gasp opening my eyes and looking into his. My body starts to shake. He pulls my leggings and knickers down more. I wiggle in his arms. “Do you have spare clothes in the car? ” I moan and nod. It’s almost as though he’s given me permission a huge wave washes over me.. I collapse on to the van floor. He continues to rub my clit and g spot sending shivers corsing through my body.. he hold me close to him tightly as I cum again and again. My body is shaking, I have no control over myself I’m at him whim. I bite my lip and look up at him “I think we’ll stop there” he says softly. He takes he wet fingers and forces them in my mouth.. I lick them clean. He pulls me into him and kisses me. I know I’m totally his. Our body’s are where he should be, together.

He looks into my eyes and softly whispers ” You are enough, I’ve never cum like that before. It was so intense. I don’t know what you were doing but it was fucking amazing.”

I cannot help but smile, I’m over the moon that this incredible man that gives me such pleasure. I adore giving head and I cannot wait to practice more with him. Giddly I dress and feel his cum inside me and my own still wet between my thighs.

NSFW: yes

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