A parting gift from my flat mate. PART 7







This is how I came out of my shell after the break up. it’s entirely true however some bits are exaggerated a bit to help you get into my mindset at the time. No real names are used all participants are 18+.

Jenny and I laid on the bed facing each other, nothing was said by either of us. All the could be heard was the breeze blowing through the window of the flat and the traffic bellow.

We stared into each other’s eyes. Holding each other closely, Jenny’s leg thrown over me. Her previously cool body now warm and flushed, I could feel the warmth of her pussy radiating towards my cock.

We shuffled a bit getting ourselves closer and tighter into each other’s bodies. Our foreheads resting against each other now. Our breathing getting heavier as the anticipation was killing us. I felt myself begin to grow towards her slit. Slowly I closed my eyes and moved my lips towards her. Our lips touched and our mouths opened. Our tongues gently reaching out and touch gently. I placed my hand onto the soft round beauty of Jenny’s buttocks and pulled her crotch towards my own. My member fully erect now the head of my cock found a home in her wet slit. She grounded her hips against me as we kissed, teasing the head of my cock, my cock teasing her as it would reach her clit and the entrance of her pussy.

I broke the kiss and bent my head down to suck on her nipple. Her breast felt firm in my mouth, he skin soft and smooth. Her nipple reacted immediately and hardens under the playful teasing of my tongue. I bit down on it softly ad Jenny let off a whimper and bucked hard into me. As she did the head of my penis found it’s mark and the tip slipped effortlessly into her. She moaned as it did this and stayed still while I slowly moved the tip of my cock in and out of her entrance.

I felt myself getting close, the direct stimulation to the head of my cock was exhilarating. I began to pull back, popping the head back out of her pussy.

“Why are you stopping” Jenny’s voice was breathless, her eyes almost glazed over. I rolled her onto her back and opened her legs wide. I was knelt between them and looked down at the beauty before me. Taking my right hand I placed it on her crotch moving my middle finger the slide between her lips. With my left I reached over to the drawers on my bedside table and grabbed a condom. I knew for a fact that even when close I never had Precum. However what I had planned next I want about to risk it with a pregnancy. I also want about to ask if she was on birth control and make the moment awkward. Her eyes were closed now. I kissed down her stomach stopping to suck softly on each of her small and perky tits. I reached her mound and picked up a few times before burying my face into her working her clit with my tongue. I opened the condom confirmed the orientation reached down and covered myself while kept enthusiastically licking her clit. I could feel her getting wetter with every circle I made with my tongue. She grabbed my head and began to pull it back up to hers. We began to kiss again, her juices still all over my mouth and chin.

Jenny took her hands from my face and grabbed me by the hips. I slowly guided myself towards her pussy with my cock. Applying light pressure i manoeuvred myself slowly until I felt no resistance, confirming I had got myself in the right spot with a moan. I pushed myself forward deep into the inside of Jenny. I groaned as I did Jenny let out a sound that could only be described as sheer ecstasy. It felt as if I had hit a wall with the head of my cock. As if I had reached the end of her pussy as I inserted myself into her. We lay there for a moment before I began to move myself slowly out of her and back in. The rhythmic sound of our hips clapping to the harmony of our moans.

NSFW: yes

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