A Night To Remember Part 1.

One night I had been drinking and was a lot more horny than ordinary so I called her and told her to come and pick me up. She of course was at my house before I was home from the bar waiting by the door in nothing more than a bath robe and flip flops. I walk up kiss her on top of the head and open the door.

The moment the door closed I snapped my fingers pointing to the ground and she dropped ready and waiting as I made her watch me take my shoes shirt and pants off. When I walked over to her I grabbed her hair as I pulled my cock out laying it on her face looking into her eyes as I said “you will give me all of you tonight” right before I leaned down spit in her mouth and shoved my cock into her mouth.

I face fucked her til I was good and hard while she gagged and drooled on my cock. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and stood her up by her hair. I ripped the robe off her to discover her completely nude underneath. I slapped her tits then spun her around walked her to the couch bent her over it and told her to spread her legs. I got on a knee and started locking her little slit as my thumb massaged her clit and my other hand spread her ass. It wasn’t long before her wetness covered my face as she moaned my name letting her head fall forward as she had her first orgasm of the night.

I stood up towering over her naked bado as I walked up behind her and lined my cock up with her entrance. I slowly pushed myself all the way inside savoring the first stroke as my hips met her ass. Then I started thrusting. Long deep strokes my balls slapping off her clit as I began to create speed. Her moans sounding like background music as I fucked her hard reaching up grabbing her hair and smacking her ass. As she was about to cum again I kept pumping into her fucking her through her orgasm as her juices landed on the floor. I couldn’t take it anymore as I pulled out yanking her to her knees and filling her mouth with cum. It was to much for her to swallow as it ran down her face to her tits as she drank what she could.

I made her keep sucking until all the cum was drained from my cock. Then I bent down taking my fingers to get some of the sticky cum that had leaked onto her tits and fed her the rest of my cum with my fingers I looked into her eyes and said “that was just the beginning”…….

NSFW: yes

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