A night of a lifetime (chapter 4)

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As they adjourn to the house for a quick shower to clean up, Sandra asks David… “so what is it that you have planned for me tonight” David replied with his devilish grin and said “you will find out soon enough. I will tell you that once we leave here tonight we likely won’t be back till mid day tomorrow” This excited Sandra a bit in itself as she loved to stay at hotels in other places. She never really could tell David why except that she had all the time enjoyed it as a kid on family vacations and it had just stayed with her. Sandra had all the time been a lady that insisted on personal hygiene and she kept David’s “little kitten” as she called it completely shaved. In fact she shaved her feminine regions daily and David had just played with it briefly so he knew it was smooth but he couldn’t withstand when he handed his razor over the shower curtain and said that there was a brand new blade on there if she happened to want to make sure she was especially smooth for tonight. After he handed her the razor David peaked behind the curtain to discover that Sandra was putting more attention on making sure every nook and cranny was taken care of now when she normally could shave herself in less than a minute without looking she spent over five minutes with the razor and was looking and feeling every fold imaginable to ensure she had no wild hair or any stubble what so ever. As she was rinsing it off she heard David opinion….”that thing is clean enough to eat now for sure…. I bet Julie would love to run her tongue off in that” Sandra simply looked up with a sheepish grin and asked “How do you know that she hasn’t already done that… you do remember I have known her longer than I have known you”. For some reason, this excited David and he could feel his average size cock begin stiffening a bit just by listening to Sandra make that opinion. David fought off the temptation and replied with a courteous “I know but we need to get going…as soon as you finish your make up, come to the bedroom because I have something I want you to wear”. He proceeded to inform Sandra that from this point forward that she would do as they had talked about many times and she would do as she was told. He promised her that her honor and safety would all the time be first on his priority list, even though, she may not feel that way at different times through the night. He reassured her that this was about pushing her “good girl” boundaries so far that it will make her doubt some of the things that was happening but it was her responsibility to relinquish all control to David and allow herself to enjoy her sexuality to the max. With very little hesitation she agreed as she knew deep down in her soul that David wasn’t gonna do anything to hurt or degrade her and he damn sure wasn’t gonna allow anyone else to hurt her. She knew she was his princess.
As Sandra drifted into the bedroom it only took a fraction of a second to see what David had laid out for her. She saw this sundress draped out on the foot of the bed and a pair of nice sandals sitting beneath it on the floor. She recalled this sundress because when David bought it for her, she exclaimed that it wouldn’t fit but he made her try it on anyway. To her way of thinking it was too small as it held her ample breasts in tight, and hugged her sides and accented her hips. David loved the fit of it and had made the opinion that he would never ask her to wear it while out and about in town as they lived in a small rural area and Sandra knew most of the town. As she stood there contemplating how she was gonna tell David that she really didn’t want to wear it, she got to thinking and wondered to herself…. I have lost about 10 to 15 pounds since he bought it. Then decided what the hell. Once she slipped it on, she immediately wondered that it was still a bit too snug for her liking, but David was in awe at first sight. She decided she would wear it but did make the opinion that they would not be able to get a bite till they was out of town. Sandra headed towards her lingerie cabinet, which is where she kept all of her undergarments. As soon as David realized where she was headed, he barked out “Oh no… I had your entire outfit laid out on the bed”. Sandra looked at him and asked where her panties were and he simply stated that if there was none left out there then he guessed that meant she didn’t get any to wear. It was evident that the alcohol was doing its part as her reply was a simple, “OK… if that’s how it’s supposed to be” As Sandra stood there looking in the mirror, she finally realized just how attractive she was and it was at that moment that David came up from behind her and give her his patented pat on her lovely round ass. How could such a simple gesture mean so much? Who knows, but with that simple gesture Sandra was immediately brought back to realize just how much her husband worshiped her and how far he would go to make sure she was safe and happy. This put a smile on Sandra’s face. As Sandra turned around and put a big French kiss on her husband she simply stated…”well lets go cowboy”

NSFW: yes