A night of a lifetime (chapter 11)

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Although Sandra was very wet and had generated a lot of lubrication, the next man up reached over and put a little dab on the lubricant David had supplied directly on the head of his cock which was pressed tightly inside the condom. He rubbed his head on her clit and even offered a little pressure on her vaginal opening… she wasn’t sure but she immediately started to think “if this motherfucker didn’t just slip in after the last one was finished this one must be huge”. Her mind started racing… oh my gosh….this must the black guy that was out in the theatre room…..she had noticed him looking at her …..hell he was staring at her and as David would say….. he was eye fucking her in the theatre room. What was she supposed to do? At this time the head popped in. “OH FUCK” she exclaimed….. “take it out…..now put it back in…..OH FUCK….take it out” she pulled David down and whispered in his ear… “is this the black guy” to which David replied “no baby …its not” She pleaded “do you promise me”… which he relpied ….”yes baby”… Then she began again…..”put it in……DAMN……take it out……put it back in ……OH FUCK YES….” David could see his wife change right in front of his eyes. Sandra pulled him down to her face and said “take his condom off” David replied “are you sure” Sandra grabbed him and said “take the damn condom off I want to feel his flesh and I want him to feel me because I am going to cum all over his cock” The man pulled his cock back out and as instructed David removed his condom. As the man started to re-enter David’s now boisterous wife, the both hear her scream “OH FUCK YES…. Give me that cock … he began to pump it much thicker cock all be in not a long as the previous one. Sandra was going wild…. It didn’t take long and Sandra was yelling “oh yes….. I’m cumming… please don’t stop… I’m cumming ….” This excited all three of them. David started playing with her clit and sucking her tits while telling her no to hold back….”tell us what you want baby… don’t hold back…cum for us baby…..” Sandra reached up and grabbed the man by the hips as to try to not let him get away. Each time he would lunge into her, she was trying to thrash herself and his huge cock. Then out of now where they hear her……. “I want to feel you cum … I want to feel you shoot your warm thick load deep in my pussy… give it to me…. PLEASE… give it to me… just think that you are breeding me like the stallion you are…… give me your cum” That was enough to send her latest conquest over the limit as he started shooting his load deep inside David’s wife which started out as an obedient servant type and was now a very vocal dominating female. She knew what she wanted and she was letting them know what it was she wanted. As he began to withdraw his huge balloon headed cock from Sandra’s well used pussy, it sounded like pulling the plunger out of a syringe when the head broke the vacuum that had created from his huge cock and all the fluids from both of their bodies. As his cock came out of her, with the dull pop, so did a good portion of his cum mixed with her cum… it ran out of her pussy and trickled down to her lovely puckered asshole. To anyone that would walk in at this point, they would see Sandra laid out in all her glory without anyone or anything blocking the view of a gorgeous full figured woman sprawled out across a dingy round ottoman with a glazed look on her face. Any of the new onlookers would possibly think that Sandra was paralyzed. Her body lay there limp and motionless. Even David give wondered to it and had remembered she was still sporting that “buzzed” look when they showed up but he knew that was from her drinking that she had done earlier……this was a bit different…..this was Sandra laid out and still enjoying all the sexual bliss that had occurred tonight. This was like something she had never experienced in her whole life and she must admit that she enjoyed every bit of it at this point. After what appeared to me a couple minutes of her just laying there soaking it all up, Sandra summoned her husband. David stooped down beside is completely nude and extremely sexy wife, in his mind she was even more gorgeous in her present state as she had opened up and really enjoyed herself sexually like she had never done before in her life. So David expected something subtle and possibly even somewhat remorseful which he was prepared to be able to talk to his wife about. But what he got was nothing like what he expected. She pulled him close and asked him if everyone was gone to which he replied “yes ma’am”. She then directed David to clean up the mess. This wasn’t really like Sandra but in some weird way David was still enjoying Sandra’s small sampling of being a bit dominant rather than her generally submissive self.

NSFW: yes