A nice ride home

Wife texts me from work, asking if I can go pick up Brenda and give her a ride home. Brenda is a very, very petite Latina, I’m sure her tits are fake but nice nonetheless. “Sure,” I say, isn’t her husband home?” “Yes, but he has the kids.” I headed over work was slow anyway. I pull up and Brenda bounces in. “Hi, thanks for picking me up… I owe you one”. “No bother,” I say as we pull out. Looked to be a 45 min drive. Red-light, right in front of an adult bookstore. “You ever been,” she asks. “No”, I lied. “I go on my way home from work” she giggled. “And do what,” I ask. “Let’s go figure out”, she says. “Plus I’ll be the home way too fast and you will ruin my fun in the future” I bust a u-turn into the parking lot and follow her in. She makes her way to the back and ducks into a booth. She feeds $10 into the machine and gets busy selecting her porn. She pushes me back I the bench and sits next to me. Next thing I know she is topless and she is sliding off her pants to her ankles. “Are you not going to join me”? She scolded. I drop my pants and I hear an “oh my” as my. cock flops out. I sit down and she tugs my shirt off. She leans into me as she is rubbing her clit.
This was too much, I couldn’t get my head around it. This little innocent mom was a closet porn freak.
Just then she turns her head and bites my shoulder, my cock is rock hard, and her petite hand replaces mine and begins to stroke. “Mmmmm fuck, Emma was right”. My heart stopped for a moment. “You know about that”? She giggled and grabbed her phone and showed me the messages where Emma spilled the beans about us. “Who else did she tell”? “Only me”, Brenda giggled. She went back to stroking my cock. “Now shut up, or you’ll ruin this, as she took my nipple into her mouth. I let my hands wander all over her body. Her huge tits, her small frame, her bare pussy. She did have a single hair on her body apart from her head. “Fuck, Jimmy(her husband) is a lucky guy”. ” Jimmies dick doesn’t work…..and is a lot smaller than yours”…with that she impaled her face on my rock-hard cock. She took half of it but enjoyed what could fit. I had to taste her pussy. I laid down on the bench and her tiny body fit easily on top. She continued working my cock with her mouth as I shoved my tongue into her pussy. Mmmmmm my god she tasted amazing. Such a tight tiny pussy. I licked and sucked and fingered her until she came on my face. She spun around and kissed me. “I need to get fucked. Will you fuck me? I need this enormous dick inside me” She begged. I wasn’t stopping there. She kneeled on the bench facing away as I slid inside her from behind. She let out a loud moan. “Ooooooohhhhhh fuuuuuck” she screamed. His pussy was wet and tight. I grabbed her tiny ass and began pounding. Pulling her toward me aside I slammed my hips into her, meeting her halfway. She melted into the bench as I pounded and pounded her wet little pussy. Her ass slapping against me. I slapped her ass, hard. I reached under and cupped her tits, those big tight, perky, melons on her chest. I pinched and groped as she moaned. “Don’t cum inside me” She begged. “Cum on my chest”. I kept pounding until I was close, then pulled her off and dropped her to her knees. I shoved my cock into her mouth and began fucking her throat. I pulled my cock out and it exploded an inch from her face, cum sprayed everywhere. She grabbed my cock and milked the rest of my load onto her chest, then she licked me clean. The booth had a supply of paper towels she cleaned herself off with and we made our exit. We need to do that quite often she giggled. “Yes ma’am” I teased.

NSFW: yes

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