A New Kind Of Family (2/2)

A New Kind Of Family (2/2)

TITLE: A New Kind Of Family

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PLOT: Jon and Linda are very newly married. Before they can even go on their honeymoon Linda has to go on a month long company trip leaving her daughter Kaitlyn and new husband alone in Jon’s mansion. One night Kaitlyn find a secret room in the mansion and what she finds inside could shake the very foundation of their new family.

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Part Four – Training

It had been two days since Jon’s step-daughter Kaitlyn stumbled into the sex room in the basement of the mansion. It had been two days since Kaitlyn discovered that her new step-father Jon enjoyed dominating women – and that her own mother was aware of his secrets. Two days since she saw those pictures of her mother being Jon’s submissive slut. It had been two days since Kaitlyn found all this out and then asked her new step-father to teach and train her and dominate her the way he had dominated other women – the way he dominated her mother.

The alarm on Jon’s phone beeped waking him up. He rolled over his hand hitting his phone several times until his fingers landed correctly and the alarm was placed on snooze. He turned back around and looked at the empty side of the bed where his new wife Linda would be sleeping if she was not on her company trip. Jon then sat up stretching his arms before walking to the large balcony window to let in some sunlight. As he moved back the curtains morning light poured into he room. It was then that he looked over at the cage in the corner of the room where Kaitlyn had spent the last two nights. It was not comfortable but Jon had told her it was part of her training so she obeyed.

“Wake up pet” Jon said walking over to the cage.

“Yes J- I mean daddy” Kaitlyn responded as she crawled out of the cage on all fours and then got into a kneeling position next to Jon.

“Stand” Jon commanded.

Kaitlyn did as she was told and stood up. The sunlight bounced off her pale naked skin giving the look of a shimmering light around her.

“You and your mother have such great figures” Jon said pulling Kaitlyn in close and giving her a nibble on the neck.

“Thank you daddy – I do need to get dressed for work though-” Kaitlyn said blushing.

Kaitlyn still had a job so although she was being trained by her step-father she still had to be ordinary some of the time. Jon was not unreasonable about this and of course still let Kaitlyn have her own life separate from the submission and petplay. Although they had only just started training many ground rules had already been set – Kaitlyn still got her personal life and could do as she pleased but when they were both home and horny Jon took charge. Over the following days Jon and Kaitlyn would work and live their ordinary lives then when they got home Kaitlyn would be trained or used how Jon wondered best. Sometimes Kaitlyn slept in her room, sometimes in the cage, and sometimes in bed with Jon.

Over the next several days and weeks while Linda was on her company trip Jon would continue to have his way with her daughter and train her to follow in her mother’s footsteps f being a good submissive servant. As the days went by Kaitlyn’s mind was more and more warped and she did more and more things Jon said to do. She was determined to make her new step-daddy happy. Kaitlyn found her self getting railed and rammed in all sorts of positions in just about every room in the mansion. She even used the sex swing in the basement more than once. By the end of the month Jon hopped Kaitlyn’s conditioning would be far enough along.

As the days and weeks progressed Kaitlyn actively chose to spend more and more time at the mansion. She still went to work as usual but she spent less time with her coworkers after shift and with her friends. She became more focused on Jon’s training and more determined to be a good pet servant and slave to Jon. She spent most of her time in the mansion serving Jon – being bound or chained, gagged, collared, teased, pleasured. Jon made it his goal to have Kaitlyn like clay in his hands by the time her mother returned from her trip.

Part Five – New Pet

“Yes – as I said in the email I need this trade done by Monday. If we loose this chance its will be a lot of time and money down the drain. Just get it don’t and send me the documents when your done.” Jon said over the phone before hanging up his desk phone and letting out a big sigh. “Do you see what I have to deal with Kaitlyn?” the man added looking down under his desk.

His red haired step-daughter was kneeling under the desk wearing barley anything aside from some sexy lingerie. A black leather collar was around her neck connected to a leash that was laying on the floor. The subtle buzzing of vibrators inside Kaitlyn’s pussy and ass could be heard as pleasure surged through her body. Her head moved back and forth as she pleasured Jon’s hard cock with her mouth. She paused for a moment taking her mouth off the older man’s dick and looking up at him with her big brown eyes a bit a saliva dripping from the corner of her mouth.

“Yes daddy – You are such a big hard worker.” She got out before Jon’s hand was on her head guiding her back to suck his cock without a word spoken.

“Good girl – not a good as your mother but your only just started.” Jon said as his step-daughter went back to bobbing up and down on his hard manhood.

For several more minutes Kaitlyn serviced Jon until he grabbed a fist full of her red hair and exploded into her mouth. Jon pulled up his drawers and stood from his chair. Kaitlyn crawled out from under the desk but remained on her knees as if waiting for a command.

“Take out those toys and meet me in the room in 15 minutes – and put the latex on” Jon said before walking out of his office.

Kaitlyn did as was ordered and headed down to the playroom. Within a very short span of time Jon had taken Linda’s 21 year old daughter and turned her into a submissive slut like her mother. She of course didn’t know everything yet but she had a little bit of foundation and was very determined to not only serve Jon like her mom but maybe even be better than her. Afterall Kaitlyn wondered she was younger and could probably do things her mom couldn’t or wouldn’t – she didn’t want to steal Jon from her mom only help serve him.

Kaitlyn walked down the stairs and into the playroom. She headed over to the desk where there were several cabinets with outfits. She removed what little clothing she had on and grabbed a white latex fullbody latex suit and started to but it on. It was tight almost like a second layer of skin. Her breasts and ass especially felt tight and restricted. Once it was on she looked at herself in the mirror on the opposite wall. In a matter of days she had become a fuck toy for her step-father something she had asked to become. She thought how her mother first became submissive and wondered of the images of her mom in the book and what other crazy and wild things she and Jon may have done. She then grabbed a matching white latex mask and started to put in over her head allowing her long red hair to flow out a hole in the back like a ponytail. With the mask on Kaitlyn was almost completely encased in this white rubber suit. There were openings on her eyes nose and mouth along with some flap openings for her pussy and ass.

“Now look at you” Jon said from the doorway looking up and down at his step-daughter’s figure in the tight latex suit.

“Do I look good daddy?” Kaitlyn asked wiggling her butt.

Jon made his way over to the latex covered Kaitlyn. He grabbed her and ran his hands over her curbes groping her breasts and ass cheeks with glee and desire despite having them many times since Linda had left on her company trip. Jon’s fingers went to the clasps holding the flaps covering Kaitlyn’s large breasts. One after the other he unhinged them revealing her milky white tits and pink nipples. He played with her melons for a few minutes with his hands and mouth before moving onto the ass opening. The older man released the latex cover in the read revealing his doll’s ass as well and then played with that for a few minutes as well.

“Kait my cute redhaired slut – but there are a few more things to add to your outfit” Jon said with a smile.

Although Jon had been training Kaitlyn for a bit now there was still plenty for her to still learn. Kaitlyn looked up at her dominator wondering what he had planned but knowing whatever it was she wanted it. Without a word Jon walked over to the wall with tons of different tools from whips and paddles to blindfolds and gags. He then pulled a gag with a big metal circle in it off the wall and what looked like some small hooks attached to straps and then a pair of leather cuffs and a second pair of leather cuffs with a long metal bar between them. Kaitlyn’s eyes grew wide with excitement and curiosity. Jon walked back over to his step-daughter with the hand full of items and then placed them onto the table in the middle of the room.

“Bend over the table and spread your legs” Jon said holding the metal bar and cuffs in one hand.

Kaitlyn did as she was told. Jon then crouched down and secured the cuffs to the girl’s ankles. With a cuff on each ankle and the bar between them Kaitlyn’s legs were held aside and open. Jon then walked around the table and grabbed Kaitlyn’s wrists. He secured the second pair of cuffs and then linked them to a latch on the table forcing her into a bent over position.

“Ohhh guess I’m trapped here and all yours” Kaitlyn said with a giggle as she playfully tugged against the cuffs.

Jon still without speaking walked back around the table behind Kaitlyn and grabbed the gag from the table. Since he was standing behind Kaitlyn she could not see what he was doing. Then without warning she felt a hand grabbing her head and pulling her back, Jon pressed the ring into the girl’s mouth between her teeth and secured it tight around the back of her head with the strap and clasp.

“Aahhhggg” Kaitlyn let out her tongue thrashing around through the metal ring.

“One last touch” Jon said before grabbing her head a second time.

This time Kaitlyn felt something go into both her nostrils and tug hard. The hooked object was a nose hook that Jon quickly attached to the gag pulling Kaitlyn’s nostrils up. Kaitlyn made some gurgling sounds and struggled but she still trusted Jon and knew she was his property now anyway – she couldn’t escape if she wanted to and she didn’t want to. Jon walked back around to the front to see Kaitlyn. He pulled out his camera and took a picture of the white latex suit wearing submissive stepdaughter all cuffed, gagged, and hooked up.

“This will be your first picture for the photobook.” Jon said waving the camera in front of Kaitlyn’s face.

“Aaahhhaaagg” Kaitlyn let out through her gag.

Jon then walked back around Kaitlyn and grabbed a paddle off the wall. Then without warning the sound of a whack echoed in the room and Kaitlyn felt a sharp pain on her pare pale ass. Then Jon swung agan spanking her – and again and again. Kaitlyn continued to let out one strange moaning sound after another as her step-father paddled her bottom.

“Does that hurt pet? Your mom normally thanks me when I do this” Jon said teasing his prey.

“Ahhahahaahg?!” was all Kaitlyn could respond with as Jon continued to smack her ass with the paddle.

After a bit Jon stopped and hung the paddle back onto the wall. He took his time walking to and from the wall leaving Kaitlyn cuffed down her normally very pale white ass now as red as a boiled lobster from the spanking.

“Remember – I am in control. The pain – the pleasure – anything in between. I control it all and I control you to.” Jon explained as drool dripped down from Kaitlyn’s ringgagged mouth her eyes watering a bit.

The girl nodded to show she understood what he said and her place in his world. Jon then grabbed a bottle of lube. Kaitlyn could feel Jon’s hands on her ass which by this point was no longer a new or unusual sensation. She felt her cheeks spread and the warm lube.

“Ahhahahaahg?!” Kaitlyn let out as she felt Jon’s hard cock thrust into her ass.

Kaitlyn continued to let out one strange moaning sound after another as Jon moved in and out of her. The girl’s eyes rolled into he back of her head as Jon used her rear hole as a pleasure tool. After a long time of anal pounding Jon pumped his seed into Kaitlyn and gave a final thrust before busting inside her.

“Ahhh” Jon grunted.

Jon then cleaned himself up while Kaitlyn’s ass leaked with her step-dad’s juices. Jon then grabbed a set of vibrating dildos from a cabinet and slid them into her holes and turned them on. Kaitlyn let out gurgled moaned of pleasure ad the toys went to work on her body.

“Good job. Now enjoy this reward. Ill come back and get you in a few hours” Jon said before walking to the door, turning off the light, and closing the door leaving Kaitlyn along in the dark vibrators on.

By the time the Linda’s month long company trip was coming to a close Jon wished he had more time but knew that his training had already taken hold on the young horny and impressionable 21 year old redhead. Kaitlyn was now under Jon’s charm and spell but the next hurdle wasn’t anything involving Kaitlyn but how her mother would react and if she would accept her daughter’s new role. Jon debated trying to just keep it a secret from Linda when she returned – maybe use Kaitlyn when Linda wasn’t around but it was to risky and would only be a matter of time before Linda found out. Jon wondered it would be best to just put it all out on the table and hope that the weeks of training with Kaitlyn and the several years of conditioning Linda before them getting married would work in his favor.

Part Six – Linda Returns Home

Linda stepped off the plane and onto the platform. She moved her long red hair out of her pale freckled face and scanned the airport with her big brown eyes. She smiled knowing she was finally gonna back home and be able to see her new husband Jon and her daughter Kaitlyn. Linda made her way through the airport and found the limo driver holding a sign with her name. Although she had refused a lot of this luxury at first she finally caved and agreed to have Jon send a limo to take her back to the mansion from the airport instead of using a taxi like she had when she left the mansion about a month ago. The driver seemed kind enough and very polite. He helped Linda get into the grey limo then loaded everything into the back. The ride was approximately 40 minutes from the airport so Linda tried to make herself comfortable. There was a chilled bottle and some glasses with a note which read ‘LOVE JON’ on it.

“Oh Jon – “ Linda said blushing a little as she grabbed the botted and poured herself a glass.

The rest of the limo ride was rather quite. The driver said nothing and Linda looked out the window with a smile enjoying the view as they drove by.

“We have arrived miss” the driver said as the grey stretch limo pulled into the large driveway of the mansion.

The sun glinted off the many windows of the large building Linda and her daughter would now call home thanks to Jon. The driver got out and went around the limo to open the door for Linda however she had already gotten out on her own since she was not used to the standard practice. The driver then started to unload the vehicle as Linda walked up to the large wooden front doors and entered her password on the keypad. The doors unlocked and opened up allowing Linda to walk in.

“There is my beautiful wife!” Jon said as Linda walked through the doors leaving them both open for the driver to begin bringing in her luggage.

“My handsome husband!” Linda said back with a giggle as she embraced Jon and they shared a long overdue kiss.

“If I was only a minute or two faster I could have greeted you properly with the doors wide open for you.” Jon said.

“No worries. I know you are a busy hardworking man. I hope my daughter didn’t give you to much trouble while I was gone.” Linda said in

“Of course not – Kaitlyn was far better than I could have ever expected or wished for.” Jon replied.

“That’s good to hear. Where is my daughter? Is she here?” Linda asked looking around as the limo driver finished unloading the luggage into the house.

“Will that be all sir?” the driver asked.

“Yes. Thank you. Your tip was charged with the limo as usual.” Jon told the driver.

“Thank you sir.” The driver replied with a tip of his hat before walking out of the mansion.

Jon closed the large wooden doors of the house then turned back to his wife.

“Sorry dear – yes Kaitlyn is home.” Jon replied.

“Oh good I got her some gifts!” Linda said with a big smile.

“Just her? You didn’t get anything for me?” Jon asked with a smile placing his hand on Linda’s shoulder and then running it down her body to cup one of her breasts.

“Jon! Don’t let Kaitlyn see you act like that!” Linda playfully snapped.

“I don’t think you will see and if she does she wont mind – you are mine afterall” Jon toyed back at Linda.

“Okay – and of course I got something for you – its this fat pale ass that I know you have been craving” Linda whispered into Jon’s ear.

“I have been craving you my dear.” Jon said with an evil grin.

“Well should we get this luggage to the room then?” Linda asked looking at the several bags the driver had brought into the house.

“How about we go see your daughter first – I’m sure you two will be happy to see each other. I have been waiting for the moment you two got reunited” Jon said leading Linda by the wrist through th mansion.

“It has only been a month – I have gone on business trips before. Kaitlyn is a grown woman I’m sure she did fine without me.” Linda said jokingly as her husband lead her through the house and over the the basement door.

“Kaitlyn is downstairs?” Linda asked looking at the stairs through the open door and then at her husband.

“Yes – we have spent a lot of time down here while you have been gone –“ Jon replied.

“She break into the booze in your bar?” Linda said a bit perplexed guessing on why her new husband and her daughter would be in the basement of the mansion.

“No-“ Jon said as they both walked down the stairs and into the large bar area.

“Oh have you been teaching her about all your cars?” Linda asked looking over at the door that lead to the garage with all of Jon’s expensive and collectable cars and motorcycles.

“No-“ Jon replied as they both turned to face the door under the staircase.

Linda paused and looked at the door only a couple feet in front of her. She knew first hand what Jon used that room for and what was usually inside. She had been inside that room many times with Jon but why would her 21 year old daughter be in that room.

“Your daughter stumbled onto this room only a week or so after you left. I know we agreed to keep it locked while not in use so she wouldn’t walk in and see everything but your daughter ended up getting inside – I caught her looking through one of the photobooks. There was no use trying to lie or hide anything once she was in this room an d saw everything. I did suggest she just walk out and pretend she didn’t see any of it. Your daughter had a different idea in mind though – and I wasn’t about to deny my new step-daughter’s request.” Jon explained as he placed his hand on the handle.

Jon turned the handle on the door and pulled it open. The bright lights in the room were already on reflecting off the white walls. Linda knew this room very well – in the 2 years she and Jon had dated before getting married she had spent many hundreds of hours in here.

“Kaitlyn – your mommy is back home from her trip” Jon said as he walked into the room with his wife who followed him her mind still spinning and trying to process what was going on.

“Mmmmppphhh?!?!” came a muffled voice from inside the room.

Linda’s eyes focused on the source of the noise in the room. There against the wall was a naked woman – Jon’s wife took a step closer to the woman chained to the white wall in the shape of an ‘X’. Linda almost didn’t even recognize her at first but once she took a few more steps closer she saw it was her daughter. Kaitlyn no longer had the long red hair that she and her mother shared. Instead her hair was now cut very short not shaved or balled but more of a male cut then a girl’s for sure. A large black ballgag filled her mouth and was strapped around her head. Her nipples had small vibrating clamps on them and the skin around the nipples looked a bit red from how long they had been on. Kaitlyn’s pussy and ass both had life like vibrating dildos popping out as they gyrated drops of her juices dripping down her legs and onto the floor. Kaitlyn looked up at her mother and Linda’s and Kaitlyn’s brown eyes met. Linda felt the hand of her husband on her shoulder as she stood there seeing that her new husband had turned her daughter into a sex pet like her.

“She wanted this – she asked – well actually begged for this” Jon said as he walked over to Kaitlyn and removed the ballgag.

“Yes mommy – I was a bad girl and went snooping around the house and found this room. Daddy told me to just forget what I saw – but – but – I wanted to know what it was like. I wanted to know what it was like to serve to be a toy to be – you” Kaitlyn explained between little moans and whimpers she let out caused by the toys attached to her body.

“Now – of course she has a long way to go. A month of training and conditioning is not enough – this will be a work in progress.” Jon said giving Kaitlyn a slap on the ass causing her to let out a little yelp.

“This – this is what you want honey?” Linda asked looking as her submissive daughter chained to the wall vibrating with pleasure as drool dripped from her mouth and juice from between her legs.

“Yes mommy – I wanna be a good submissive slut like you. I want Jon to own and use me!” Kaitlyn said her eyes locked in deep with her mothers.

Jon then moved over to Linda embracing her. Linda then looked up into her new husband’s eyes in shock of what had occurred while she was gone but also somehow happy that Jon and her daughter had gotten along so well.

“You two are both mine now – you are my redheaded servants – pets – sluts – fucktoys” Jon said running a hand over Linda’s face.

“Yes sir – “ Linda said with a little nod.

“Now go finish dealing with your luggage while I finish up here with your daughter. I expect you to join us when you are more settled in.” Jon said turning back to Kaitlyn.

Without a word Linda turned around and walked out of the room to do as she was ordered by her new husband and master. Jon then started to unchain Kaitlyn from the wall to move into the next part of her daily training – training that would now include her mother too.


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