A new experience. Pt 1

The fullness. The pressure. The throbbing. All of that had given way to pure pleasure. I moaned and rolled my hips feeling the vibrations hit my prostate. ” Shhh Shhh…. it’s okay baby…… embrace the fullness and the pleasure…. let us guide you”, my mistress said as she rocked her hips back and forth. Her vibrating strapless dildo…. a feeldoe I think she called it later…….gliding in and out rubbing my swollen nub. Her hands gently stroking my cock in time with her thrusts. Gazing at me with loving eyes as she claimed my virgin ass. “You’re such a good boy, taking my cock so well.” She said with a voice so sweet and sultry it made my cock ache more in her silken touch. She knew what she was doing it wad clear from the practiced care she took as she milked my cock for her prize……….. a bud of a story idea I have…should I continue?

NSFW: yes

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