A new dynamic develops for an old fashioned couple (part 3)

[Part 2](

“You look so good baby,” she said, her voice sultry. “I hope you are comfortable as I don’t plan on letting you up for quite some time…” she said, her smile almost turning into a smirk, before she got back on the bed and crawled between his legs, kissing her way up his prone inner thigh…

John let out a loud moan of pleasure and arousal. He had never felt like this before and he was already beyond thinking about how odd this was. He could feel how painfully hard he was as he felt his wife kissing up his prone inner thigh. She kept getting closer and closer and his cock throbbed in anticipation, but she took her time.

She was enjoying this immensely, almost lost in the rush of power that she felt. She started to kiss over his pubic mound and every time he let out a more desperate sounding moan, she could feel herself get wetter and wetter. She was gonna enjoy prolonging this and seeing how desperate she could make him. She felt like this was going so well and not only would she be able to feel far more sexually satisfied, he would come to crave it. He was responding so well.

She finally let her tongue very lightly brush against his cock and he nearly cried out with it. She let out a low throaty chuckle and despite her desire to really keep teasing him, she felt almost as desperate to take his cock into her mouth as he was for her to do so.

She wrapped her hand around it, feeling how very hard he was. She loved his cock and she loved having complete control over it right now. She started to fully lick up and down it’s length getting it completely wet. His moans continued unabated. She finally opened her mouth and greedily took the head of his cock into it. His whole body started to writhe and he nearly whimpered. She took him deeper taking in about half of his length before working her tongue on the underside.

Fuck….” he suddenly moaned. “I need you baby. I need to be inside you….”

She came off his cock and her hand came up and wrapped around his testicles, holding them in her hand. She said with a somewhat stern voice, “I did not give you permission to speak yet…” and she considered squeezing her hand a little, just to show that she could, but decided it was too early for that and maybe just holding them like this would get the message across. Make him really feel that he wasn’t in control.

He did. He felt her hand gently wrap around his balls and it made him gasp at how vulnerable and exposed they were. He wondered immediately that she might squeeze when he heard the tone of her voice, and was so confused that the wondered turned him on. He was so out of his element and his natural reaction should have been one of anger at being spoken to like that, but it was the opposite.

“I’m sorry baby. I just….I have never needed to be inside you more…” he said and the desperation could be heard in his voice.

She smiled down at him as she couldn’t be more pleased. He hadn’t gotten upset at her tone and it appeared her implied threat had carried. She could feel and see how his cock throbbed and leaked in the moment. She took her other hand and started to stroke its wet length making him writhe.

In a softer tone she said, “I know baby. But I want to take my time and enjoy myself. I am in control here and I think you like that don’t you? Do you like feeling helpless and knowing it makes me happy?” she asked, a little worried it was too early to ask such things, but she needn’t have worried. He was so worked up.

“I…I do….” he admitted, but his face colored in embarrassment. Her pleasure at this had been obvious and that turned him on more than anything else.

“I thought as much,” she said with a smile, “don’t be embarrassed honey. Just enjoy it. Give in to it and enjoy it and how happy it makes me. I want to take my time and enjoy teasing you. I want you to be patient and just enjoy my control. Do you think you can do that for me?” she asked sweetly all the while stroking him with one hand, and she started to gently massage his balls with the other.

Put that way, he felt foolish he had acted impatient. She wanted to take her time and explore and it felt so good, why should he ask her to stop. “Of….of course honey. I…I apologize for speaking when I should not have and for trying to rush you,” he said between moans. Her hands felt amazing and he had never felt anything quite like what she was doing to his testicles. He did whimper now and said, “I’m….I’m getting close to…”

She stopped stroking him and just continued to lightly play with his balls. “Thank you baby. I am enjoying this so much, I don’t want to stop. I want you to continue to tell me when you think you might cum, okay?”

“Y-yes honey…” he said a little breathlessly. He had never felt the need to cum so strongly, but he could feel the orgasm starting to back off. After a few minutes, still holding his balls for she liked the implications of doing it and the effect it had on him, she took him into her mouth again and immediately started to bob on his cock, letting it thrust in and out of her mouth slowly. She readied herself to try something. She had read about this too, but had never done it before. She opened and relaxed her throat and then slowly let herself take more of his length in. She felt it go deeper than it ever had before. She felt the desire to gag, but pushed passed it patiently and finally she took in his entire length and held herself there for a moment.

John very much whimpered now. He had never felt the like and his entire body writhed. He wondered he was desperate before but that was nothing compared to now. His hands writhed in the scarf and he tried to pull his knees up. The fact that he couldn’t move only turned him on more. He cried out, “I’m going to…!” and she pulled off of him just before it would happen.

He cried out at the loss of her warm mouth and the need to orgasm. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck….I need…..oh fuck…” he moaned and whimpered.

His state of course made her even more aroused and she was pleased that she had been able to deep throat him. She resumed a more ordinary blowjob and brought him to the edge three more times before deepthroating him once more. John was completely lost in it and had never felt anything quite like this desperation. She finally paused and pulled off.

She gently massaged his balls and then said in a sultry voice, “God John, this is turning me on so much. You are doing so well, but…I am so wet. I…I think I am just about ready to let you cum. Would you like to cum John?” He nodded desperately and had never needed anything more.

“I think though…that I would like to cum first John. And then I will let you cum,” she said and started to crawl up his body, kissing his chest and his neck before kissing his lips and looking down into his desperate eyes. “You don’t mind, do you? Would you like to help me cum?” she asked sweetly and he nodded enthusiastically. He felt like he would do almost anything for her in this moment.

At first he was confused when she gave him an extremely seductive smile, but her eyes looked so….confident…. as she moved her body and straddled his chest. She started to finally remove her lingerie and he couldn’t keep his eyes off her incredible body. She had planned a slow striptease, but didn’t waste any time. She needed to feel….

Now nude, John’s eyes went wide as she continued to move her body up until her pussy was inches away from his mouth and her knees were on either side of his head. He had gone down on her a few times before, but had never spent much time or effort on it, and hadn’t done it at all for years. And it had certainly never been from a position like this with her looming over him. In that moment, he really felt how much power she had and found himself really wanting to taste her.

She didn’t waste much more time and in fact didn’t say anything else. It was obvious what she wanted and what she expected.

She lowered herself down onto his waiting tongue…

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