A little test for my hotwife’s husband [M33/F55]


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I had never met my boss’s husband, but I guess you could say he was familiar with my work. (My post history can explain that haha)

Either way, I hesitated when she invited me to her place. But she promised me he was gone, and she sent a snap that had me over at her house in fifteen minutes.

She opened the door in the sexiest black lingerie I’d ever seen. I went to take a step inside and she immediately launched at me–right there on her front porch–kissing my face, my lips, my neck. Wrapping a leg around my leg. Obscene and public.

After some fiery making out on the steps, she grabbed my cock through my pants and led me through her house. I was so horny I didn’t process any of it, just followed along dutifully.

When we got to her marital bed, she shoved me onto it, got on her knees and went to work on my cock like a woman possessed. A whirlwind of lipstick and spit, gags and moans.

Finally, I couldn’t take anymore, and I lifted her under her arms and threw her on the bed, mounting her as I went.

“Wait” she gasped.

Then grabbed a pillow from the bed and wedged it under her hips.

“Now give it to me.”

I fucked her like an animal, our grunts and groans mixing into a feral symphony.

Her eyes went wide, “FUCK IT OUT OF ME!”

I sped up, pounding away, my hips smashing into her clit like the tide on the shore until an ocean started to pour out of her. “OH GOD YES, I’M CUMMING.”

As I felt the flood, I added my own cum to the sex spraying onto the pillow.

In the afterglow, I barely realized what she was doing. But then I noticed her carefully arranging the pillow back at the head of the bed.

“Oh my god, is that your husband’s?”

“I want to see if he even recognizes the smell anymore.”

NSFW: yes

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