A hot evening. [Solo?] [F/F?] [18+]

I woke up, hot and sweating. As I moved the cotton sheets beneath me stuck to me like a 2nd skin! I sat up, dizzy with the humidity in my room, beaded sweat rolling down my back stopping at my underwear.

I noticed these too were wet, I felt between my legs; it was hot down there!! My hazy mind started to run away with horny thoughts.. I’m not sure if it was the heat or my dazed condition but I started to have these thoughts of my younger sister Steph.

I was imagining Steph bending down in front of me and being able to clearly see her tight little panties hugging her arse. I walked over and placed both hands on her cheeks. My fingers tracing around the edge of her panties.

My own hand was now between my legs, softly rubbing the cotton of my own panties. I could feel myself getting hotter by the moment. (if that was feasible!) A shiver went down my spine to my toes as my fingers traced my lips for the first time..

Closing my eyes and laying back my fingers started to rub my pussy, ever so slightly pushing my panties into my lips.. Fingers running up and down as I imagined my hand reaching between my sister’s legs and rubbing her pussy just as I was.

Steph started to move her hips to the rhythm of my rubbing, her panties now wet with excitement. I slipped my fingers down the side of her panties and felt her hot pussy for the first time. My fingers were now sliding up and down her moist lips, rubbing faster I could feel myself starting to cum at the wondered of this.. I bit down on my lip stifling a moan as I did not quite realising I now had 2 fingers inside me, fucking my pussy as hard as I could.

My other hand was now reaching between my sister’s legs; pulling her panties down to her knees I thrust 2 fingers deep inside her. Steph gasped and arched her back, pushing herself back onto my fingers. I reached round and found her swollen clit, my first touch was enough for Steph to clasp down on my fingers inside her, I felt the warm gush of her cumming.

How my mind was racing.. my pussy aching as I rubbed my clit, moaning quite loudly. I didn’t care, I was horny as hell, hot and lost in a fantasy I didn’t want to end! Fingers sticky, I pulled them out and licked my own juices imagining this was my sisters and not my own. I was rubbing my clit hard and fast until I felt myself edging to climax, I lifted my legs up as far as I could and started to fuck my fingers, 2 at first then 3 and 4.

A sudden feeling of ecstasy gripped me as I felt my clit being sucked. I opened my eyes and there was Steph between my legs; I let out moans of Steph under my breath. It was too late, I could not stop myself!! Face flushed, I came all over the bed. My juices running down my cheeks, I was breathless. But all I could do was look at my smiling sister and feel embarrassed, had she been there the whole time? ?

NSFW: yes

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