A gentle morning breeding


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Its 4:30am and the baby is crying. Not exactly the best way to wake up but thats how it is now. I get the baby settled and hop back in to bed. I open reddit and begin scrolling through the new stories. I all the time do this just to make sure the baby is asleep for sure. I end up on some sexy stories and begin reading. My wife does a strange thing and rolls over to me. Its strange since she started her sleep medication she doesn’t usually move at all. -Note for new readers: She suggested at the start of taking the meds that she may be asleep but i should take what i want anyway so its all consensual.-

I found it strange she rolled to me, but whatever. I took my clothes off moved in close because i was horny and i was gonna take what i wanted. I grabbed her hand put it on my waist to get it out of the way and to give me access to her cunt. My fingers found the path to trace and went to work. I felt her fingers lightly gripping at my waist and hints of moaning and noticed small adjustments to give me better access. Again strange, as shes usuall a ragdoll when asleep, but i continued. She eventually rolled on her back and spread herself a bit, which my instincts said use your mouth. My tongue found her clit and she moaned, but not like the sleep moans ive become accustomed too. She was awake and shouldnt be. The sleep meds usually knock her out so hard that even fucking her dosnt even make her flinch.

I kept going though, not like i havent woken her up with my mouth before. She had a few small orgasm, but she was loud enough i almost had to put my hand over her mouth to muffle the grunts and moans. She told me “i need it” and i knew exactly what that meant. I climbed on top and my cock found the entrance to her cunt. There was a bit of resistance but after a bit of teasing I managed to push in all the way. She gasped and I started to fuck her deep but gently. She was holding me close, weapped her legs around me and was pressing my body in to hers. After a moment she told me “say my name, i need to know you’re here”, found out after we were done when we talked, that she was half awake but definitely not completely coherent. I said her name. “Im here, i love you, you are mine and i am yours” i stopped for a moment and held her close.

She kissed me, which she doesn’t usually do after my mouth has been on her cunt. That was my cue to begin again. Gently i started thrusting in. My hands slowly tracing up and down the curves of her body and her soft moans in my ear. We kissed some more my hands firmly but softly grabbing her ass as her legs were wrapped around me. I was getting close to finishing but as we are trying for our 5th i knew i needed to cum deep in her. I wanted to breed her deep. I wrapped my arms around her grabbing her shoulders as leverage. I started pushing in deep as i could while using my leverage to pull her on to my cock more and I kissed her to muffle her moans. After a few thrusts I started unloading my seed deep in to her cunt. She pressed my face in to her neck as she grunted and orgasmed again. We just laid there catching our breath. We held eachother tight and kissed again. I slipped out, cleaned us both off like a good husband, then we snuggled together until we decided to get up.

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NSFW: yes

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