A fun night with my ex


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My ex wife texted me at 1:30am. She was at the bar with a friend. Both females. My ex f28. Here DD wasn’t answering the phone. So I went and pick them up. We dropped her friend off. Before we got down the road she was fingering herself and playing with her nipple. I looked over and seen this. I m35 reached over and felt her other breast. 34 c cup in my hand. (Quick description of my ex. 5ft 6in 120lbs blue eyes. Athletic. Hot af!) She didn’t stop playing with herself. She just smiled at me. As I was driving her home she told me to discover a Secluded spot to park. She was moaning and moving and looking at me. I found a spot quick cuz I was hard AF! She layed the seat down and said “come here” I climbed over to her. We started taking cloths off. I was sucking on her tits fingerings her. She said faster so I put on a burst of speed. She started moaning louder and louder. She lost control and squirted! She told me to hurry. I slide my big fat cock in her dripping wet pussy! It was heaven! I started thrusting! She was moaning and saying “yes daddy!” I started to move faster and faster. She told me “I’m gonna cum” so I pulled out and started to finger her as fast as I could she squirted again! She told me “I want more” so I got her doggy style and slide my cock in her dripping wet pussy! Her nice ass in the air and her back arched had me fired up! I started pounding her as hard and fast as I could! She was loving it. I reached for her pussy and started rubbing her clit and within seconds she squirted again. I was so turned on I slammed back in and continued to pound. She was begging me to cum. I flipped her on her back and pushed her knees to her shoulders, my ex was a cheer leader and still is flexible. I rimmed my throbbing cock in her pussy! I started pounding again! She was begging me “please daddy cum!” The create up was to much I asked her “where do u want me to cum?” She said “in me” so I slammed in for the last time exploding in her Soaking wet pussy! I moved my hips and she moaned in Ecstasy. We stayed like that for a short time. When I pulled out I was still hard. But she was done. She wanted to go home to her husband. We got dressed and took off. I asked her how many time she came. She lost count after 5. Lol. I got her home she said bye and got out of my car and walked inside.
Let me know if u want more story‘s of my ex wife.

NSFW: yes

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