A friends sister (no penetration/ fictional)

Hello reddit, here is my first story.
please don’t be too hard on me.
The idea came to me through a post by another redditor, the story grew out of my crap.
English is my second language, sorry for strange and wrong expressions. Have fun I hope 🙂

All acting persons are at least 18 years old and fictional.

As so often, we hang out in the basement of my parents’ house and play playstation. Well, i’m actually playing and Sara is lying on her stomach on the extra large couch next to me, her shorts barely covering her tight ass.

Sara is my best friend Mike’s sister, and has been practically part of the setup in my gaming basement for years. “Boooooooo boring” she grumbles, swiping through her smartphone.
I ignore her, knowing that most of the time she gets bored when she doesn’t have the attention of most of the people in the room. And today we’ve been alone again for a long time…

I look at her out of the corner of my eye, grin as I watch Sara slowly wiggle her bottom. I press pause and sigh “okay, if you’re bored I don’t want to be like that..what do you want to do?”
She looks at me over her shoulder, my gaze following the strap of her top that has slipped off Sara’s shoulder. “Hmm” she says, giggling “You can massage me, after all you’ve been ignoring me the whole time, I guess I deserve some care”
I grin a little and nod “Sure Sarah”.

I use the controller to turn on a music live stream and then put it apart.
I get up briefly and Sara slides on the couch so that she lies flat on her stomach, crosses her arms under her chin and turns her head to the tv.
I let my gaze wander over her bottom and grin.
Since Sara has been through puberty, she has been a real feast for the eyes. Slim waist, sexy hips and, even if i can not see them right now, a pair of killerly hot tits.
I sat down on her thighs, my legs left and right next to Sara on the wide seat of the sofa.

I slip my hands under her top and run my fingers down Sara’s back, causing her to sigh. Luckily for me, I know what I’m doing while kneading her skillfully. “Alright Sara?” I ask after a moment, and she makes a meowing, approving sound, so I keep kneading her.
I pushed her top further up and admire Sara’s slim back. Her skin is soft and flawless except for a small mole just above her bottom. Thanks to my massage, her shorts are so low that I have a good view of the beginnings of her buttocks, which gently curve.

I lick my lips, my cock has been rock hard in my jogging pants for a long time and bulges out clearly. I watch her expression as my hands slowly work their way down from Sara’s shoulders, my thumbs expertly sliding over her vertebrae.
She just sighs while my hands rest on her lower back just above Sara’s butt. It’s not like nothing ever happened between us..

On the contrary. I can hardly count the times I’ve touched Sara inconspicuously or she touched me. The situations in which sara shared a blanket with me here in the basement in winter and I had a finger in her warm cunt under it, protected from the eyes of the others, while sara had her hand around my cock..

But we were never exclusive. I know that Sara does the same thing with other guys in our circle of friends, even if it took us a while to figure it out. Since then we’ve been talking about her in a chat group that Sara’s brother doesn’t know about. It’s a bit like a reverse harem.

But it all the time starts with Sara, and none of us breaks this paraphrased rule.

I continue to massage her, sliding a little higher on Sara’s thighs until my crotch is touching her bottom. She sighs softly and lifts her bottom a bit. That was quite clear and promptly I put my hands on it and begin kneading Sara’s full ass cheeks.
I feel the warmth of her flesh through the thin shorts, pull them down further while massaging me “Eren..” she says quietly, the music from the television is booming rhythmically.
“Do you like my ass?” I gulp and nod “absolutely Sara” she shakes her butt and i hear her giggling “Am i making you hard?”
I pinch sara’s butt and laugh, pressing my hard cock against her ass while continuing to massage her, pushing her shorts down further and further.

Her thong covers almost nothing, and I groan as I look at Sara’s bare bottom. I reach into my jogging pants, pull them down a bit and grab my cock with one hand. With the other hand I continue to knead her bottom.
“Hmmm” coos Sara and wiggles her hips. She continues to lift her ass giving me an amazing view of herself.
I slowly rub my cock then squeeze it between her buttocks and rub against her.
She sighs with pleasure “you..you can use me..but no sex today Eren” she says, moaning slightly. “But…” I begin, but then swallow.
Sara is adamant when it comes to this and will have her reasons for not wanting to get fucked.
I keep my shaft pressed down with my thumbs and squeeze Sara’s ass cheeks with my hands, rubbing my thick cock in between.

Precum drips out of my glans and makes rubbing between her firm meat even hotter. My glans presses against her rosette, slides past her. I rub against her faster and faster, hearing Sara moan softly while I pant faster and faster.
It doesn’t take long and I feel my orgasm approaching. Sara knows me well, knows I’m almost ready to cum.
She wiggles her buttocks, presses against me and gasps, “Eren, jerk off over my ass.”
I hardly needed her prompting and came hard. My semen pumps out of me with a loud gasp, squirting between her buttocks, up over her back and onto the lower part of her pushed-up top.
I gasp heavily, pressing against her again and again, my cum covering her asshole and back.
Sara giggles, grabs at her back and dips a finger into the warm sperm, then licks it off.
“Somebody needed it,” she says.
I nod, grab a cloth and want to clean her “Just let it go..” she says with a grin, pulls up her shorts and sits up, straightening her top. “I want to feel how you dry on me” she says with a cheeky grin.

She leans in, kisses me on the cheek and says “Put your thing away, the others will be here soon” her eyes sparkling lasciviously as she jumps up and gets something to drink.

NSFW: yes

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