A friendly wrestling bet goes way too far (Part 1) [MxM, straight to gay, noncon]

I’d been roommates with Craig for almost a year now and we got along great. We had our own lives and sometimes would go some time without seeing each other, but there were rarely any issues or drama between us in regards to duties in keeping the place clean. We each dated and occasionally would have a girl overnight. Usually the next morning the one that had the girl would be congratulated by the other. Just a couple of straight bros living the single life.

It was unseasonably hot out lately and there wasn’t any air conditioning. We both ended up spending more time on the weekends just hanging out together, multiple fans going, and neither of us wearing very much in terms of clothing. This Saturday was one such day. It was hot as balls and we were both wearing only loose gym shorts.

Between the fans and the minimal clothing though, we managed to not get sweaty and smelly. In fact, we had both taken to frequent showers to stay clean and cool. Neither of us was currently dating anyone and sometimes there was a little frustration at not getting our dicks wet lately, but we coped.

On this Saturday afternoon, we were watching MMA on TV and started a friendly argument about wrestling and pinning your opponent. I exclaimed, “Fuck…would you look at that? The guy is barely trying! He let that other guy just get on top and mount him and practically pin him. There is no excuse for it, he should just throw the dude off, get up and fight him.”

I often criticized the fighters when we watched MMA, despite never having done it myself, nor anything even really related. I didn’t know this, but Craig had actually been a high college wrestler and knew a bit about this sort of contact and leverage and holding your opponent. Craig laughed at my statement and shook his head. “The guy didn’t have a choice. He couldn’t avoid that takedown in the position he was in, and it is not so easy to escape a hold like that.”

I scoffed, having no idea of his knowledge of wrestling and thinking he was just talking out of his ass.

“Nah dude, he is just a pussy,” I said, “I tell you what, I would never let anyone pin me like that. No one should. You just got to fight it. I’d get out from under that easily, get on my feet, and knock him out,” I said confidently.

Craig shook his head, but he half smiled as an idea formed. “You really think so Mark?” he said to me. “Want to bet on it?” he said, but wasn’t sure he was serious yet.

“Bet on it? Bet on what? That I couldn’t be pinned? Yeah, I’d fucking take that bet. I wouldn’t let anyone pin me. There is no way I’d be made to look like a bitch like that!” I said cockily.

Craig wasn’t sure he was serious before, but now he knew he had to knock me down a peg with the way I was talking. Outwardly calm though he said, “Let’s make a friendly bet then. No money or anything, just a friendly bet. We will move the coffee table and the couch to the wall and clear a space. We will then face off and wrestle. Not full MMA of course. No punching or anything like that, just freestyle wrestling. If I pin you within 5 minutes, I win and you admit you were wrong. If I don’t pin you within 5 minutes, I’ll admit I was wrong. You can’t be afraid I’d make you ‘look like a bitch’ can you?” he added at the end as a taunt.

It worked. I felt the challenge get my blood up and I knew he would never pin me. We were of a similar size and weight so pretty evenly matched. And I knew that was to my benefit. No one the same size as me would ever be able to pin me. “You’re on!” I said enthusiastically and we both got up forgetting about the fight on the TV and moving the furniture to build a large open space in the living room on the rug.

Craig got out his phone and set a five minute timer and asked if I was ready. I stood across from him, both of us only in shorts and nodded confidently. All I had to do was avoid being pinned for five minutes. Easy peasy. Hell, I could probably take half that time just moving around and avoid even gonna the floor. He hit begin on the timer and threw his phone onto the chair behind him.

He immediately crouched and started to circle me. I imitated him and did the same, a confident smirk on my face as the seconds ticked away. He lunged and was far quicker than I wondered, but it was a feint and he backed off. Just the same, it had me jumping apart to avoid it. He did it again and I couldn’t believe his speed, but again he didn’t follow through. He was smiling now.

The third time, I assumed it was another fake, but his arms closed around my waist and I suddenly felt myself lifted off my feet before being nearly slammed down onto the rug. It was shocking, but it hadn’t been so hard that it caused injury or pain. The worse that happened was my breath came rushing out of my lungs. Shocked at how easily he he put me on the floor, I tried to recover and immediately started to try and scramble away from him. I managed to turn onto my stomach before I felt his weight on me, pressing against me, and preventing me from moving further. I struggled as hard as I could, but had no knowledge of what to do in wrestling. His arm snaked under one of mine and with push, he rolled me over onto my back.

I tried lifting my hips and writing out, but he had a strong hold on me as he moved up and mounted my chest. A full mount. I tried to kick him, but could only kick air. Desperate I actually tried to punch him. He blocked it with a smirk and then forced my arms to the floor on either side of my head. Almost at his leisure, he placed his knees on my elbows pinning my arms down. My entire body writhed trying to get free, but I couldn’t. He had pinned me completely.

“See?” he said, his voice low and a little raspy, “it was pretty easy to pin you.” Why did his voice sound so weird. He looked down at me, in complete confidence and control and said, “time for you to admit you were wrong.”

I struggled as hard as I could and he just held me there waiting with an odd smile on his face while I was exhausting myself. His eyes flashed something and he said in a firmer, yet still raspy tone, “say it! Say ‘I am your bitch’….” and the way he looked at me alarmed me. “Fuck you!” I yelled and continued to struggle.

One of his hands came down and he ran a thumb over my lips. It seemed a really strange thing to do, but then I noticed something that terrified me. He was sitting on my chest, pinning me down with his weight, and only wearing those shorts. And he had a full, and very large erection that his shorts did nothing to hide.

He growled, “Say it. Say you are my bitch….” he demanded as his thumb started to push against my lips. I shook my head and continued to struggle, but it was almost like the struggling turned him on more. He reached up and pulled the waistband of his shorts down revealing his quite large and hard cock and only inches away. He rubbed it now against my lips. His eyes were lidded. I couldn’t believe what was happening. He seemed to be talking to himself and losing the argument as he watched his cock rub against my lips.

He eyes firmed and he looked down at me and said, “Open your mouth.”

My eyes went wide with fear and terror at what was happening, and I closed my mouth tightly, shaking my head in denial. The timer went off on his phone indicating the five was up. He ignored it, gazing down at me with a look I’d never seen directed at me, but I recognized.

With a firmer voice and almost panting he said, “Open your mouth, bitch!” and slapped my face with his hand so hard I saw stars. The shock and pain from it so sudden, my mouth fell open…

(Hello all! This is the begin of a second concurrent story for me. I wasn’t planning on writing more than one at a time, but I had some extra time this morning, was watching some MMA, and wanted to begin writing this one. I cannot promise daily updates on it, but you never know, because I really like this premise and I have several things planned out for it. Thank you for reading)

NSFW: yes

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