A friend got divorced and immediately fucked me [26F]

This happened a few weeks ago. I met this guy (38m) at my current work a few years ago, but he’s since left the business. He was my lead back when I started and was very kind: I at all times liked him, so we stayed in touch and I added him to my social medias, where he realized that I tend to be rather open about my sexuality when I’m not at the office.

He was apparently having issues with his wife for a couple years, and finally the tension snapped, and they got divorced. I saw this and reached out. He fortunately had a place to stay, so I didn’t need to offer that (I’ve got a two-bedroom apartment, but I’m getting used to having the space all to myself!), but I did invite him around to chat and ultimately let him vent a little bit. He definitely needed that, because he unloaded quite a fair bit of annoyance that I don’t think he’s really gotten to get off his chest.

At some point during the conversation, he asked me about my posts and if I was really as promiscuous as they lead to believe. I told him that I was, to which he asked what someone would should do to get in my pants. I laughed, unbuttoned them, pulled them down, and chucked them at him, telling him they just need to ask. He asked if I would fuck him, and I said no, but he could use me.

I got to my knees and crawled over to him, and I started to blow him. It had clearly been a while because he was really getting into it. Not a bad cock either, I enjoyed myself. By the time he was ready to cum, he had both hands on my head and was just yanking it down and fucking my face. That was really hot.

He apologized for the rough behaviour, and I told him he didn’t need to, that I really enjoyed it. While he recovered, I went off to the kitchen to make him some lunch. I brought a sandwich to him, we chatted a little bit more about sex and experiences and the like. Probably another hour or so of conversation went by before he admitted to me that he had never taken someone’s ass before.

Well damn, I cannot just turn down an opportunity like that, can I?

I went off, got some lube, and lubed him up, before getting myself into a hands-and-knees position. He took my ass, and was moaning extremely loudly. Clearly that, and our previous conversation, got a fire going in him, because he was spanking me, groping me, yanking at my hair, etc. the entire time, before dumping a load into my rear.

We said our goodbyes a little later, but I have a feeling that’s not the last time his cock will be abusing me.

NSFW: yes

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