A FreeUse Society Novel: Prologue. F 18; M Over 18. MF; Humil


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The auditorium of the Community Cunt Center was packed with men, which was usual and expected for a virginity auction. Their raucous guffawing and crude jesting filled the air, as did the smell of body odor and precum. Tickets consistently sold out for these events, with even those who could never afford to purchase a deflowering for themselves showing up for the thrill of the spectacle. With the easy availability of used pussy, the sight of a nude virgin collared and handed off to be deflowered was enough to get many in the audience to cum, and they did. Some were already working their cocks at the wondered of the helpless cunts lined up behind the stage.

The virginity auctions were a regular occurance at the center, with at least one auction being held each month, as the number of blossoming cunts dictated. Twenty-four sexually mature and recently of age females were lined up backstage, each of them stripped naked, with the exception of their chastity belts, firmly secured around their pelvises. Three burly security guards roamed among their ranks, serving to both intimidate the women from stepping out of line and to protect them from the hungry men in the crowd from trying to take benefit of what was not theirs to take.

The fearful anticipation among the women was palpable. The scent of their sweat and pussies filled the air, unobstructed by clothing. Many of the women whispered nervously amongst themselves, others cried, while still others stood in solemn silence. If you observed the quiet ones closely, you could usually discern them trembling. One young woman was shrieking and foolishly attempting to fight past the security guards, who wasted no time in subduing her with a ball gag, handcuffs, and several swift lashes to her backside. The other females shot her nervous furtive glances, most filled with sympathy, but some with disdain. The guards laughed at her hysterical display of emotion. It was to be expected from a gaggle of bitches: there was at all times at least one to keep the guards amused and occupied.

The women quieted down as the booming voice of the Community Director filled the air. “Welcome! Tonight we have 24 ripe cherries, ready and available for popping.” The men cheered, and the Director patiently waited for the men to quiet back down before continuing. “For those of you who are new to our proceedings, the women will be brought out onstage one at a time. The current bid will be displayed on the screen behind me. Bids will open at $500 and increase by a minimum increment of $100. Bids can be made using our app, Ripe and Ready. If you do not yet have the app downloaded to your phone and wish to participate in tonight’s biddings, please take a moment to download the app now. Winning bidders will be invited onstage and given the key to the cunt’s belt. Winning bidders have the option of enjoying their purchase on site in one of our complimentary rooms, or may wish to take their prize off site for up to one week. All popped cherries will be due back at the Community Center in one week’s time. Late returns will be subject to fines. Without further ado, let the bidding begin!”

Applause and cheering filled the air as the Director sat down behind a table to oversee the proceedings. The auctioneer joined him on the stage. A temporary hush of anticipation filled the room as the curtain parted and a young woman was pushed out onto the stage from behind thick black curtains. The silence was quickly broken by the sound of whistling and catcalling. The woman’s eyes were wide open in shock and surprise, and the crowd laughed at her feeble attempts to cover herself and run back behind the curtains. A security guard roughly pushed her back towards stage center and gave her ass a lash from his flogger. The young woman squealed in shock and gave up on her attempts at running. Instead, she froze on the spot, focusing her gaze on some spot on the stage floor as the men feasted their eyes on her pale, unblemished body. The woman startled at the sound of the auctioneer’s voice, and she stared at him in horror as he rattled off her background and assets for the crowd’s assessment.

“First up we have number 179342, known as Chloe! Please enter this number into your apps now if you wish to place a bid. Chloe took gymnastics classes for several years, making her a highly flexible fuck. Chloe has recently put on weight. Her teachers describe her as shy and unsure of her new curves. Turn around, bitch.” The auctioneer commanded the horrified redhead. “Show the men your fat tush.” Tears filled Chloe’s eyes as she slowly turned around. “Good girl. Now bend over.” Sounds of hoots and hollers filled the room as the men leered at her exposed ass. “Bidding for Chloe is now open. $600 bid; now 700, will ya give me 700? $800 bid, now 900, now 900, $900 bid, now 1000, now 1000 will you give me 1000? $1000 bid! Do we have 1100?… any increase from $1000? No? Going once, going twice… sold to Mr. Young for $1000! Mr. Young, please join us on the stage to claim your prize!”

A middle aged balding man strode forward and bounded up onto the stage. The director stood up and presented the man with a red collar, padlock, leash, and key. “You have purchased the rights of deflowering number 179342. You also receive the honor of collaring the bitch. Here is the key to her cherry. Number 179342: please step forward!” The young redhead took cautious steps towards Mr. Young, keeping her eyes on her feet. “Hurry up, bitch!” The director snapped. The redhead hurried forward, tears streaming down her face.

Mr. Young grabbed her by the hair, taking a theatrical sniff, drawing laughter from the crowd. “On your knees, bitch. Show Mr. Young proper respect!” The director commanded. The redhead dropped to her knees before Mr. Young. He fastened the collar around her neck, securing it with the padlock. “This collar should under no circumstances be removed, unless you are purchased by a Master.” The director told her. Mr. Young fastened the leash and proceeded to lead a sobbing Chloe off the stage to the sound of cheers.

“Next up, we have number 179187! Informally known as Caillie. Caillie, come join us on stage.” A confident looking brunette strolled onto the stage, a stark contrast to the trembling Chloe. The men whistled in appreciation. “Caillie is a sassy bitch, fully embracing her role in society. If you’re looking for a eager and enthusiastic fuck, Caillie is the cunt for you. Bids are now open!

We’ve got an offer for $600; do I hear 700? $700 bid; any increase on 700? $800 bid. Now 900, now 900; bid for $900; any increase on 900? $1000 bid, now 1100, now 1100, any takers for 1100? $1100 bid. Do I hear 1200? $1200 bid! Any increase on 1200? …Going once, going twice, sold to Mr. Scott for $1200! Please join us on stage to claim your prize!”

Caillie accepted her collar with pride, iwiggling her ass at the crowd as Mr. Scott led her off stage.

Biddings continued forth in a similar fashion, with the demeanor of each female varying slightly, but a strong majority presenting as ashamed and frightened. The virginity of 21 more women had been auctioned off this evening to the highest bidder. Finally, it came time for the final female to make her way onto the stage. “And now, for today’s final sale, we have number 179969, known as Jaycee.” Some scattered chuckles could be heard in the audience at the mention of “69.”

A pretty brunette was pushed onto the stage. She was thin, but had soft female curves. Her hair hung in waves down to her waist, nearly forming a cover for her small, but round and perky breasts. Her eyes were a soft mixture of gray, green, and blue and gave her a look of innocence. She was pale, but for her cheeks, which were flushed pink from all of the eyes in the room taking in her pretty curves. Her heart was pounding, though it seemed she made a conscious effort at confidence as she suddenly lifted her chin and her sternum. Before the auctioneer could continue his speech ,she spoke up, barely being heard over the excited voices in the crowd. “Excuse me, sir. May I please say a few words to the crowd?” The auctioneer looked surprised. She was the first of the women to speak. He looked over at the director for guidance. The director stood up from his seat and addressed the crowd. “Would you like to hear from the cunt?” Shouts of approval rang out in response, so he nodded his assent at Jaycee. “Go ahead, little bitch, but make it quick.”

Jaycee swallowed and scanned the crowd. “Last week I was pulled out of school when it was discovered that my period had started.” Somewhere in the crowd, someone cheered. “Up until this point, I was at the top of my class. My grades surpassed even the boys. I have a strong interest and passion for psychology. I can offer more to society than my body. It would be my dream to continue my studies and contribute to the field of research–”

“I think we’ve heard quite enough,” interrupted the director. “You are exactly where you need to be to best serve society. Clearly, you are in for a rude awakening as you are made to properly understand your place. Your dream is to please men with your three holes. Nothing more. Now bend over, bitch.” Jaycee only stared at him, disappointment and frustration clear in her frown. “You LISTEN when you are given an order! Now bend over!” He grabbed her hair and yanked her head forwards, Jaycee letting out a cry of surprised alarm in response. “Give this cunt 20 lashes,” he directed the guards, “and don’t hold back. This bitch needs some discipline.”

The director maintained a tight hold on her hair as the guards took turns whallopping her ass until it was bright red with welts forming in several places. Jaycee was sobbing by the 10th lash.

“What is your dream, Jaycee?” The director asked her in a mockingly caring and interested tone.

“To… p-please men with my h-holes.” She whispered, between sobs.

“I don’t think anyone could hear you. Louder please.”

“To please m-men with… my holes.”

“Louder bitch. Tell the men in the back what your dream is.”

“TO PLEASE MEN WITH MY HOLES!” Jaycee shrieked, and then hung her head in humiliated defeat.”

“That’s right.,, Good girl.” He said calmly, running his hand over her sore ass. “Now that we’ve got that misunderstanding cleared up, let’s continue with the bidding.” The director nodded at the auctioneer who stepped forward.

“Bids open at $500; $800 bid! Do I hear an increase to $900? $1000 bid! Do I hear 1100? $1100 bid; will you give me 1200? $1200 bid. Now, 1300, do I hear 1300? OH! We’ve got a $5000 bid. Would anyone like to top $5000? Going once, going twice? Sold to Mr. Wood for $5000!”

The auctioneer looked surprised and there were many gasps across the crowd as none other than the director himself walked over to Jaycee with a nasty smirk on his face. “I couldn’t pass on this opportunity to take advantage of such a tempting cunt with clearly a desperate need of discipline. You’re in for a wild night, Jaycee,” he murmured, stroking her face before fastening, then tightening the red collar around her neck. “I want you on your hands and knees. Now!” Jaycee dropped down obediently, clearing trying to avoid another lash, and the director led her briskly off of the stage.

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