A first for three of us. (FMFM20s)

A couple of weeks after Jesse came to visit my fiancé Brooke and I, he invited us over for a weekend. Before he left Jesse told me he might have a lady for us to play with. I was excited about the possibility of getting to fuck another woman, especially in front of Brooke. Perhaps the two ladies could play together? Brooke has never done that but I think she might be open to it. I kept the possibility of another woman a secret from Brooke. I didn’t want to scare her away.

We arrived at Jesse’s Friday evening. When we got there, there was a gorgeous lady there, helping him cook. He introduced us to his friend as Mia. She was a petite lady with smaller boobs and a small bubble butt. I noticed she a very sexy accent. She was really darked skin, possibly from Africa? Plus, she didn’t have a bra on and you could see her nipples were pierced. Brooke noticed it too.

Things moved quickly after we ate. Mia was being very flirty with Brooke. She was a little shy but also curious. Brooke excused herself to the restroom and asked me to come along. We had a quick discussion there.

“I think Mia is into me and I think I might be into her too? Do you care if things happen between us?”

“If you don’t care that things happen between me and Mia, I’m definitely fine with it.”

We came to an agreement and went back out. Brooke sat next to Mia and put her hand on her dark leg. Mia looked at Brooke and asked, “are you ready to play?” Without hesitating, Brooke began kissing Mia. I looked at Jesse and he had a big smile on his face. He agreed with that we watch until they asked for us.

Mia quickly took her shirt off, showing off her nicely shaped pierced breasts, probably a large B cup. She tugged on Brooke’s shirt and she took it off. Mia had her bra unhooked before Brooke’s shirt was over her head. Brooke’s natural DD breasts with her perfect nipples were in Mia’s hands and mouth before she knee. She moaned in pleasure at the first time being touched by a woman.

Brooke began to feel on Mia, playing with her pierced nipples. Mia stood up and slipped her shorts off, no panties. A nice looking, cleaned shaved pussy and her ass looked even better. She took Brooke’s hand and stood her up. She was about 6 inches shorter than Brooke so that but her breasts at a good level to get to. Mia sucked on Brooke’s breasts for a minute then moved down her body. Brooke had leggings on and Mia pulled everything down in one pull. Brooke stepped out of them and Mia’s face went to Brooke’s bare pussy. She gasped as Mia began to eat her out.

Brooke couldn’t keep her balance so she sat back down on the couch and Mia continued her assault on her pussy. This new experience with a woman must have really excited Brooke because she came within two minutes. She pulled Mia away and kissed her hard. She the said, ” it’s my turn.”

They switched places and Brooke slowly kissed and licked Mia between the legs but didn’t touch her pussy. Mia’s breathing was heavy and as soon as her tongue touched Mia’s pussy, her back arched and she exhaled sharply. I was so turned on watching my fiancé being with another woman, I felt like I could bust anytime. I told Mia this was a first for Brooke and she might have to guide her. Brooke must have been a natural because Mia didn’t have to guide her much before she came a few minutes later.

After Mia’s orgasm, both ladies had to catch their breaths. Brooke got up and kissed me. I could taste Mia and it wasn’t bad. Mia sat on the other side of me and began to rub my leg.

“Brooke is a natural, she’s really good for doing it for the first. Now, it’s time for you. I have a confession, you’ll be the first white guy I’ve fucked and I hope you don’t disappoint?”

“Well, you’ll be the first black woman I’ve been with and I hope I won’t disappoint. There’s only one way to find out.”

NSFW: yes

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