A first for three of us. (FMFM20s) Pt3

Everyone took showers, brushed teeth and cleaned up before bed. It was around midnight when Mia took my hand and said, “Come on baby, let’s see if that dick feels as good as it looks.” She led me to the spare bedroom. I heard Jesse and Brooke not far behind.

Mia closed the door and began to strip out of her clothes. Her gorgeous dark skin looked so soft, I was ready for this. I stripped naked and walked up to her. I’m almost a foot taller than her and she petite so I picked her up and kissed her. She’s a really good kisser, very aggressive, in more methods than just kissing.

I put her down on the bed and kissed down her body. Her smaller, pierced boobs where the first thing I attacked. Her aggressiveness calmed down as I sucked her nipples. I moved down to her clean shaved pussy. I began exploring her and she recieved my tongue with gladness. She clit was larger than Brooke’s and when I started sucking it, she grabbed my head and told me not to move. A couple of minutes on her clit brought on her orgasm.

Once she was finished and pushed me away, she told me to lay on the bed. She climbed on top of me and guided my cock inside her. She wasn’t as tight as Brooke but still felt really good. Mia liked to kiss and have me suck her boobs while she fucked me with aggression. While we were fucking, I could hear Brooke moaning loud. Sounds like Jesse was giving it to her good.

We switched to doggie style and Mia stayed aggressive. She was backing into me, smacking her nice ass against my thighs. Her little asshole looked inviting and I pushed my thumb against it. She moaned louder so I pressed harder. It went in to the knuckle and she squealed. I push it all the way in and used my hand to feel what I could of her pussy. She slowed down her pumping and was enjoying my touch. A couple of minutes later, Mia came. She fell forward and her cream covered my cock.

She was on her stomach and I entered her prone position. I could feel her pussy still twitching from her orgasam. I fuck her like this for a few minutes and I was ready to cum. I asked her where she wanted it and she said her face and mouth. I pulled out when I was ready and wanted my load onto her face. After the third rope of cum. She put me in her mouth and she suck me dry. She cleaned her face off after cleaning me and enjoyed every drop. We could still hear Jesse and my fiancé Brooke still fucking.

We cuddle for a little bit and finally hear them quit fucking. I bet Jesse wore Brooke out. I fall asleep a moment later. I’m awakened by someone crawling I to the bed, it’s Brooke.

“I can’t sleep without you. Hope you don’t mind?”

She cuddles up to me and falls asleep. Mia never stirred and stayed asleep. I wake up the next morning by an unusual feeling. I look down and Mia and Brooke are both licking my dick. My head falls back onto the pillow and I close my eyes. What a begin to the morning.

NSFW: yes

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